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Remembering Steve Murray’s Life and Commitment to CCMP

Stephen Murray passed on early 2015. Before his death, Murray had served as the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founding partner of CCMP. Murray had resigned only a month earlier for what he termed as health reasons. CCMP is a renowned New York company that specializes in growth equity investments and milled-level leveraged buyouts.

CCMP makes around $ 100-$500 worth of investment sales according to the firm’s website on Crunchbase. The focus is on working with healthcare, industrial, consumer, and energy companies. So far, it has made many investments including Quiznos Corporation and Cabela’s Incorporated among others.

Early Life, Upbringing, Education, and Death

Murray grew up inWestchester County, a suburb of New York City. He studied Bachelor of Arts at Boston College. Murray opted for Ms. in Business Administration from the Columbia University in New York. Mr. Greg Brenneman, the current Chief Executive Officer at CCMP, eulogized him as a dedicated leader, investor, and deal maker. At the time of his death, Steve Murray was 53 years old. He left behind Tami, his wife, and four sons.

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Murray’s Career and Achievements at JP Morgan

Steve Murray started working for Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company based in New York in 1984. He began as a credit trainee but worked hard through the years to become the company’s Vice President responsible for middle market lending. After a five-year stay, Murray left to join a Hanover Trust private leveraged and equity finance department which had preceded CCMP BUT was later dissolved in 2000 to become part of JP Morgan. Before the spinoff, CCMP was known as JP Morgan carrying out similar functions.

He was made the head of bank buyout business in 2005 and became the Chief Executive Officer in 2007 taking over from his predecessor Jeff Walker. During his tenure, CCMP raised more than 3.6 Billion Dollars.

Before Murray’s death, he was an accomplished investor with an impeccable career record on Murray had become one of the only two CCMP executives to be listed in the SEC filings for the fund. Furthermore, he was among the five control personalities listed on CCMPs most recent Form ADV. After an impressive career, Murray left the company in early 2015 for health reasons. Murray served CCMP with dedication and passion and both his colleagues and clients will miss his exemplary service and leadership.

Other Roles and Responsibilities

Before his demise, Murray was a board member for various institutions. He was also an accomplished philanthropist who supported many community-based programs.

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Stephen Murray – CEO Of CCMP Capital

Former CEO and co-founder of CCMP Capital Partners was Stephen Murray. He is known for his expertise and guidance in the industry along with his avid support in philanthropy. CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm that focuses their efforts on growth and equity transactions. He had been in the business for many years, as he started out as an analyst in 1984. He attended Boston College and graduated with his degree in Economics in 1984. He went on to study at the Columbia Business School on Patch where he graduated with his master’s degree in business administration.

He began his career working for Manufacturers Hanover involved in their training program until 1989. Stephen Murray then joined MH Equity Corporation which at the time made the decision to combine their business with Manufacturers Hanover which is a leveraged finance business. Chemical Bank arose in 1991 to but out Manufacturers Hanover and MH Equity made the decision to merge with Chemical Venture Partners. After the businesses settled, Chemical Bank decided to join businesses with Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1996 which lead to Chemical Venture Partners evolving into Chase Capital Partners. Murray was along for the ride through all of the changes, and quickly rose to the management team where he carried out executive decisions. He became head over the buyout business involving JP Morgan Partners in 2005 and eventually branched off completely to create CCMP Capital. In 2006 it became official, and CCMP Capital began standing firm in its own business structure. It wasn’t long before Murray was named the CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007 and began leading the business through a positive period of growth and satisfaction. Murray also took place in supporting the board of many major companies that included Aramark, Generac Power Systems, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s and many others.

Stephen Murray was an avid philanthropist and was happy to participate in foundations such as the Make A Wish Foundation and local food banks. He loved to give back to the community and also found himself serving on the board of Boston College. He will be remembered for a lifetime of expertise and all of the professionalism he brought to the companies that he was a part of, especially CCMP Capital. The CCMP Capital staff will execute his plans for the future and continue to carry the success of the business for many years. Murray wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Are you Looking for an Assisted Living Facility? Try Manse on Marsh

Looking for an assisted living community for your elderly loved one? Want are place that is safe and comfortable? Look no further. Manse on Marsh is a premier facility in San Luis Obispo County that embodies the values of safety, comfort and reliability. The facility has been operating for over 15 years. It has great experience in the area of care-giving. The reason why the facility has been in existence for such a long time is because of its commitment to quality care giving.

The owner of the facility is Chris Skiff and he has many years’ experience in the area of senior community development. He has been running Manse on Marsh for over 15 years and he has assisted in the development of over 20 senior community developments in his career. His wide experience and expertise in the area of care-giving has steered Manse on Marsh to where it is today. The other staff at the facility are also well qualified to provide the best service for the residents. The residents love the staff members. Manse on Marsh provides a normal living environment for the residents. It ensures that the residents are well taken care of and that they live a life of dignity. It also provides peace of mind for the family members. The family members are able to go on with their lives knowing that their elderly loved ones are safe and cared for. It takes away the guilt that family members of elderly people who live in facilities normally have.

Manse on Marsh is an affordable living facility. The affordability of the facility does not imply that the service is low. The facility takes pride is providing great service to the residents. The goal of the facility is to ensure the well-being of the residents. Manse on Marsh provides a holistic care-giving facility. The goal is to provide a home away from home.

Manse on Marsh has over the years been rewarded with various awards. Some of the awards are; 2007, Award for Historical renovation by the Central Coast Parade of Homes and 2010, First Successful Compliance Audit in California.  Be sure to check them out on social media, including the official The Manse on Marsh Twitter, as well as their Facebook fan page.

The Work of White Shark Media with AdWords

White Shark Media is known as one of the top agencies world wide when it comes to digital marketing. They have managed to close around $36 million of ads within the last year according to their website, and have been able to send out more than 300,000 emails and over 35,000 reports.

If a companies goal is driving more targeted traffic to their website via AdWords, then White Shark Media can help them in accomplishing this goal. It is a simple process for an individual or companies to request AdWords free evaluation.

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It doesn’t make a difference if this the first time that the individual is using AdWords or if they already have a campaign running. If it is a situation where this is the first time that the individual is using AdWords, a trained specialist will help to navigate them through the process of getting more traffic to the website though the use of AdWords.

What an individual can expect from AdWords, is that all evaluations are preformed by a certified specialist by using With the evaluation, the individual will be able to view the specialists screen, and be able to follow along with what is being said and done.

Throughout the evaluation, everything will be explained with great detail, ensuring that the individual will be able to walk away with the knowledge that they need to start at once. Once the evaluation has been completed the individual has one of two options, this is that they can either take the knowledge that they have acquired and put it into action or can either hire White Shark Media to help manage their campaign.

AdWords is not the only type of online marketing service that White Shark Media provides. White Shark Media offers their clients with search engine optimization and clients search engine marketing as well.

Within just 5 years, White Shark Media has gone from being just a small boutique, to becoming an agency that is one of the most well known within the digital marketing world. They have a track record that is able to speak for itself. And they have been able to help one of their clients in reaching 1.5 million in sales. Read more at: and

White Sharks core purpose is in helping small to medium size businesses to succeed through the help of their innovative search engine marketing strategies. They have created flat-fee and cost-effective solutions that have come with no contracts, full transparency and administrative access to their Google AdWords account.

BMG’s Marcio Alaor Approves Deal with North Tourão


The BMG Bank will sponsor and give budgetary backing to Team Araguaína Futebol e Regatas, also called North Tourão in the measure of R $ 44,000. The sponsorship is a result of the efforts of the sportsman Osvaldo Durães with the financial establishment.

Durães got affirmation of the approved sponsorship a week ago through the Office of Legal Affairs, saying that the VP of BMG, Márcio de Araújo Alaor, had endorsed the cost of the deal.

All that is left to complete the transaction is for the North Tourão to review the final paperwork with its board and to forward their banking information for dposit. The payment will be made in four sequential regularly scheduled payments. “I have a guarantee to the city of Araguaína and the game of soccer when all is said in done. We can not let our soccer team or our city down. The Araguaína is performing very admirably in the Tocantins championship this year and I’m battling for the Tourão go considerably further, “said Osvaldo Durães.

Budgetary Emergency
The North Tourão is confronting a genuine budgetary emergency. On last Thursday (9), players folded their arms because of delayed payment. They stated that they have waited 45 days in spite of the fact that they were in the championship game. Without preparing, the Araguaína was easily defeated with a score of 3-1 by Palmas on Saturday (11), who now leads all teams with 13 points. The Tourão has 12 points.

This was the first stoppage of the group this year, on the other hand, the players said that since 2012 the group has confronted various budgetary challenges. Theses are issues that the payers can not control.

Marcio Alaor is an executive vice president at BMG. He has served as the vice president and a director at BMG for a considerable length of time and is a highly regarded individual from the Brazilian financial community. Alaor was conceived in the state of Minas Gerais and experienced childhood in a little town that manufactured firecrackers. There wasn’t many opportunities for Alaor in that town when he was a kid, yet he created his own particular opportunities. Marcio has received many awards for his commitment to develop and support local communities and sport in his homeland.


Investment through Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are investment institutions where capital and significant assets are collected in a pool by affluent investors and corporations from where it is invested in diverse ways but majorly in securities. They are in a way similar to mutual funds except for the fact that they are not SEC-registered (Security and Exchange Commission) and are less regulated, therefore, can invest in diverse securities. These differences appear to be the marking points of hedge funds and are considered more lucrative. They also invest in derivatives that are contracts on purchasing or retailing securities at a certain price. They are renowned for their investment in both long and short term securities; meaning they can buy stock with borrowed money (from clients) or sell stocks and eventually buy them when their prices have depreciated. Hedge fund manages deal in high risks, especially through leverages.

An example of Hedge Fund Company is Citadel LLC, which was founded by Ken Griffin on businessinsider in 1990 who is currently its chief executive officer. It has two major fronts; Citadel, a cutting-edge alternative asset manager and citadel securities which provide financial market and investment strategies. Kenneth Griffin is a multi-talented individual owing to his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and his raw passion for business and entrepreneurship. His hometown is Daytona Beach, Florida, but he is currently situated in Chicago Illinois from where he manages his highly competitive career. Ken Griffin began his career early while still schooling in Harvard when he launched a hedge Fund, which he managed from his dorm room armed with just a fax machine, a personal computer, and a telephone. His company manages a portfolio worth $25 billion two decades down the line from his initial capital of $4.6 million.

Hedge funds work in away prompting their clients to invest aggressively to the benefit of both the firm and the client, but with a catch that is often a potential risk of loss of assets. They are also characterized by less liquidity since they majorly deal in assets making it difficult for these institutions to sell shares. It is this refined nature of hedge funds that attract sophisticated investors in the global financial market. Management of hedge funds requires quite an in-depth experience and knowledge in investment policies and accurate market trends study through thorough research.

Despite the current challenges facing hedge funds on whether to be regulated by SEC and the government or not, they certainly provide the opportunities for better returns from investments irrespective of the trends in stock markets and bonds. Some of the major strategies laid down by hedge funds institutions are Emerging Markets, long and short Equities, Funds of Funds and options strategy just to mention a few. Most hedge funds tend to be open ended which implies that they can allow the addition of assets or capital or withdrawal after the lockup period. During compensation, registered increments or decrements by the system are reflected in the net income to be received by the investor. This includes any expenses, withdrawals, additions and profits. It is, therefore, imperative to say that hedge fund is a smart way of investing high-value assets.

Goals and Sparks in Entrepreneurship


People that resolve to get rich simply by becoming entrepreneurs rarely succeed. The thing that these people lack is enjoyment. Beyond all other purposes to pursue wealth through entrepreneurship, if a person does not enjoy what they are doing, the intense work required to become a success will become unbearable. This inability to stay driven is one of the main failures in people that seek wealth this way. However, people that became entrepreneurs because they understood that in order to keep doing something that they loved, they would have to make it an ongoing business.

After this, they often then see that the business will also have to provide for them all of the things that other less enjoyable, unfulfilling work would bring. However, this is okay because that love will often cause these people to exploit these other areas until they have gathered the resources to then go after their entrepreneurial goals. The common theme remains that a love for an activity often fuels a way to make that passion a successful business. It is also a common theme that successful business owners report as their driving force.

Another trait of successful entrepreneurs is planning. Successful entrepreneurs do nothing without first planning. Jumping into things and succeeding only happens in high school. In life, it will be the trait of every failed person that fancied themselves an entrepreneur. Initially, the opportunity must be researched thoroughly. The next step is to plan the resources that are feasible to invest, their implementation along with milestones, the intended return for the investment and when this return can be reasonably anticipated. Additionally, even exits in certain scenarios must be anticipated and planned. Planning allows for sort of a dry run that will place well-informed entrepreneurs in a better position to exploit the available opportunities.

Successful entrepreneurs have a penchant for self-promotion, but this does not mean self-aggrandizing. It is the ability to have a wide audience understand the business that you are in and that you are capable of servicing their needs. There is no one that people trust lest than a shameless self-promoter. This is a fine line, and this means that successful entrepreneurs must know the difference. It also means that the successful entrepreneur will deliver on the promises.

marc sparks entrepreneur

Advice from Marc Sparks

Never overpromise and underperform because this is the biggest sign that someone is disingenuous. This is advice that Marc Sparks sometimes give as a part of impersonal conversations that he has with strangers. As a successful entrepreneur, he has several initiatives that are designed around helping start-up entrepreneurs succeed. This is an example of not only giving back, but in a method that empowers the fledgling entrepreneurs to obtain the success that they seek.