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CEO, Chairman, and Business Expert Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a well-rounded figure in the world of business. He has experience financial industries as a board member of Dalrada and also in other leadership positions in technology. He is now chairman at his current firm.

Bonar is not an overnight success. In fact, he is far from it. Brian Bornar began his career working for IBM, in the UK, for 17 years. That was his first experience in Silicon Valley work, but he would have more as his career was ongoing. He soon went to Alabama, back in the United States. In Huntsville there he worked for QMS, which made printer ink and controller technologies. He was in charge of engineering, and helped innovate groundbreaking products for the company.

Then he moved on to another company called Rastek. He was still in Alabama at this time but he was doing something slightly different with printer controllers this time around. After a few years doing sales for the company, he moved to Silicon Valley, in San Jose, to pursue the California technology opportunities arising. He became a key figure for Adaptec, which was in technology. He was the global manager of sales operations for them.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Again, he built up valuable skills there and was hired at Bezier in order to help with sell their laser printer technology, which was innovative at the time. He worked his way up to the vice president of sales due to his expertise and delivering results. Eventually, this position helped him secure a role within Dalrada Financial Corporation.

While Bonar now sits at the head of the board room, he has not always been there. It took twenty years for Bonar to see the kind of success he now enjoys First, he was the director of the sales operations. Then, he was promoted to become the vice president. Soon after that, he demonstrated his ability and was awarded the COO role. After delivering productivity as the chief operating officer, he went on to become the CEO, which he has been since 1998.

Bonar has since acquired two restaurant operations, both in the California area. He handed off the operations of one of them, Bellamy’s to his daughter. The other, he still has a strong role in. The head chef has been quoted saying he loves working there because of the freedom he has. That one is called Bandy Canyon.

It is rare that an executive at the level of Brian Bonar has the motivation to also start other operations like restaurants. But as seen with his long and successful career, Bonar is up for new challenges. Bonar continues to lead Dalrada to new opportunities as he has a hand in daily operations and large decisions.