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Equities First- Stock Loans an Easier Way of Getting Working Capital

When it comes to matters of finance, money remains the fuel for any thriving business. In every business, cash is required to establish or market businesses, generate products or extend its operation zones. Equities First, the biggest lender of optional loaning solutions, ensures your enterprise has sufficient funds through the provision of stock-based or margin loans.Budgeting and forecasting link your business to the other world whereby the enterprise is driven by revenue, growth estimates, stock costs, and market capitalization. That relies on well-timed information that is forecasted to achieve the best results. Equities First ensures all clients are kept updated on the happenings of the business world. Every business will also need money to employ more workers, open new offices, purchase raw materials and equipment, or pay orders.

For every enterprise to expand its boundaries, it needs to have means of getting information. External reports focus on banks, shareholders, and the public that associates with your business. Stockholders rely on forecasting information apart from marketing when looking forward to knowing the date of making your trade. With accurate data, thus you will get to plan well on the entire process. Equities First comprehends the wide role of finances; and thus, remains to help you when your business is hit by bankruptcy challenges or other monetary predicaments.

When it is said that every business ought to “stay liquid,” it means any enterprise should always be in possession of funds to run its basic operations, in addition to handling emergencies when they arise. Borrowers can visit the Equities First website and get to know more of the stock-loan features and the reason they are the most preferable for small business owners and individual borrowers as compared to traditional loans. Equities First is a modern lender that applies innovative services in providing stock-based loans to potential investors.

Economic Hardships Facilitated The Increase Of Alternative Lending At Equities First

According to some monetary reports published in regard to the rise of economic crisis, the financial crisis roots could be traced primarily and directly to affordable housing policies that were initiated by Urban Development (HUD) and US Department of Housing in the 1990s and huge buying of risky loans by government-sponsored entities. In the early & mid 2000s, the USA government called several times for assessment of soundness and safety of GSEs and their extending portfolio at subprime mortgages.

However, the hearings never led to any formal investigation or new legislation of the involved government agencies; Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as several members of the committee refused in accepting the report and rather rebuked OFHEO for their regulation attempt. Many believe that was an early indication of the systemic danger that the subprime growing market posed towards the US financial system and that went unheeded. Out of the great effects of financial institutions and lending sectors, borrowing in conventional institutions has become hard with banks and most financial institutions having suffered a blow during the recession.

Today, Equities First has taken the chance to fill the gap by furnishing potential investors (small companies & individuals) with stock-based loans.To some analysts, the delay caused in 1995 between CRA rule changes and subprime lending explosion is not astonishing and does not vindicate the CRA. According to them, there existed two intertwined causes in regard to the crisis. That is the 1995 underwriting standards relaxation and ultra-low interests’ proportions that were spearheaded by the Federal Reserve following the September 11, 2001 terrorists attack. Both factors had to be kept in place prior to the crisis happening. Other critics pointed out that the publicly reported CRA loan pledges were massive making at $4.5 trillion between 1994 and 2007. Equities First is a firm of its kind with its services continuing to shine all over the world.



Equities First Holdings are an organization of a kind since they provide lending solutions for the people that need funding for either professional or personal goals. It provides alternative lending for the people that do not qualify for bank loans due to the different regulations imposed by the bank. A majority of the people view bank lending as a rigid process and this makes them turn to alternative lending offered by Equities First Holdings. The company was established in the year 2002 and uses securities based lending.

It uses securities listed in the stock exchange as security for the loan. The company gives customers a fixed lower rate as compared to a number of banks. This makes it easier for the organization to attract clientele since they have better offers as compared to a majority of the banks.There are several categories of people who would benefit from Equities First Holdings lending mechanism. First, are the clients that need capital urgently since the process of acquiring the loan is simpler as compared to banks. In this organization the key determinant is the value of securities in the stock exchange whereas in the bank a loan goes through a longer chain towards approval.

Secondly, individuals and business that use stock loan as collateral can benefit from the loan as the company uses stock as security for a period of three years. People in this case can use security by transferring it to Equities First especially in cases where they anticipate the value of the stock to appreciate. The third category is people who need capital to finance their own personal goals or to pay up huge debts. They may benefit from the loan advanced by Equities First Holdings since the loans are non-purpose.The company is doing well for instance, in Hong Kong the organization just received money lending license in the month of December. The license will facilitate increased lending by the organization to all borrowers even those that do not meet bank lending qualifications.

Is National Banking Becoming Irrelevant?

Professional Banking plays a critical role in society and has always been an important factor to build wealth and store profits. There are literally an endless amount of national chains across the country such as TD Bank, Bank of America, SunTrust Bank, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Capital One, and many more. These are probably the first names that come to mind because they’ve dominated the scene for so long. Unfortunately for these banks, the reign of domination is over as community banks have taken the spotlight as well as customers. Community Banking is one of the best ways to do your banking. These smaller less famous institutions are spread across certain regions whether than entire landscapes and NexBank Capital is leading the charge.


NexBank Capital (aka) NexBank is one of Dallas, Texas’ top banking facilities. The exclusive financial center specializes in commercial, investment, and mortgage banking, but it offers many more great services such as online banking, mobile banking, public funds, treasury management, credit services, real estate advisory, warehouse lending, commercial lending, agency services, and many more. Having an estimated $4.0 Billion assets and some of the industries finest technological innovation has put it at the forefront of banking in-general. NexBank is revolutionizing modern day banking as it offer services to middle market companies, large corporations, other banking centers, and real estate investors. You wont find too many other regional styled banking centers with this much clout and capabilities.


Innovation plays a huge role in the success of banking and NexBank has some of the very best, which makes banking much more efficient and convenient. President and CEO John Holt has done a wonderful in guiding this organization with his progressive way of thinking. Whether it’s organic growth, branching, or innovation, NexBank is single handedly changing this industry’s landscape.