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Rick Smith; The Innovative Business Leader Behind Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is among the biggest firms providing a variety of services that seek to improve lives for inmates as they serve their jail term. The company has earned reputation in the correctional facility market, and it is probably the most sought-after inmate communications service provider in America. The company integrates the use of modern technology to make communication easy, effective and affordable for inmates. However, the success of the company has not been earned overnight; it has been achieved through the relentless efforts and the able leadership of the CEO, Rick Smith.

Rick Smith joined the company and assumed the role of the Chief Executive Officer when the firm was not doing well in regard to correctional facility technology. His knowledge on the latest technological developments has improved communication and safety in prisons, and this has made the lives of prisoners bearable. He has a keen interest in telecommunication and innovative technologies that have enabled him to lead Securus Technologies to unprecedented heights within a relatively short period at the helm of the company. Read more about Rick on

Rick Smith has an impressive education background. His academic qualifications and extensive experience have made him the best CEO Securus has ever had. Rick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York. He later earned an MBA from the University of Rochester. His engineering background helps him to understand all the telecommunication technology development while the business skills make him a brilliant business administrator.

Previously, Smith held various senior positions with some of the leading companies in America and his experience in communication technology sector has helped him to transform the Securus Technologies into a reputable technology giant. Rick served at Global Crossing from 1972 to 1998, where he held senior information and managerial positions. He later left the firm for Eschelelon Telecom, Inc. Due to his outstanding performance; he climbed the ranks to the post of the Chief Executive Officer within a short duration.

When Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies, he focused on developing effective business strategies that have enabled the company to expand its markets and offer a broad range of products to a huge percentage of prisons in the country. Under his leadership, Securus has helped reduce crime rates by enhancing the capacity of the security officers to prevent different types of crimes. Besides, Rick Smith Securus has pioneered the development of efficient communication monitoring systems that help prison staff to monitor all communication among prisoners efficiently. Currently, Securus Technologies is collecting reliable information that law enforcement agencies are using to charge criminals in the law courts. More interestingly, Securus has also developed video visitation technology, which is helping inmates to keep in touch with their close friends and relatives.

InnovaCare Health: Bridging the Gap in the Health Care System

Creating a Company that Makes a Difference

Being in good health is of great importance to every individual. This is where companies like InnovaCare Health come in. Its main focus is providing good medical care. Like every other company, InnovaCare works hard to maintain its place in the society and also add to its growth, by ensuring they hire qualified personnel. They have also placed emphasis on ensuring there is a proper communication system and teamwork. Their goal is to change the governance of the health care system. InnovaCare is led by a team of well-trained professionals, with the President being Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto earned his B.S. from the University of California, an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands and a medical degree from the University of New York. Many have acknowledged that he is the reason that the InnovaCare Health is such a success.

Dr. Shinto worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc. before he was hired at InnovaCare in 2012. While in Aveta, he got an award for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. Before taking a position with Aveta, Dr. Shinto was a Chief Medical Officer of NAMM in California. Before then, he was Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management companies. His work portfolio is quite impressive, projecting a man who knows his way in the medical field. Read this article at Open Minds.

The Health Care Team

Another member of this great team is Penelope Kokkinides. She joined InnovaCare together with Dr. Rick Shinto and three other people. She works as the Chief Administrator and had previously worked as the company’s COO. She has also worked as the COO of Aveta Inc. and as its Clinical Operation’s vice president. Her experience in Clinical programs’ development is vast. With this team of people, InnovaCare has made it more affordable to seek medical attention to low-income earners. The number of people using InnovaCare compared to insurance has risen to 70%. It is recommended to read Dr. Shinto’s work as he has published some books on clinical medicine.

Growing more in Future

With such a committed healthcare expert, InnovaCare Health will continue to thrive in the coming years. The number of people using InnovaCare is bound to rise from the current percentage. The true passion and desire of Rick Shinto to bring a much-required change will boost this company’s future growth. This is one company everyone should look out for. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

The Risk of Fashion and Retail Managed by Adam Goldenberg

Fashion is very risky. For one thing, there are different approaches to fashion. One of the most common approaches to fashion is to play it safe. This means offering items that are known to sell. These items are no different from any items from the other companies except for the logo or the name on the tags. Another difference is that the items are probably selling at a lower price. While this is often the safe way to sell clothing on, it does not always guarantee a sale because people may get tired of the item. Also, people might not find any reason to shop at the store when it has the same item as the other store.

Another approach is to go very far in the other direction. This involves carrying a lot of items that are just weird. The stores that take this type of approach are very rare. For one thing, the selections of fashion products could intimidate people. They might not buy the item because they don’t feel comfortable wearing these items. As a result, the sale rate may be even lower than the safe approach. Therefore, it is important for people to take an approach that is more moderate.

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One example of the approach that is successful is the approach that is taken by Adam Goldenberg. What Adam Goldenberg has done in partnership with Don Ressler is bring forth something that is the perfect balance of safe and risky. They have brought forth items that have enough unique aspects to them that customers want to buy them. Adam Goldenberg have also been wise in their approach. For one thing, they have used analytical software in order to determine what items to sell more of and what items to get rid of.

Adam Goldenberg has brought forth products that are very popular among people. Therefore, his company has gained a lot of success which has given it the ability to expand. TechStyle is even giving Amazon a run for its money. Given that Amazon controlled as much as 20% of the fashion industry, this is an impressive feat for TechStyle.

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Taking You to Unimaginable Places, With Andrew Rocklage

Andrew Rocklage is a name that many people living in Boston, Massachusetts know. Over the years, Andrew has turned out to be a trusted lawyer, businessman, and innovator. He has earned a lot of respect due to his Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, something he formed back in 2015. The trampoline business has been a source of joy to many locals since the facility offers recreational activities to both friends and family. As it turns out, the trampoline business is an idea that came to Andrew in an instance. Since Andrew Rocklage has always spared time to travel, he was able to gather a dozen ideas, knowledge he used to his advantage. Presently, his peers and seniors fear Andrew because they are amazed at the extent of his innovative mind. Even at his young age, Andrew Rocklage has been able to bring something worthwhile to the Daytona community.



Before 2015, Mr. Andrew had worked for corporations like EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Avery, Doherty, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Boston Red Sox, and Major League Lacrosse. As a young man, Andrew has always had the desire to become a lawyer. To this end, he pursued BS cum laude, Sport Management, and Economics from the University of Massachusetts whose location is in Amherst. Andrew trained as a Juris Doctor at the Suffolk University Law School and also at the Isenberg School of Management. As a result, Andrew has been able to nurture his legal research skills over time.



With a strong business sense, Andrew’s entrepreneurship abilities have been able to thrive. He has learned to work with highly qualified employees, by selling them his goals and dreams and giving them ample space to execute their individual duties. Above all, he has hired people who are good at customer service and relations. In so doing, he has made sure that his clients are satisfied with the services they receive at the end of the day. It is through the above approach that his Trampoline Empire has been able to attract visitors from across the divides. Since Andrew is a people’s person, he has resulted to training some of his workers so that they can serve him to the best of their abilities. Through research, Andrew has made himself more tech savvy. As a result, he has been able to come up with very ambitious ideas and even execute them. Andrew has been highly successful in his endeavors because of choices he made when he was a young man. Choosing to study business and law did not come as a mistake to Rocklage. Through the years, knowledge in the above disciplines has made it possible for Andrew Rocklage to protect his interests, hence his continuous success. Being a man who embraces change, it is more likely that Andrew will come up with the next big thing in America, sooner than later.


How Scott Rocklage Is Leading in the world of venture capitalism and pharmaceuticals

Scott Rocklage became the managing partner of 5AM Ventures in 2004. He had entered the company as a venture partner a year earlier. Dr. Rocklage’s experience in healthcare management spans over three decades and is marked by remarkable achievements. He was instrumental in the approval of the three new drug applications; Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). 5AM Ventures is a life science-based capital venture firm that creates and develops biotechnology companies.


Dr. Rocklage has held numerous strategic leadership roles before joining 5AM ventures. He served at Cubist Pharmaceutical as CEO and chairman. Other pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies where he held executive positions include, Nycomed Salutar, Salutar and Catalytica, Amersham Health, Ilypsa Inc., Cidara Therapeutics and Novra Therapeutics. He also showed the ability to raise fund for pharmaceutical operations when he led Cubist Pharmaceutical to raise $500 million in its first public offering.


The scientific and highyly educational background of Dr. Scott Rocklage is the factor that has reinforced his vast experience in healthcare and leadership. He graduated from the University of California, Berkley, with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He then graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Chemistry. Dr. Rocklage has authored more than a hundred peer-reviewed publications and has contributed to the invention of over 30 U.S patents.


As a managing partner, he is guiding 5AM Ventures in supporting companies that utilize cutting-edge technologies in developing solutions for healthcare needs. 5AM Ventures has an undeterred focus of coming up with innovative ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. Dr. Rocklage has since proven to be an effective leader and strategist in the world of venture capitalism, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.


Recently, he sat down with IdeaMensch to talk about his work life. He said he helps scientists, business executives, and physicians channel their ideas into reality. Dr. Rocklage expressed his fascination by the increasing new unique ways of treating cancer. He singled out proper organization as a habit that has made him more productive as an entrepreneur. Dr. Rocklage also encourages taking measured risks in business operations.