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Capital Group Provides Diversified Portfolios for Successful Businesses

The Capital Group ranks top in the list of investment management firms across the world. With Timothy Armour being part of the team, the company was delighted to announce the election of Tim as Head and Chairman of the enterprise. Tim served as the Chairman of the Capital Group’s management committee as well as the Research Department. Joining the other senior executives like Rob Lovelace and Phil Toledo, Tim’s roles included the implantation of communication and the overseeing of all business strategies and operations. The change in leadership reflected the Capital Group’s future success and was officiated when Jim Rothenberg passed on.

Career and Education
Based in Los Angeles, Timothy Armour serves as Chairman at Capital Group. He is also the principal executive of the company. With his vast experience in investment and business, Timothy makes an excellent portfolio manager. He has an experience of over 32 years in Capital Group hence his appointment as Chairman. In the commencement of his career, Armour managed global telecommunications as well as The United States companies of service. His career developed from Capital Group where he served as an Associates programmer. He graduated from the College of Middlebury with a bachelor’s degree having majored in Economics.

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History of Capital Group

Since its establishment in 1931, Capital Group has been primarily focused on providing the best consistent results for investors through highly crafted portfolios, rigorous research in addition to personal accountability. Capital Group serves private investors, financial mediators and investment banks across the world via providing diversified products and services. The services incorporate American Funds and are among the largest and best mutual funds firm in America through asset management. Being a private company with an independent charter, Capital Group focuses on meeting the client’s long-term demands. It has affiliates in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia with approximately 7,500 associates.


Capital Group operates through the mission statement of providing superior, long-term investment services for clients. The company offers packages for corporations, public sector, retirement benefits and pension as well as nonprofit organizations. The listed businesses highly depend on Capital Group for success and the growth of assets. At Capital Group, they offer equity, balanced portfolios of investment and fixed incomes through free accounts managed separately in addition to pooled funds. The team focuses on providing practice management to assist financial advisors in developing workable solutions for clients.

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