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Chance the Rapper Does a Mixtape with Childish Gambino

Chance the Rapper continues to make positive strides and big moves in the music industry. He surprised some of his fans by doing an intriguing collaboration with Childish Gambino. The young hip-hip superstar stated that he hooked up with the funky recording artist and recorded a few tracks. Chance also stated he was pleased with the entire process.

Childish Gambino is the stage name for Donald Glover. You may have seen Glover appearing on the hit television show Atlanta. Childish Gambino is gaining momentum and getting good reviews in the music industry. His music is cutting-edge and refreshing. It also appeals to people from all walks of life.

Chance revealed that he admires Glover and looks up to him. They met in Atlanta in 2012. They clicked and began touring.

Sources close to Chance revealed that he enjoys working with Glover. Chance admires Glover’s principles, talent, and work ethic. This is the primary reason why he considers Glover to be his mentor. He feels that Glover can help him to take his career to another level.

Several years passed after their first meeting. Some music insiders and fans feel this project is long overdue. Hip hip is in dire need of hot talent to release material to their fans. Some hip hop heavyweights are taking a break at this time.

Glover is excited about the new mix tape. He feels that true hip hop fans will be impressed with the new sound and dope lyrics.

When will the mix tape be released? There’s no official date for the release, but some believe it will be released this year. Don’t be surprised if this mix tape takes the hip hop world by storm. Chance is notorious for blowing up the microphone, and Glover is well-known for his sizzling lyrics. This project has the potential to be a smash.