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Lime Crime is Making Things Way Different

Lime Crime cosmetics is a unique makeup line that is vegan and cruelty free. Lime crime is all about being unique. In creating this makeup brand, the founders goal was ultimately for others to be able to express their individuality by using makeup. And for people who want something unique and bold, this brand is the perfect brand for that! The products are unique and even the names of the product has grabbed the attention of many.


The founder of this unique brand is a girl named Doe Deere. Doe has always used makeup as a way to express herself and that is one reason why she created this unique makeup brand. By visiting the website, you will quickly realize why this brand is so unique. Doe wanted to do something different and bold, and that is just what she accomplished. Her bright colored cosmetics and her different lipsticks took the internet by surprise and instantly blew up.


People over the internet started to grow very fond of this new cosmetics brand. Their matte lipstick was a huge success and suddenly they came out with more. Now they have a variety of different cosmetics to fit any unique style. They have several different lipsticks, they have highlighters, eye shadow, and they even have hair coloring colors! Their colors and cosmetics are unique and bold. They finally came out with a new hair coloring brand with thirteen unique colors to fit unique people. And like to makeup, the hair products are made of vegetable dye and are vegan and cruelty free. The colors vary from salad green to gargoyle gray.


This cosmetics brand was one of the first to be an ‘all online’ cosmetics store, and with the success other brands copied the idea. They were skittish about being an ‘online only’ store, but this brand was a massive success!




Lime Crime: Makeup For Unicorns!

We are in a unicorn moment, a fun trend that is conquering the world incorporating bright pastel colors, rainbows and sparks in makeup and hair dyes … and that’s without counting the “Unicorn Food”!
Lime Crime, one of the most colorful marketing and social media brands, was launched in 2008 two weeks before Halloween, in an attempt of the Company’s CEO, Doe Deere -a rebel at heart- to find cosmetics that matched her colorful, Eccentric wardrobe.

The cosmetic brand, promotes itself as “Makeup for Unicorns” and its range of colors is just one of the main things that draws our attention. They are bright, eccentric and very fresh. The products are vegan and cruelty free, which I am almost sure everyone is a fan of.

Two of Lime Crime Cosmetics most popular products are:

The Unicorn Lipstick: Offer a radical range of lip colors and have a sparkling unicorn on the packaging. When uncovered, the are the classic bullet shaped lipsticks have the same image as the packaging and the shade name is on the bottom.
When applied, the texture is soft, and does not dry lips. The tones look super fresh and shiny.

The Velvetine: which brought the liquid lipstick craze on the map.
The bottle is soft and the lid has a nice relief. The packaging is very pretty.
When applied it has good texture, smooth, like unicorn tears, what makes it easier to work the product. It is quick drying and completely matte. The pigmentation is very good, a single layer perfectly covers the lips.

The line also includes eye-shadow palettes that inspires you to create your own masterpiece, Semi-Permanent Fantasy Hair Colors that will turns you into a real-life unicorn, Highlighter palette that that bathes skin in iridescent glow, Diamond Crushers for a lit effect of crushed diamonds on your lips, cheeks and anywhere else.

The mystery, the magic and the beauty of the unicorns is what explains its charm. Independent and free-spirited women identify with this characteristics and enjoy expressing it through fashion.
The unicorn was considered one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth, so why not emulate it with the help of Lime Crime Cosmetics?

A Unicorn’s Dream in a Jar by Lime Crime

Lime Crime released 13 shades of Unicorn Hair dye on April 3rd for the wild, fantasy inspired hair lovers for an affordable $16 per jar. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime, and an avid supporter and wearer of vividly colored hair created the Unicorn Hair dye with the goal of having a professional quality hair color that faded gracefully.

The dyes in this new collection are made from vegan ingredients without any ammonia or bleach. Each whimsical shade provides full coverage for 10-12 washes, while the tints will last 8-10 washes. The semi-permanent, vibrant shades come in creatively named colors such as ‘pony’ (purple), ‘gargoyle’ (gray), ‘leeloo’ (vivid orange), salad (light green), and bunny (pink).

The Full Coverage of Unicorn Hair Dye contains a higher pigment load that provides for a more saturated color, which is ideal for light bleached hair and platinum blondes. The Tints are sheer, which is best for pale blonde hair for a pastel result. Since Unicorn Hair dye is all natural, and only deposits pigment, it does not cause damage to hair. Unicorn Hair is even designed to fade gracefully for its consumers so that is still looks good after multiple washes.

Unicorn Hair dye can even be mixed together to create more colors, allowing for even more creativity. If one wants to keep the color creation longer, dry shampoo and less washing will help extend the colorful lifespan. If imagination demands for new color styles, the dye can be washed out by using a clarifying shampoo and washing it more often, although professional removal of the colors is an option if all the color must go quickly.

Overall, Unicorn Hair dye provides a pure vegan option of hair dye that also helps boost colorful Unicorn dreams in a unique baby pink labeled jar. If one wants to be like the CEO of Lime Crime, her signature shade is Pony, which is described as the “color of blooming artichoke”, a color she is happy to share with her Unicorns.


Transform Your Dull Boring Color With Lime Crime

Amazingly, Lime Crime has taken another approach to vibrant color with a remarkable line of tints, semi, and permanent hair dyes. They still offer their customers those hard to find colors that continue to go unmatched by their competitors. Each tint will give you up to 8 washes while there full coverage dye will give you maximum color for up to 12 washes. Never strip your hair of its natural luster because their amazing dye products don’t come based with ammonia or bleach. You still get the LC LEAP Bunny approved hypoallergenic products that you’re use to.


You may be use to their signature line of velvetine matte and super-foil products that give thousands of women vibrant color on their eyelids and lips. You can choose from a remarkable line of one of a kind eyeshadow and lipstick products that are a hit among their loyal 2.4 million Instagram followers. Join thousands of girls and guys around the world that are completely unapologetic about their color choices. Now, Lime Crime is offering their customers the same option with a unique hair dye that is safe for all hair types. Get fantasy-inspired colors that will give confidence about making a bold colors statement.


Rest assured that their hair dye will compliment their makeup and you will have the full benefits of blending the two for a signature look each time. You still have the option of visiting their sister company, Dolls Kills, to match their cosmetics with their accessories and clothing items. LC creator and CEO, Doe Deere, has used her unconventional way of blending colors to please her fans yet again. This time with an amazing hair dye collection that comes in 700 ml per jar. Get intricate colors that will give you confidence about deciding to go unicorn.


Get Lime Crime products exclusively from their website and take part in many promotional offers directly from their website. Transform your look into a one of a kind color scheme that will impress your friends and look amazing on camera.