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Greg Secker’s Keys to Wealth Creation

Greg Secker is a prominent English trader and philanthropist. Secker is also a serial entrepreneur and international speaker. His career began at Thomas Cook financial services. While working there, he got the idea for a new business focused on foreign exchange. Greg left Thomas Cook to start Virtual Trading Desk. VTD became the world’s first online forex trading platform offering real time statistics.

Following the success of VTD, Greg’s career quickly progressed, and he went on to work at Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President. Mellon was by then one of the leading investment banks earning them a spot on the Fortune 500. Achieving new heights of success at Mellon enabled him to grow his personal trading account to the extent that allowed him to comfortably leave the company and start his own.

Greg Secker proceeded to set up a trading floor at his home. After about three months he branded the company as Learn to Trade. This new company’s focus was to teach trading to the average person. Fast forward 13 years and Learn to Trade has gone global with offices in South Africa, Philipines as well as London. Over 200,000 people have been educated through workshops and seminars so far.

This fete has earned Greg’s company numerous awards. Learn to Trade received an award for Best Educator from World Finance Magazine for two consecutive years. The company was feted for having the Best Education product by Wealth and Finance Magazine. The same magazine also awarded the company another award for being the Best in Forex trade training in the United Kingdom.

In all his endeavors Greg instills the culture of philanthropy to help make the world a better place. He founded the Greg Secker Foundation as a non-profit organization to help improve people’s quality of life. For his achievements and years of experience, Greg is called upon as a speaker on different platforms. He is sought after to talk on matters of wealth, psychology, health and entrepreneurship. Greg has spoken on major outlets such as Bloomberg and CNBC as a consultant. At seminars, he has spoken alongside industry heavyweights such as Robert Kiyosaki and Richard Branson on different occasions.