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How Scott Rocklage Is Leading in the world of venture capitalism and pharmaceuticals

Scott Rocklage became the managing partner of 5AM Ventures in 2004. He had entered the company as a venture partner a year earlier. Dr. Rocklage’s experience in healthcare management spans over three decades and is marked by remarkable achievements. He was instrumental in the approval of the three new drug applications; Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). 5AM Ventures is a life science-based capital venture firm that creates and develops biotechnology companies.


Dr. Rocklage has held numerous strategic leadership roles before joining 5AM ventures. He served at Cubist Pharmaceutical as CEO and chairman. Other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies where he held executive positions include, Nycomed Salutar, Salutar and Catalytica, Amersham Health, Ilypsa Inc., Cidara Therapeutics and Novra Therapeutics. He also showed the ability to raise fund for pharmaceutical operations when he led Cubist Pharmaceutical to raise $500 million in its first public offering.


The scientific and highyly educational background of Dr. Scott Rocklage is the factor that has reinforced his vast experience in healthcare and leadership. He graduated from the University of California, Berkley, with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He then graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Chemistry. Dr. Rocklage has authored more than a hundred peer-reviewed publications and has contributed to the invention of over 30 U.S patents.


As a managing partner, he is guiding 5AM Ventures in supporting companies that utilize cutting-edge technologies in developing solutions for healthcare needs. 5AM Ventures has an undeterred focus of coming up with innovative ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. Dr. Rocklage has since proven to be an effective leader and strategist in the world of venture capitalism, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.


Recently, he sat down with IdeaMensch to talk about his work life. He said he helps scientists, business executives, and physicians channel their ideas into reality. Dr. Rocklage expressed his fascination by the increasing new unique ways of treating cancer. He singled out proper organization as a habit that has made him more productive as an entrepreneur. Dr. Rocklage also encourages taking measured risks in business operations.