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What it Takes Young Entrepreneurs to Succeed in Panama

Many people have the perception that entrepreneurship is a preserve for individuals who are in their middle ages. This is a totally misleading perception, because young entrepreneurs have all that it takes to succeed in business. Young people are tech-savvy and like taking risks. These are some of the attributes of a successful entrepreneur in the modern business world. Panama has widely been described as the hotbed of business opportunities in Central America.

Creating a successful entrepreneurial career in Panama

You should ensure that whatever you do is unique. This will go a long way in setting you apart from the rest of the pack. Remember there is wisdom in uniqueness, which fully explains why going with the grain may not be a wise idea. Be uncompromising and revolutionary, and success will come your way. You should also master the art of flexibility. In this regard, you should not dwell your focus on coming up with a pioneering idea. In retrospect, think of ways that can help you actualize that idea. Once your idea has been actualized, seek out like-minded people who can help nurture your dreams.

Avoid people who will pull you back. Network with people who have the potential to be your business partners. Choose people that you can trust with your ideas and resources. Pooling ideas and resources with another like-minded individual will give you the means of achieving twice as much as what you were initially intending to achieve. You should similarly endeavor to avoid all form of shortcuts. In as much as they might appear to be an easy road to success, short cuts are a major stumbling block in the long run. Keep in mind that success doesn’t come on a silver platter. Minimize your costs, set realistic goals and find a mentor who is well versed with the game.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa in Brief

Jose is a highly successful young entrepreneur. The Panama resident is originally from Venezuela but chose the Central American nation due to the vast business opportunities that he identified. He holds senior positions in more than 5 Panama based companies, all of which are prosperous. Besides his corporate duties, Mr. Figueroa has carved a niche for himself by being one of the most prominent members of the business community in Panama. He has had a hand in the success of over 20 companies due to the insightful advice that he offers to young entrepreneurs seeking to invest in Panama.

BMG’s Marcio Alaor Approves Deal with North Tourão


The BMG Bank will sponsor and give budgetary backing to Team Araguaína Futebol e Regatas, also called North Tourão in the measure of R $ 44,000. The sponsorship is a result of the efforts of the sportsman Osvaldo Durães with the financial establishment.

Durães got affirmation of the approved sponsorship a week ago through the Office of Legal Affairs, saying that the VP of BMG, Márcio de Araújo Alaor, had endorsed the cost of the deal.

All that is left to complete the transaction is for the North Tourão to review the final paperwork with its board and to forward their banking information for dposit. The payment will be made in four sequential regularly scheduled payments. “I have a guarantee to the city of Araguaína and the game of soccer when all is said in done. We can not let our soccer team or our city down. The Araguaína is performing very admirably in the Tocantins championship this year and I’m battling for the Tourão go considerably further, “said Osvaldo Durães.

Budgetary Emergency
The North Tourão is confronting a genuine budgetary emergency. On last Thursday (9), players folded their arms because of delayed payment. They stated that they have waited 45 days in spite of the fact that they were in the championship game. Without preparing, the Araguaína was easily defeated with a score of 3-1 by Palmas on Saturday (11), who now leads all teams with 13 points. The Tourão has 12 points.

This was the first stoppage of the group this year, on the other hand, the players said that since 2012 the group has confronted various budgetary challenges. Theses are issues that the payers can not control.

Marcio Alaor is an executive vice president at BMG. He has served as the vice president and a director at BMG for a considerable length of time and is a highly regarded individual from the Brazilian financial community. Alaor was conceived in the state of Minas Gerais and experienced childhood in a little town that manufactured firecrackers. There wasn’t many opportunities for Alaor in that town when he was a kid, yet he created his own particular opportunities. Marcio has received many awards for his commitment to develop and support local communities and sport in his homeland.


Goals and Sparks in Entrepreneurship


People that resolve to get rich simply by becoming entrepreneurs rarely succeed. The thing that these people lack is enjoyment. Beyond all other purposes to pursue wealth through entrepreneurship, if a person does not enjoy what they are doing, the intense work required to become a success will become unbearable. This inability to stay driven is one of the main failures in people that seek wealth this way. However, people that became entrepreneurs because they understood that in order to keep doing something that they loved, they would have to make it an ongoing business.

After this, they often then see that the business will also have to provide for them all of the things that other less enjoyable, unfulfilling work would bring. However, this is okay because that love will often cause these people to exploit these other areas until they have gathered the resources to then go after their entrepreneurial goals. The common theme remains that a love for an activity often fuels a way to make that passion a successful business. It is also a common theme that successful business owners report as their driving force.

Another trait of successful entrepreneurs is planning. Successful entrepreneurs do nothing without first planning. Jumping into things and succeeding only happens in high school. In life, it will be the trait of every failed person that fancied themselves an entrepreneur. Initially, the opportunity must be researched thoroughly. The next step is to plan the resources that are feasible to invest, their implementation along with milestones, the intended return for the investment and when this return can be reasonably anticipated. Additionally, even exits in certain scenarios must be anticipated and planned. Planning allows for sort of a dry run that will place well-informed entrepreneurs in a better position to exploit the available opportunities.

Successful entrepreneurs have a penchant for self-promotion, but this does not mean self-aggrandizing. It is the ability to have a wide audience understand the business that you are in and that you are capable of servicing their needs. There is no one that people trust lest than a shameless self-promoter. This is a fine line, and this means that successful entrepreneurs must know the difference. It also means that the successful entrepreneur will deliver on the promises.

marc sparks entrepreneur

Advice from Marc Sparks

Never overpromise and underperform because this is the biggest sign that someone is disingenuous. This is advice that Marc Sparks sometimes give as a part of impersonal conversations that he has with strangers. As a successful entrepreneur, he has several initiatives that are designed around helping start-up entrepreneurs succeed. This is an example of not only giving back, but in a method that empowers the fledgling entrepreneurs to obtain the success that they seek.