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Corporate Resolutions Provides The Kind Of Actionable Intel That Prevents Fatal Errors

Human resources has the reputation of being a make-work department, primarily existing to make the lives of current employees difficult and those of potential hires even more so. While some aspects of this stereotype may have an element of truth, it obscures the fact that the human resources department’s main job is almost unquestionably the most important one that any company will ever carry out: choosing the people that make up the company itself.


And most human resources departments, steeped in years of rigorous research and techniques in scientific management, have gotten pretty good at what they do. Statistically speaking, it’s not uncommon for the human resources departments of major companies to hire candidates that go on to stay with the firm for at least one year in more than 90 percent of cases. For the purposes of hiring entry-level employees, this is a strong mark of a job well done.


However, when it comes to hiring C-level executives, 90 percent simply isn’t good enough. Because high-level executives and upper management often serve as the public faces of the company and because they have access to financial accounts and other critical company assets, corporations that are hiring a new executive team member need to get it right 100 percent of the time. The consequences for not hitting the bullseye every time include everything from incurring lawsuits to the destruction of entire companies. From WorldCom to Bernie Madoff’s investment fund, the evidence of what happens when the wrong people are put at the helm of major enterprises is as shocking as it is conclusive. No corporation wants to end in that avoidable ash heap.



The truth we don’t want to face: Lying is prevalent



Studies have shown that up to 30 percent of job resumes contain material, willful and job-relevant misrepresentations while another 30 percent on top of that contain some form of embellishment. Put more bluntly, more than 60 percent of job applicants, across every industry in America, lie on their resumes.


It would be tempting to think that this sort of behavior is reduced as one moves further up the corporate hierarchy. In fact, there is evidence to believe that it may actually be worse when dealing with executive job candidates.


Too often, executive job candidates have an almost diva-like complex that makes them believes they should be treated with white gloves throughout the interview process. Because the pressure can be so high for human resources to land a particular candidate, this can often lead to a feeling that due diligence can be curtailed and corners can be cut throughout the executive background check. But Corporate Resolutions warns this is a serious mistake.


Missing serious criminal, civil or interpersonal red flags for an executive job candidate is almost guaranteed to lead to serious problems for a company down the road. People who have engaged in criminal or malfeasant behavior in the past are all but certain to continue doing so in the future. And while those who might engage in seriously untoward, dishonest or even criminal behavior only represent a relatively small fraction of the total job candidate pool, weeding them out of the hiring process is absolutely imperative for companies that would like to be long lived.


With these concerns in mind, Corporate Resolutions tailors its background check services around discreetness. But it also provides the most comprehensive executive background check in the business. Corporate Resolutions has dozens of professional investigators who have access to thousands of proprietary and public databases with which they can hunt down everything from the smallest parking infraction to major federal criminal cases against a prospective executive employee.


At the same time, Corporate Resolutions carries out real investigations. The information that can be gleaned from these services is simply not replaceable. No matter how much money one spends on database searches and other internet-based due-diligence techniques, it cannot compare with the first-hand character knowledge that comes from a Corporate Resolutions in-depth background investigation.


Knowing how a candidate was perceived by former coworkers and how they treated both those above and below them in the corporate hierarchy can give real insight into their character. Through these and other techniques, Corporate Resolutions can develop comprehensive reports on candidates’ personality profiles, giving executive hiring teams the best possible information in making this decision that is so critical to their company’s future.

Avaaz Gives Online Activism a Voice

Avaaz was founded in January of 2007. It is a U.S. based online site that promotes global action for climate change, animal and human rights, corruption and conflict prevention. It was founded by Res Publica, which is a community of professionals, and, an American nonprofit progressive public policy advocacy group. Service Employees International Union is also a partnering founder.Avaaz has numerous individual founders, but Ricken Patel is known as president and chief executive officer while Ian Bassin and Sam Barratt make up the rest of the board members.

Avaaz has not taken donations from any foundation or corporation since 2009. They also do not accept payments of more than $5,000. They get funding from their individual members who have raised over $20 million. Thier campaigners are a group of people from over 30 countries who communicate via email and employ campaigning tactics with the help of various professionals and their members.Ricken Patel says that their goal is to unite practical idealists globally. Avaaz has numerous civic credentials including their support of the political uprising before the Syrian Civil War.

They sent $1.5 million of internet communications equipment to protesters and training activists.They took a risk by sending over $2 million of medical equipment into rebel-held areas of Syria using importation routes. They managed to smuggle 34 international journalists into Syria and coordinate the evacuation of wounded British photographer Paul Conroy from Homs. Since 2016, they have continued to campaign for no-fly zones over Syria using online tactics.

Accurate Due Diligence is Necessary to Ensure That Private Equity Acquisitions are Profitable

Due diligence is best defined as research performed before making a purchasing decision. The devil is in the details when it comes to these sorts of decisions.


Know Where Your Prospective Company Stands Within the Market


A common issue private equity firms experience is related to sales forecasts, which is why reliable private equity due diligence is so vital. Is the business doing well? Will it continue to do well in the future? Private equity firms have to ask this question because they are constantly surveying a variety of businesses. Some firms that use a branded house strategy may acquire company operations that are completely out of the purview of their normal operations. A little bit of psychological understanding is also necessary. The seller may be looking to sell the company specifically because it is going to fail. This can be beneficial for a private equity firm because they can use their existing cash and other forms of collateral to keep the business solvent. Acquisition firms like Berkshire Hathaway have become multi-billion dollar companies because they are opportunists.


Understand the Income Statement


Most companies have a Pareto distribution in regard to sales. 80% of the income comes from 20% of the firm’s products or services. You’ll want to know where every dollar the company spends is ending up. A consulting firm that specializes in lean production may be able to identify wasteful spending. You may also want to consider hiring an executive accountant or chief financial officer that can identify ways to reduce cost. Reducing cost is important, but it is equally important that your business is creating products and services that consumers want to buy. You’ll want to know who the company’s buyers are. It’s also important to understand the positioning strategy of the business. The company may be trying to attract customers that have lost interest in the product. You can certainly fix a bad business by improving management operations, but this is a long-term strategy. Short term profits and losses may be purely psychological or based on external forces like market conditions.


Hire an Executive With Skills That Match the Company’s Needs


A bad executive hire can destroy a company. An executive with poor risk management skills may ultimately make decisions that damage the company’s sales and reputation. If you want to hire a manager for a coffee chain like Starbucks, then you should find one with strong customer service skills. If you are hiring for a company that imports steel, then you may want to hire someone that specializes in global logistics or metallurgy. They must also demonstrate strong leadership skills. Steve Jobs appointed Tim Cook as the CEO of Apple because he was the head supply chain manager for Compaq. This ended up being a brilliant hiring decision because Tim Cook could adopt processes like just-in-time manufacturing. This gave the company a lot of flexibility in terms of demand forecasting. A quality executive can make a good company even better. All employees at the top of the corporate ladder should complement each other. The best businesses are comprised of teams that build each other up as time progresses.

SahmAdrangi: Financial Executive Raising Millions of Dollars

The world of stock market and trading is very complicated, and only a few would really understand how it works and become successful from learning a lot about investing. Sam Andrangi is an entrepreneur and businessman who managed to discover his skill in investing, and managed to make huge profit out of it. A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the Yale University, SahmAdrangi is considered to be a skillful person with a strong passion in becoming successful. He decided to work as an analyst shortly after he graduated, serving the companies like Longacre Fund Management, Chanin Capital Partners and Deutsche Bank. His job at these companies managed to enrich his knowledge about how the financial world works, and soon after, he decided to quit his job and establish his own financial firm.Thinking about how he would start with his business, he tried to analyze what would possibly become a hit at the current market trend. In 2009, the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC is born, and since its establishment, the financial firm managed to gain traction and the assets that they hold is slowly rising.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is also making a buzz currently because of how it raise more than $100 million in order to buy the stocks of a company that has not yet been unveiled. According to SahmAdrangi, what he is trying to do is to buy the majority of the stocks of the soon to be unveiled company, so that his financial firm could control most of it, making huge profit in the process. Experts in the trading industry are stating that SahmAdrangi has done a bold move in raising the fund ahead of time, with the purpose of buying the majority of the stock of a public company that is yet to be introduced.Sam Adrangi is currently serving as the chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, and with almost a decade of experience in managing his own financial firm, Sam Adrangi is expected to become a major player sometime in the near future. He is young, but has already reached the peak of success.

David Giertz, the Great Financial Advisor

David Giertz is a great financial advisor with more than 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry. David was born on 10th April 1964 in Dublin and graduated from University of Miami with MBA, and he holds BS from Millikin University. Dave, as commonly known, started his business career at Citigroup as a Financial Services Advisor in the Citicorp Investment services from 1991- 1999. He also held a position of Area Director in the company on His record in the group of consistently surpassing industry’s expectation led to his promotion to Executive Vice President of sales.

David Giertz continued his career at Financial Horizons Security Corporation from 1989 -1993. Starting from 2004, David led the Financial Institutions Bank channel that expanded to include Wirehouse distribution channel in 2009. Under his management, the revenue grew from $1.5 B to $8 B. He joined Nationwide Investment Services Corporation in 1999 as a Regional vice president based in Miami, FL. Again, he increased revenue by 48% in the Southeast Territories that comprised of 7 states and Puerto Rico at David served as the vice president of Nationwide Life Insurance Company in Dublin, Ohio in 2013.

Mr. Giertz is a registered broker with FINRA and accredited through the State Securities Law Firm, General Industry & Products, and the Principal/ Supervisory Exam. David is involved in community organizations. He chaired Board of Trustees at Millikin University and chaired Budget and Finance Committee in the same institution. David served on the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of Broward County and the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. He is also an industry arbitrator with FINRA on Mr. David Giertz, together with his wife, has a kit sponsoring ambitious girls who want to pursue a nursing career. He has participated in many other philanthropic activities, and he believes that the hand that gives, receives.

Talking to Adam Milstein About Success and His Life

Adam Milstein has lived in the United States since the year 1981. Before then, he was a citizen of the State of Israel. In his entire life, Adam Milstein has always served people and his country. He heads many community organizations such as the Israeli-American Council, Hasbara Fellowships, BirthrightIsrael and Israel on Campus Coalition. Adam Milstein is known as the founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a charity organization that helps the less fortunate Jews across the whole globe.

As a young boy, he joined the Israeli-Defense Forces and even participated in the Yom Kippur War. Shortly after leaving the army, Adam Milstein attended the Technion College and specialized in business and economics. He, however, discovered his passion after finishing his MBA at the University of Southern California. Employers did not appreciate his skills and knowledge. They even offered him a less salary compared to the undergraduates. For this reason, he felt compelled to go out of his own and became a real estate commercial broker.

For the three years that he worked as a real estate commercial broker, Adam Milstein met David Hager and the two became friends. Later on, the two established the Hager Pacific Properties where Adam is a managing partner. This means that he takes care of several issues at the firm such as accounting, disposition, and financing. Adam recently said that he gets involved in philanthropy when he gets bored. He is a firm believer in three important virtues; consistency, persistence and follow up. He says failure to follow up leads to 100 percent missed opportunities.

He says that the greatest mistake that an investor or businessman can make is investing all their money in one project. This is always driven by the desire to make a fortune overnight. He says that he once tried this when in school and made a lot of losses. Milstein has never had a bad job, and there is no decision that he can regret in his life. The one strategy that has helped him succeed is not having specific goals. He says that this can be very limiting.

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Troy McQuagge Bags CEO of the Year Award at the One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge won gold in the One Planet Awards for Business and professional excellence for the year 2016. McQuagge was named the CEO of the year during the awards that are held annually to honor organizational excellence in different industries around the globe. All global organizations are eligible to submit their nominations including for-profit and non-profit, startups as well as public and private.

Why the One Planet Awards are Important

The awards recognize organizations that strive to offer their best to the industry and market. They are offered in different categories including the following: Teams, executives, public relations, corporate communications, new offerings, and marketing. They aim to raise the bar by ensuring professional and business excellence.

Speaking after winning the award, McQuagge said that he was deeply honored to be the recipient of the CEO of the year award and was humbled by the recognition from not only his peers but also the industry. He added that the gold award also belongs to his entire group because it represents the team effort that they put in throughout the year. According to McQuagge, USHEALTH Group, Inc. was committed to solving the market’s healthcare affordability problem. Its products presently provide customers with an innovative cover that grows with their growing needs.


USHEALTH Group is a Texas-based insurance holding company that is focused on the provision of comprehensive health coverage for both self-employed individuals as well as small business owners. Its primary goal is to combine all the talents of its agents and employees to bring to the market competitive, affordable, and profitable insurance products. Moreover, the group is dedicated to providing excellent customer service in all aspects of its operations.

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. and a 30 year veteran of the insurance industry. He was elected the CEO of the group in 2014 one year after serving as executive V.P and the Chief Marketing Officer. During his tenure as CEO, USHEALTH has registered remarkable growth, profitability, and unprecedented success in the market.

McQuagge joined the Group in 2010 to head its subsidiary company, the USHEALTH Advisors, LLC. Within a short time, he managed to turn around the company’s struggling performance by reaching record sales every year since he took over. He has also been credited with achieving a 500 percent growth rate at the group.

McQuagge is a University of Central Florida alumnus with a B.A degree specializing in legal studies. After graduating, he began working at the Allstate Insurance Company where he was instrumental in building two large insurance sales organizations. He left Allstate in 1995 to join Healthmarkets (then called United Insurance Companies, Inc.).


Jason Halpern is Making Great Advances in the Real Estate Development Circles

Jason Halpern is a prominent real estate developer. Since taking up leadership at JMH Development back in 2010, Jason has led the company into investing $500 million in New York state projects. The firm handled the New York-based project that involved converting a warehouse into a luxury building made up of 340 apartments. It also handled the Cobble Hill Project, which included addition of nine luxury townhouses to the Brooklyn region. Under the thoughtful leadership of Halpern, JMH Development is committed to establishing new and exceptional buildings for both commercial and rental business across the New York State.


Brief history and Professional expertise

Jason Halpern traces his roots to an accomplished real estate development company with an incredible track of record of over 50 years of building and managing many properties in the New York City. The Halpern family has erected several hundreds of residential luxury building in the New York City and Westchester County. Jason has used his exceptional development expertise coupled with his vision and farsightedness to guide JMH in the purchase and development of many innovative properties. Some of the buildings built by his company serve as landmarks in the New York State.


How Jason outsmarts other developers

Jason has successfully created an influential niche in the circle of real estate development by focusing on erecting buildings in historic districts. He establishes meaningful relationships with the people residing in cities in which he oversees development projects. He adheres to the JMH Development’s mission of preserving historically valuable properties. According to Jason, giving utmost respect to the community is a guiding principle that has allowed JMH to become an authority in the real estate sector.


Philanthropic efforts

Jason commits his time and a significant portion of his wealth to charitable initiatives in his community. He awards generous grants to the Westchester Medical Center’s Halpern Trauma Center, a renowned Level 1 Trauma Center that provides complex emergency neurosurgery, reattachment of severely injured limbs, orthopedic surgery, and open-heart surgery. Additionally, the center treats burn victims, persons with many life-threatening internal wounds, pregnant women, as well as children.


JMH’s corporate charity

Jason has introduced his unending passion for charity work into the workplace by unveiling philanthropic projects via JMH Development. In 2015, the company started a revolutionary partnership with the Global Water Non-profit Charity through which it donated $20,000 of each contract it signed at the Miami-headquartered Three Hundred Collin Residential Developer to finance water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia. JMH Development delivers safe water to over 650 Nepalese and Ethiopian residents through charities: the Relied Society of Tigray & Splash and Water’s Partners on the Ground. Jason aims at leveraging his professional expertise in the real estate development sector to make a tangible impact in the community.


Christanna Bevin: Project Manager

There is no one within the construction and resource sectors that can manage a project the way Christianna Bevin can. Highly professional and armed with a comprehensive background in every important aspect of project services management, she is more than capable of untangling difficult situations in order to deliver solutions to specific problems. Having undertaken responsibilities in various projects that entailed control, contract developing and procurement, Bevin is a well-rounded professional with sufficient experience to become an asset in project services management. Regardless of it being commercial or administration management, she can tackle any project with confidence. Unsurprisingly, her pro-active attitude and exceptional work ethic have earned her a very favorable reputation in the industry.

With over 12 years of experience in various different countries, Christianna Bevin has a mind-blowing track record in project services management. She has worked as project controller and commercial specialist, offering consulting and contract support for different organization in Australia and other countries. This saw her developing project specific controls procedures for highly reputable enterprises, including the Avebury Nickel Greenfield project (where she performed metplant engineering) and CapEx. In both companies she provided client-oriented, fluid contracting strategies, ensuring that their cost exposure was mitigated while improving their overall schedule. During this period she also provided specialist process advice and recommendations to Allegiance Metals and United Group Resources in South Australia.

In 2009 Bevin began working as a project controls manager for Chelopech Mining EAD in Belgium, becoming responsible for project controls and commercial management. Apart from management and training of the local staff in the areas of cost, contracts, change management and schedule control, this position entailed the management of all contracts. In order to improve integration with operations finance, she initiated a cost reporting development review that provided timely and well matched data to all groups within the company.

Later, in 2010, Christianna became a senior project controls manager for Oakajee Port and Rail. There she managed the development of efficient cost and schedule controls systems, as well as an associated reporting process that greatly improved clarity of the process. In May of 2011 she undertook various project in the universal energy services sector, developing corporate project services functions and providing consulting to clients in the oil, gas and power generation industries.

Located in Laos, the Phu Bia mining company hired Bevin in 2014 to deliver training, mentoring and capacity development to its employees. The job also entailed transitioning project services functions from an western expat managed team to the Lao-based Capital Projects Team. An international effort, this transition implied training and mentoring local staff in systems, processes and governance compliance. While un Phu Bia mining Christianna Bevin also led the selection, deployment and run-in of dedicated cost control software, in addition to developing and implementing processes for selection of Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai fabricators and suppliers.

Since 2015, this result-oriented and energetic professional has been involved in various international projects. Today, Christianna Bevin continues to work as a project specialist in consulting services.

Kenneth Goodgame has a Difficult Task at Hand

For over 2 decades, renowned Senior Executive Ken Goodgame has served in various executive positions, where he has left a string of successes. According to his resume published on, Ken is a marketing, sales and retail merchandising executive with extensive experience. He is currently the Senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer at the Chicago based True Value Hardware Corporation. In his current designation, Ken has overseen several high impact moves. Case in point is the management of a P&L valued at more than $2.2 billion in gross worldwide purchasing and over $300 million in active inventory. He also hired a management team that was competent to push through inventory and SKU merchandising investments at both store and cooperative level.

The other key decision was turning around the True Value Hardware performance by replacing 40% of the buying team with a rejuvenated, high energy team. The move went a long way to give the company positive reviews and improved total savings from a paltry 2% to a respectable 10% on an annual basis. The other companies Ken has served over the years include; Ace Hardware Corporation, Techtronic Industries NA, Newell Rubbermaid and Home Deport. At Ace Hardware, where he worked as the General Merchandising Manager from 2010 and 2013, Ken also orchestrated several well-pointed strategies. He executed a highly successful Craftsman program that saw the sale of hand tools grow from $90 million annually to a staggering $180 million.

Ken also increased the rate of annual store opening by a whopping 300% and formed a world-class merchandising test facility that included several service features. The amenities featured included; formal line review area, 2 in-house stores, vendor support areas and testing and innovation stations. At Home Deport, where he served diligently from 1994 to 2002, Ken worked in various capacities, including; Senior Product Merchant, Director of Proprietary Brands and Product Merchandise Manager Garden Hardlines. Ken took over as VP and Chief Marketing Officer at True Value in 2013. According to, the position was initially held by Mike Clark, who went on retirement.

Kenneth Goodgame is a well-known quantity in retailing and merchandising circles. According Ken Goodgame’s LinkedIn page, he received a head start at Black and Decker, where he served as Senior Merchandising Manager for the duration of 9 years from 1980 to 1989. He left Black and Decker to move to Home Deport, Newell Rubbermaid, Bajar Moto Sports and Ace Hardware, before taking up his current position at True Value Company. Ken is also skilled in multi-channel marketing, cross-functional team leadership, sales management and strategy. He obtained his bachelor’s degree of Marketing Finance from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1980.

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