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Tammy Mazzocco: A Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

We have heard so many times that when finding Homes, you go with a realtor that you can trust. You will want someone that listens carefully to what you are looking for and hence, give you a home that has all your specifications. There are few realtors out there who can really listen and look past the commission to serve you well. Ohio has a realtor with the experience, knowledge, skills and a face you can completely trust. Tammy Mazzocco is the realtor to look out for and to trust when looking for a house.

Tammy Mazzocco has created her reputation by being the go to person, reveals

. She is focused and a great listener. She has worked alongside great mentors in the industry for many years. Mike Zelnik, Jome Armeni and Judy Gang have been quite influential in her career. She believes in setting time based and achievable goals. She pays a great deal of attention on brainstorming and involving her team in coming up with ideas.

Tammy Mazzocco has been in the real estate industry for more than seventeen years. She began working as a secretary at The Edwards Realty Company. She grew and developed her real estate skills, grew her interests in real estate and in 1995, she became a licensed agent in real estate. Under the leadership of Ken Cook, she learned the basics principles if real estate which helped shape her career in real estate.

Tammy has worked for various companies in her career. She worked at Cook Realty. She later joined the T&R Properties where she was delegated the role of a property manager. She guided the construction and management of the apartments and offices. One lesson Tammy emphasizes is to respect clients’ time and investment as one would want there’s respected. This way, clients’ are sure that they are in safe hands.


About Jason Halpern: The Leader of JMH

Jason Halpern was born January 1st, 1975 making him 42. He is a well established real estate developer who has been in the family business, and is now the CEO. The name of the family business is JMH Development which was founded in 2000.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

The company currently has 500 million dollars invested in New York State projects. One is a warehouse that was constructed in 1913 in Brooklyn, and JMH has turned it into 340 luxury apartments. This location has a stunning view of Manhattan which is what makes it stand out from other apartments in the area. This location also was announced as the recipient of the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award in the adaptive reuse category. JMH has also topped off at Aloft South Beach. It is a 235 room hotel that was scheduled to open in early 2015 in Miami Beach. This location includes an 8 story tower. This is the first newly constructed hotel to open in South Beach since 2009. Topping off this hotel was a major milestone in the construction process with JMH. This hotel is in a waterfront location that has access to Lake Pancoast and the Collins Canal. It is minutes from so many different things in Miami which makes it a perfect spot.


More recently JMH is working on The Townhouses of Cobble Hill. These are nine luxury townhouses in Brooklyn. He has developed and also owns many major residential and commercial properties across the United States. A few locations where he has developed or owns properties are Miami beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The company is committed to doing their best quality work, and great restorations. JMH has had plenty of press with a few being The New York Post in 2015, The Wall Street Journal in 2011, Brokers Weekly, Metro, and Daily News in 2010. All of the JMH properties are developed very distinctively, and they are also very innovative.


His professional team is well versed of the development process. They have marketplace knowledge, and a great set of development skills. They also have great on site expertise. If anyone has inquires on any of his properties, his website has a very easy way of contacting the company for information including phone numbers, and an email address.

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