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Aloha Construction’s Philanthropic Works to Illinois Community

Aloha Construction is a family owned company and has its headquarters in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company’s chief executive officer is Dave Farbarky who inherited the business from his father. Since then, he has been excellently running the company, and they have earned great profits through their many projects.

Having been founded in 2008, the company has impressed the people of Lake Zurich who form the base of the clients they serve through their rapid improvements in the construction industry. So far they have offered many projects to the following places Libertyville, Palatine Lindenhurst, Washington, Wauconda, Bloomington etcetera. Their services include roofing, siding, gutters just to mention a few. Not only do they use their profits in upgrading the company but also take a reasonable portion of community service.

The Company has partnered with various charitable organizations in Lake Zurich to ensure that they extend a helping hand to the needy children and even families within the community. These partnerships have helped grow their passion for being philanthropic. Additionally, it has also aided the Company with building strong and lifelong bonds with these local organizations hence simplifying their services to the community as a unified people. True to this, they successfully organized an event for The Bloomington Boys and Girls Club who participated in a hockey game, Bloomington Thunder. They assisted these less unfortunate kids by getting them tickets for their entry into the event and even booked them seats. This was a complete assurance that these kids would have much fun and for sure they did.

The company had their Chief Executive Officer launch a charitable foundation which he named after himself, Dave Farbaky Foundation. This would help carry one with donations, and even fundraisings for the needy people in Illinois and one of their donations is the $7,000 purchase of toys and a shopping spree for needy families. They have also donated annually to local events in exchange for having the name of their company marketed in that event.

All these generous works have benefited the Company in many ways such as increasing the market for their projects and services hence greater profits as a small business.

Talk Fusion: The Answer

So often in life, people are looking for answers and they seem lost. However, they don’t need to feel that way anymore. They have been found and the good people over at Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, the video communications provider, have found them. This company is the type of company that does not come along every day that is for sure. They have some of the most innovative and unique technology in the world today with video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. All of this is for people that have an itch that needs to be scratched. It is for people that are looking for more than what was given to them.

In many cases, they were dealt a hand by life, but they don’t like the hand they were dealt. They are not just going to sit here and take it. They are going to fight back and they are going to do something about it. The time for talk is over. The time for action is now. That is how people that use Talk Fusion see it. They see it as people are looking for more out of life and they deserve more. The minute someone settles for second best, they have given in and they have given up. That is not going to happen ever at Talk Fusion.

They love their customers and they show it each and every single day by making advancements with the product. They are not just looking for the product to be average, ordinary, or run of the mill. They want the product to be the best it can be and the best on the market. They know by doing this, they will attract a lot more customers along the way as well. Another way they are attracting more customers is with their 30-day free trials (

The 30-day free trials are designed to give people a sampling of what Talk Fusion is all about without having to worry about anything except their business. It does not take long for Talk Fusion to set in and really take off for people.

Bob Reina, Talk Fusion CEO, Contributes to HuffPost with Insightful Articles

The CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, is contributing for the new rebranded HuffPost. He is a veteran of direct sales and marketing with a focus on video technology, having spent 25 years gathering this experience. He has previously written articles for Huffington Post, and looks forward to helping them engage their 200 million readers.


When HuffPost changed its name, they wanted to provide a voice for people who didn’t have one. This aligns with Bob Reina’s view of how the world should be. He said he is happy to offer insight to people and help them grow, despite who they are or where they come from. This is clear from his philanthropic efforts that he likes to help people.


Talk Fusion is what Bob Reina founded ten years ago when he found a unique opportunity to create more value for people. The idea came from a simple problem he was having while trying to send an AOL email to a friend. While trying to attach a video file embedded in an email, he found this task impossible. He was not the kind to give up when solving a problem, having been part of the police force in Florida where he was working. So he teamed up with technology experts and found a way to build an all new app. Talk Fusion was born, and it too off very quickly thanks to the direct selling method.


The direct sales approach has helped the company grow to over 140 countries around the world, and the representatives are paid fairly when they sell contracts and paid instantly. With Talk Fusion, the features include voice chat, video conferencing, instant messaging, and video emails with a variety of templates to choose from.


In addition to the various features, the company has made it affordable. It is top ranked in various app stores in countries like Indonesia and Japan. You can download it on Apple, Android, or PC devices. There is a 30 day free trial available for it. Talk Fusion follows Bob Reina’s lead and gives to philanthropic efforts like charities and women’s shelters around the world. Learn more:


Bob Reina, businessman and heart of gold

Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina sat down for an interview with to learn more about this powerhouse of an entrepreneur.


When asked what inspired him to start his business was simple. He felt limited by the time in his day and the money he was making. He had an ah-ha moment when a guy told him about the network marketing industry. Later Bob wanted to send a short video to family through AOL and could not. Then and there he saw his niche of a business. He makes money by helping other’s succeed. He also likes the direct selling aspect of Talk Fusion. When asked when he started making money with his business he replayed that it took some time. It was difficult at first and his paycheck was very small. Once he figured out a winning strategy, it was on. What makes this man successful? A dream and passion. If you want it bad enough you will go to the moon and back for it. What is Bob Reina’s most satisfying moment in business? To watch others achieve their goals. Bob Reina is looking forward to developing Talk Fusion University. It is a free educational program for his associates to make their businesses blow up. What recent purchase has helped Bob with his business? It’s not really a purchase, but the investments that they made to help associates grow their businesses is amazing. This CEO and businessman is looking forward to all the advancements and technology that the future has to offer, not only for himself, but the countless associates that work for his company.


Bob Reina is an inspiring entrepreneur that stops at nothing to helps others. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. It is an all-in-one video marketing solution for businesses and individuals alike. It’s the world first and was founded in 2007. Talk Fusion is doing business in over 140 around the globe.


Bob Reina has 20 plus years in marketing experience and is a former police officer. He even has a soft spot for animals. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay elected him, along with Allison Roberts, to the Board of Directors


Talk Fusion

If you are a business owner, who prefers to market their goods through digital programs or someone who works with advertising agencies than am a hundred percent sure Talk fusion does not sound like Greek to you. On the other hand, if you are wondering what kind of fruit or gadget Talk fusion is, then don’t worry because am about to make it all clear.

First things first, the program was established by Bob Reina who has been in the network marketing industry for two decades now. That gives you a reason to trust the program as you can be sure it’s from someone who has seen it all during the period that he has been around and had the experience to give you the best. Now talk fusion is an online structure which is all about business promotion through digital products. The company began its operation in 2007 and all the goods offered are video in nature. These include live video chats with your clients, newsletters, blogs and plenty others. Its primary motive is to help business owners attract and retain customers, increase sales and be able to stand out in the face of competition.

New training program

In a move to maximize the ability of its subscribers, Talk Fusion recently launched a new training program which goes by the name Talk Fusion University. The program was released on a live broadcast and had hundreds of anticipating viewers. Through talk Fusion University, the company’s founder and chief executive officer will be able to train and share digital marketing tips and experiences with myriads of its associates. That will be made possible by the step by step videos which will he will provide. Before the launch of the program, Bob would send such training and motivational messages through Facebook live and also on corporate broadcasts such as Live Meetings. But with the recent release of the training program all that is much easier as now the followers will know where to find him specifically. The deal is even better if you are a talk fusion associate as you can access all his coaching videos free of charge. The program is currently available in two languages but is soon to be translated to even more languages to ensure it reaches and helps as many people as possible. However, to access it, you need to be a member. There is no better way than to hear it from the horse’s mouth and through talk fusion university you have the opportunity to do exactly that. Learn more:


Creative and Curated Design With Richard Mishaan Design

A retreat in the Amagansett hamlet on Long Island, designed by Richard Mishaan Design, is a testament to the versatility of this modern design firm. This space exhibits such a specific use of texture, vibrant yet appropriate colors, and incredible uniqueness in each piece of furniture and art. The man behind the Richard Mishaan Design firm, Richard Mishaan, is able to use the inspiration of both rustic and clean lines to create masterpieces. Richard Mishaan’s portfolio displays his vast knowledge of architecture and creativity. All of his projects are modern, yet individual and beautifully curated. His furniture line is an example of his genius, from a bold green sofa and quirky puzzle-shaped end table to a classic reimagined leather chair.

The Richard Mishaan Design firm is located in New York City where they have designed townhouses in the Upper West Side, cozy apartments in Soho, and the ultra-modern condominiums of Trump Park Avenue. Richard Mishaan Design has also reached outside the city to design summer houses in the Hamptons and penthouses in Florida. Because of his years of rich cultural experience and creative open mind, Richard Mishaan can seamlessly shift from one theme to the next.

Richard Mishaan has written two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, filled with his innovative and original designs. These books contain page after page of inspiring photos and tips anyone can use to make their homes and spaces more curated and distinctly personal.

Richard Mishaan has also been featured in many prominent print publications, most recently in Elle Decor and Architectural Design, not to mention the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. It is safe to say, the Richard Mishaan Design firm is fixed at the top of the design world.

UKV PLC: Assisting Wine Collectors And Consumers

Choosing the best tasting French wine can be intimidating for some. It is known to be a daunting task, and even the expert wine connoisseurs can sometimes be overwhelmed by the sheer differences and similarities in the characteristics of each wine, making it difficult for them to identify each bottle and where they came from. This results in minor flaws coming from the experts in choosing the best tasting French wine, though this rarely happens. The complexity of producing French wines have been the topic of study for the experts in the field of wine making for so many years. The manufacturing process, production process and labeling styles differs between each bottle of wine, and it is dependent on where in France the wine was made.

In order for someone to have a grasp of which French wine to take, they need to have basic knowledge about the subject. However, a company named UKV-PLC, is ready to assist customers who wanted to purchase high end French wine. UKV PLC is a company that sells high quality French wines, and they have been in the business for so many years. They advised that in order to learn the French wine making system, newbies must need to know the French appellation system first.

Wines which were manufactured in France vary per region, and the place where the wine originated can be located written on its label. Each bottle of wine has been created with a specific type of grape, with each grape coming from different vineyards across France. The soil in the region, the climate, the topography, the altitude of the place, and even the culture and tradition of the place can affect the taste of wine. For the classification system being used in France, the wine with the best quality is called the appellation d’origine controlee. UKV PLC assists those who wanted to buy high end French wine, and they provide a guide on the wine each person should get depending on where they want to use it. Be it a collection or to be consumed, UKV PLC knows what to do. According to them, the regions which produce the best wines are Burgundy, which is famous for red or white wine; Bordeaux, which is famous for medium-body red wines; Champagne, which is famous for the wine with the same name; and Loire, which is a region manufacturing every kind of wine.

UKV PLC is specializing in the acquisition and the sale of these wines which are investment grade all throughout the world. They have partners who own the best vineyards of Spain, France and Italy. What ever the purpose of the purchase is, UKV PLC is ready to help.

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Rick Smiths’ Job at the Correctional Facilities

Achieving success in one’s career is something that can well be used to describe Rick Smith of Securus Technology. Having always performed well in anything he set his mind on, his educational background speaks volumes on his exemplary focus which made him succeed throughout his life. His educational background has played a significant role in enabling him to rise swiftly in his career. To begin with, Rick Smith was awarded his associates degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York. Rick Smith also did receive his MBA from the University of Rochester, Simon School.

After finishing his studies, Rick Smith Secures and started pursuing his career in telecommunications and years later he had accumulated a wide knowledge that enabled his hold a series of leadership roles. At Frontier Corporation, Rick held different quite some positions as Technologies President. When he had worked at Midwest Telephone Company he had had the opportunity to become the Vice President of Operations; also as it Network Plant Operations Director; he also became the Director of Business Development and finally the company’s Financial Manager. His career also saw him work for Global Crossing North America Inc. and while working here, he was graced to hold other many positions in IT, in operations, business development, and finance.

In 2008, Securus Technologies came calling on him and because of his accumulated skill sets and experience where he was appointed to the position of CEO. This appointment was aimed at bringing a new energetic spirit into the company so as to help guide and propel the company to attain more success. Securus Technology Company was established in the year 1986. The company was then contracted by the United States Government to provide cutting edge civil and criminal justice technology solutions to its correctional facilities. Through this, the company ensured that the public was kept safe through modernizing the prison systems in the United States. The company now provides its services to many correctional facilities spread across the country with its central quarter being in the State of Texas with other many regional offices found in other parts of the country in places such as Carrollton, Allen, Atlanta, and Georgia.

During his appointment, Rick Smith went on to mention about the company’s unrelenting commitment to its mandate of providing the best technological solutions to the prison systems. He praised the company for helping those incarcerated in the prisons a reliable communication system to connect back to their loved ones. In his statement, he also added that the firm has been on the forefront in providing assisting technology that helps investigators to connect the missing links in their investigations. He added that the company’s ability to connect prisoners to their families has aided in helping those affected to heal and intern their loved ones get to accept their realities.

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Capital Group Provides Diversified Portfolios for Successful Businesses

The Capital Group ranks top in the list of investment management firms across the world. With Timothy Armour being part of the team, the company was delighted to announce the election of Tim as Head and Chairman of the enterprise. Tim served as the Chairman of the Capital Group’s management committee as well as the Research Department. Joining the other senior executives like Rob Lovelace and Phil Toledo, Tim’s roles included the implantation of communication and the overseeing of all business strategies and operations. The change in leadership reflected the Capital Group’s future success and was officiated when Jim Rothenberg passed on.

Career and Education
Based in Los Angeles, Timothy Armour serves as Chairman at Capital Group. He is also the principal executive of the company. With his vast experience in investment and business, Timothy makes an excellent portfolio manager. He has an experience of over 32 years in Capital Group hence his appointment as Chairman. In the commencement of his career, Armour managed global telecommunications as well as The United States companies of service. His career developed from Capital Group where he served as an Associates programmer. He graduated from the College of Middlebury with a bachelor’s degree having majored in Economics.

View Timothy Armour’s business profile for more information.

History of Capital Group

Since its establishment in 1931, Capital Group has been primarily focused on providing the best consistent results for investors through highly crafted portfolios, rigorous research in addition to personal accountability. Capital Group serves private investors, financial mediators and investment banks across the world via providing diversified products and services. The services incorporate American Funds and are among the largest and best mutual funds firm in America through asset management. Being a private company with an independent charter, Capital Group focuses on meeting the client’s long-term demands. It has affiliates in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia with approximately 7,500 associates.


Capital Group operates through the mission statement of providing superior, long-term investment services for clients. The company offers packages for corporations, public sector, retirement benefits and pension as well as nonprofit organizations. The listed businesses highly depend on Capital Group for success and the growth of assets. At Capital Group, they offer equity, balanced portfolios of investment and fixed incomes through free accounts managed separately in addition to pooled funds. The team focuses on providing practice management to assist financial advisors in developing workable solutions for clients.

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