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Key to City of Detroit Presented to Rapper Big Sean

Big Sean is a rapper that certainly knows the importance of giving back. In the beginning of March, Sean started Mogul Prep, a company made to help children. Mogul Prep has been created to help low-income children learn more about the business side of the music world. Currently, more Mogul Prep events are planned to take place in Baltimore, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia. The first Mogul Prep event happened in Detroit, Michigan.


The Flint water crises was another event that Big Sean wanted to help out with. The rapper donated $100,000 of his own money to help the families involved in the current situation in Flint. In addition, Big Sean also had a recording studio constructed within his old school, in Michigan, for everyone to be able to use. Big Sean continues to show the world the importance of giving back with all of his recent charitable actions.


The Mayor of Detroit knew how hard Big Sean had been working for his community. Recently, a ceremony was held to present Big Sean with his very own key to Detroit. The creation of Mogul Prep, in addition to his donations, are all reasons behind Big Sean receiving this enormous award. Big Sean was quick to post pictures and his very own statement about this honor on Instagram.


Big Sean is only one of three people to receive the key to this legendary city. The other two people who have received this honor in the past were Stevie Wonder and Berry Gordy, placing Big Sean alongside legendary peers. Sean’s continuing help for his city of Detroit have earned him the honor of being the youngest person to ever receive the key to Detroit. In addition to thanking Detroit and the mayor, Big Sean also thanked his mother for being a great teacher.


Big Sean Awarded Key to Detroit

Big Sean is Awarded Detroit’s Key to the City


It’s not uncommon for musical artists to be honored and given awards for their work, especially by members of the government. Rapper Big Sean can now be added to this long list.


On this past Saturday afternoon, Big Sean was awarded the key to the city of Detroit, which also happens to be his native city. A huge part of this honor happened to be because of the many contributions he made through the Sean Anderson Foundation.


When asked about the dubious honor, Big Sean simply said that he was given one of the highest honors that a person can receive, that being the key to the city. He wrote this on his Instagram account and added that the mayor had only given it to two other people before him, and they were Stevie Wonder and Berry Gordy. In fact he was also the youngest person ever to be given this honor.


Earlier this past month, Big Sean launched a program called “Mogul Prep,” which was a series of small workshops meant to teach middle and high school students who came from lower-income backgrounds. The lessons taught would be about all of the inner workings and behind the scenes subjects in relation to the business side of the music industry. The first class from Mogul Prep took place on a Saturday afternoon in Detroit not too long before Big Sean was holding a concert at Fox Theatre in the city. Other seminars would take place in other cities such as Miami, Baltimore and Atlanta.


Big Sean went on to say about the program, that the mayor honored him for his work in motivating the city through his music and messaging for the program. He added that his work with the program would be applied to the Detroit Public Schools system in the fall and would be expanding into Baltimore. He also took the time to donate $100,000 to the city of Flint for its ongoing poisoned water crisis.


Big Sean Continues To Progress As An Artist

After years of slow and steady development, Big Sean is ready to truly make waves in the mainstream rap scene. A few years ago, one of Big Sean’s biggest claims to fame was the fact that he had helped the world discover Kendrick Lamar. Lamar appeared on “Control,” a Big Sean track from 2013. When that song failed to appear on Big Sean’s “Hall Of Fame” album, the rumors swirled that Big Sean had left the song out because he felt his performance on the song was outmatched by his guest performer. Whether or not this was true, the public was left with an impression that Big Sean was a talented rapper who wasn’t living up to his original potential. Many commentators wondered if Big Sean would remain a punchline rapper or if he would take his place in the forefront of modern hip-hop.


Overcoming negative expectations, Big Sean appears well on his way towards becoming hip-hop royalty over the course of the next few years. Rather than simply retreading familiar ground, this rapper is making more personal, more profound music that can resonate with a wide variety of listeners. Like fellow auteurs Kendrick Lamar and Yelawolf, Big Sean is demonstrating that it is possible to bridge the gap between tough, street-minded rap and more personal fare.


Only time will tell if Big Sean is able to achieve critical success on the level of Kendrick Lamar. If Big Sean is able to continue his forward progression as an artist, it seems sure that he will have a good chance of receiving his turn in the limelight. The worst thing that Big Sean could do is revert to his roots as a fairly basic, traditional rapper. All in all, the jury is still out on whether Big Sean will become a minor addition to the hip-hop canon or a truly game-changing force.