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Shea Butter Has Benefits for Both Skin and Hair

Most people are aware of the fact that Shea Butter is great for keeping your skin moisturized and looking great, but it can also be beneficial for your hair as well. Oils are amazing conditioners for hair, but natural emollients can help also. That is why Shea Butter is being used by more and more people for a hair conditioner. Unrefined organic Shea butter is the best way to go.

The butter is extracted fat that comes from the nut of the African Shea tree. It is great for skin, so it is also great for your scalp. It protects from dryness. The antioxidants in the butter promote blood flow that stimulates hair growth. It helps protect the scalp from bacteria and eczema. Shea butter also protects the hair from sun damage, heat from dryers and styling tools, and overall dryness.

How to Apply It

Heat a mixture of two tablespoons with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Butter should be melted. Add one teaspoon of honey. Apply after hair is washed. Rinse and you will enjoy shiny, soft hair strands. Shea butter will keep your hair well hydrated for several days. You can mix in some olive oil to add to the benefits of the Shea butter.

Makes Your Hair Easy to Manage

If your hair gets tangled, apply some Shea butter. After washing your hair, rub Shea butter between your hands and apply it to your hair. Use a wide toothed comb or a brush to get tangles out easily.

Other Uses

If you want curls, use Shea butter as your curling cream. Just apply it to a section of your hair and curl. It will add major definition to your curls. If you use heat based styling tools and hair dryers, Shea butter will protect your hair from being damaged by their use

Eugenia Shea is a family run business dedicated to producing all natural, organic premium Shea Butter moisturizers. It provides anti-inflammatory healing benefits without clogging pores. Eugenia Shea is a mother-daughter operation, started in 2014. They are using the mother’s experience as President of the Global Shea Alliance to provide the best quality product available to the public.

Eugenia Shea butter is from the highest quality butter available. It is a great moisturizer for both skin and hair and it produces excellent results. Eugenia Shea butter is manufactured with love and care.

Wen By Chaz Helps you Maximize the Health of Your Hair

There are a number of hair care products available on the market that are often tested. One of these products is Wen by Chaz which was recently tested by a woman. She tested the sephora fig version of the product during one week to see just how effective it really is. After testing this product she found out that it is very beneficial to a number of people especially those who have hair that is very thin and of fine composition. Over the course of the week she would experience improvement in all aspects of her hair everyday. She found out that her hair was always getting stronger, shinier and also easier to style. As a result she thinks that this product is very good and worth using.
Part of what makes Wen by Chaz [] among the top hair are products is the many positive effects that it has on users. Many people who use Wen by Chaz experience the same things that the woman who tested it did. This product allows users to experience a strengthening of their hair. This means that their hair will be much less likely to get damaged. Another positive effect of this product is that it makes your hair look nicer by making it shinier. It also allows you to more easily style your hair which will allow people to more easily get their hair to look the way they want it to look. With the ability to deeply cleanse the hair, Wen by Chaz Dean offers users a product that will keep their hair very clean.

Wen by Chaz is very easy to use which gives it yet another reason to purchase it. All you need to do is put lather on your hand and then rub it into your hair. Then you will just need to rinse it out. The product is one of the more unique hair care items due to the natural ingredients. The natural ingredients give users a product that will nourish the hair instead of hurt it. Most other hair care products are made out of chemicals and contain toxins which can damage your hair. However WEN by Chaz has ingredients such as extracts from bark and plants which will give users a way to safely maintain their hair.