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Kevin Seawright Hopes to Aid with Baltimore Housing

Housing in Baltimore City has always been a goal for many people to try and achieve in life. In the city, the chance to do so may have finally gotten a push and the people have Kevin Seawright to thank for that.

As of July, RPS Solutions LLC founder Kevin Seawright has taken it upon himself to work with Baltimore City Officials and the Housing and Community Development and help with the housing industry in the Baltimore City area. RPS Solutions is a Baltimore-based firm that is responsible for managing the development, asset management, acquistion, contract management and eventual sale of assets in neighborhoods that are considered to be in dire need of financial aid.

The firm was founded in 2015 by Kevin Seawright himself and started off by constructing and renovating any homes that needed it in order to create a plethora of affordable housing areas for people looking to buy a home in Baltimore and the surrounding areas in the city. With all sides cooperating together, everyone can now partner up and efficiently renovate and construct houses for any buyers who originally couldn’t qualify for home ownership, especially first time home buyers. The overall goal of RPS Solutions is to increase the total amount of homeowners in Baltimore City and the surrounding areas up to well over 48.3%, which is the current home ownership rate for the entire state of Maryland.

As the one responsible for overseeing the majority of housing renovation and regulation projects, Kevin Seawright has gone on to say that it has always been a passion of his to make owning a home in Baltimore City a lot easier for people, given the number of hoops that people often have to jump through in order to do so. He added that being a homeowner is something that people should take a lot of pride in because it is one of the major aspects of wealth development for an individual and in addition to this, ownership can also help provide stability and an ease on tension in neighborhoods that suffer from a decline in ownership.  Follow along as Kevin accomplishes his goals by following him on Twitter, as well as his official SoundCloud profile.

Ken Griffin: A Brief Glimpse Into The Rise Of A Self-made Billionaire

Ken Griffin is the wildly successful hedge fund manager, investor and the CEO and founder of the multinational hedge fund managing giant, Citadel. Ken was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1968. He’s only 46 years old, and he’ll be turning 47 next week. In the spring of 2015, he had an estimated net worth of about six and a half billion dollars. At of the time of this article which is October 2015, Forbes has listed his personal net worth at $7 billion. He was a prodigy while he was at Harvard, he excelled at remarkable speed once he graduated from Harvard, he’s an active philanthropist, an art collector, respected by the United States government and often consulted, he’s a man of great personal faith in God that he incorporates into his business ethics and he loves politics, and he is quite active in tthem.

His attendance at Harvard must have seemed like a blur to Ken. He picked up his first Forbes Magazine in 1986, read an article about investing and he’s been investing ever since, and his first investments were made his freshmen year at the university. The next year he went to his family, friends and even his moderately wealthy grandmother, and he obtained the capital necessary to start his very first hedge fund out of his college dorm room. It is important to clarify that Ken is considered to be independently wealthy, and he made his money on his own. The money he obtained from his friends and family totaled $256,000, and he invested that money for them in a hedge fund he created that specialized in convertible bond armitage. His hedge fund survived the stock market crash in 1987 because he was industrious enough to acquire real time market data streaming to his dormitory via satellite he installed. The capital he acquired and invested grew like a weed, and he was able to open another hedge fund before he graduated in 1989.

Ken of has been unstoppable since he began Harvard. Upon his graduation he was able to raise the initial investment capital for his powerhouse alternative investment management fund, Citadel. He immediately received an investment from the founder of Glenwood Capital. He returned a $1 million dollar investment plus 70% of the million, and raised enough seed money to found Citadel in in 1990 which was just a year after he graduated. Citadel has been running strong since, and it is one of very few hedge funds to run on its own after 20 years. It started with a $4.6 million investment to fuel its capital, and today the investment capital of the firm is well over $25 billion.

Ken’s success story might lead many to believe that he has no time to do anything but make money, and that is hardly the case. He is passionate about being active in republican politics, and he is a Presbyterian that places great importance on his faith. Ken has also donated well over $500 million to various organizations including a $150 million donation to Harvard.