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Medical care scheduling service Doctolib raise another $42 million.

Doctolib which is a French startup has raised $42 million from Bpifrance and Eurazeo. The company is building a platform that will help ease the process of booking in the healthcare industry. In the past 12 months, Doctolib has raised a total of $72.7 million.

The European startup is big in France with its booking service that is set to be around seven million each month. Doctolib recently ventured into Germany as its potential to grow in Germany increases. The company has had success in Germany after opening up five offices in Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, and Cologne.

So far, the company has managed approximately 1.5 million bookings in Germany, as the company strives to be as popular and strong in Germany like in France. If you combine the market in both France and Germany, you will find that over 30,000 professionals actively use the platform and 12 million visitors.

Now, because one cannot use medical data or perform a transaction on the platform, the startup sells the service directly to practitioners. Each doctor pays 129 pounds in Germany and 109 pounds in France to use Doctolib’s platform.

The funding round that has just happened is an indication by Doctolib of its determination to be a leader in the both France and Germany. Doctolib plans to hire 100 new employees for its Germany offices, and another 100 new employees in France. It also plans to open up an engineering office in Germany.

Doctolib has a lot of potentials to grow because a small percentage of doctors use it while more doctors need convincing from using a phone to call patients for bookings. Doctolibs platform lets patients see when doctors are available, and reminders are also sent to reduce no-shows in appointments. Finally, one can also see earlier appointments and when canceled appointments were made. Doctolib allows the doctor to spend less time on administrative tasks.