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Luiz Carlos Trabuco; Meet Bradesco’s Leading Man

Becoming an influential leader with an impeccable track record is not as easy as it may sound especially when working at Bradesco, one of the leading banks in Brazil. Nevertheless, Luiz Carlos Trabuco a 65-year-old entrepreneur and presently the fourth president of Bradesco managed to put his name on the frontline. Past presidents like Amador Aguiar and Lazaro Brandao were not as lucky as Luiz is because they were involved in several disputes and resistance. Additionally, Mr. Trabuco took over the presidency from Marcio Cypriano who had led the institution off track due to poor management practices.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born and raised in Bradesco, and unlike your typical banker, he graduated with a Philosophy degree from Sao Paulo University. Mr. Trabuco began his profession at Bradesco working as a clerk, and he managed to work himself to the top. The board of directors at Bradesco saw Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s determination, wisdom, and hard work and decided to name him Vice president as he had been with the company since 1969 and was qualified for the job.

After a short while, he took over the presidency from Cypriano and managed to restore the company’s glory to its top position from Itau Unibanco which had dethroned Bradesco during Cypriano’s Reign.

Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the President of Bradesco, he has managed to improve the institution’s performance vastly. For example, the establishments market value tripled from $5 billion to $30 billion in 9 years. Moreover, the bank’s market shares premiums increased from 23% to 25% while its contribution profit from 26% to 35%. Mr. Trabuco has evolved into a renowned financial strategist who is respected and accepted by many executives.

Another notable achievement by Luiz Carlos Trabuco was when he decided to purchase HSBC, a leading business enterprise in Brazil as a first Brazilian branch for USD 5.2 million. He did this under the approval of Lazaro Brandao who is the reigning Chairman at Bradesco. The purchase paved the way for Bradesco to move into the leadership fight within the private industry as its shares together with that of the new company assisted the bank to overtake its competitor, Itau Unibanco, on three significant items including branch networks, number of account holders, as well as the total investment fund. Furthermore, Bradesco became closer to Itau Unibanco deposits, loans granted, and assets which means that they can still take over.

The moment he started playing his role as the company’s president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco established a corporate university whose main intention is to refurbish the cadres of leadership. Additionally, they used the learning institution to talk to all levels of leadership management in the bank.

After Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over the leadership of Bradesco, he initiated a Corporate University program that was meant to refurbish the leadership cadres. Moreover, the University also held several discussions with personnel on different management levels at the establishment and this enabled Luiz Carlos Trabuco to became more familiar with his staff.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a modest man with similar leadership skills to that of his successful predecessors. According to market estimates, Bradesco awards its staff nearly $1 million as salaries and bonuses among other commissions.

In an interview with Money, Luiz Carlos Trabuco explained that the move to acquire HSBC branch and merge its assets with Bradesco was the best as it helped the company achieve a statue it could have got from six years of working hard to improve business performance. At the time of the interview, the regulatory body in Brazil had not yet approved Bradesco status as a top insurer in the market. Nevertheless, Luiz explained that the bank was to be awarded the green light by 2016’s first quarter. The bold move to improve Bradesco financial standing in one step that fuelled Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s selection to being named the Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 by DINHEIRO.


Equities First- Stock Loans an Easier Way of Getting Working Capital

When it comes to matters of finance, money remains the fuel for any thriving business. In every business, cash is required to establish or market businesses, generate products or extend its operation zones. Equities First, the biggest lender of optional loaning solutions, ensures your enterprise has sufficient funds through the provision of stock-based or margin loans.Budgeting and forecasting link your business to the other world whereby the enterprise is driven by revenue, growth estimates, stock costs, and market capitalization. That relies on well-timed information that is forecasted to achieve the best results. Equities First ensures all clients are kept updated on the happenings of the business world. Every business will also need money to employ more workers, open new offices, purchase raw materials and equipment, or pay orders.

For every enterprise to expand its boundaries, it needs to have means of getting information. External reports focus on banks, shareholders, and the public that associates with your business. Stockholders rely on forecasting information apart from marketing when looking forward to knowing the date of making your trade. With accurate data, thus you will get to plan well on the entire process. Equities First comprehends the wide role of finances; and thus, remains to help you when your business is hit by bankruptcy challenges or other monetary predicaments.

When it is said that every business ought to “stay liquid,” it means any enterprise should always be in possession of funds to run its basic operations, in addition to handling emergencies when they arise. Borrowers can visit the Equities First website and get to know more of the stock-loan features and the reason they are the most preferable for small business owners and individual borrowers as compared to traditional loans. Equities First is a modern lender that applies innovative services in providing stock-based loans to potential investors.

Economic Hardships Facilitated The Increase Of Alternative Lending At Equities First

According to some monetary reports published in regard to the rise of economic crisis, the financial crisis roots could be traced primarily and directly to affordable housing policies that were initiated by Urban Development (HUD) and US Department of Housing in the 1990s and huge buying of risky loans by government-sponsored entities. In the early & mid 2000s, the USA government called several times for assessment of soundness and safety of GSEs and their extending portfolio at subprime mortgages.

However, the hearings never led to any formal investigation or new legislation of the involved government agencies; Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as several members of the committee refused in accepting the report and rather rebuked OFHEO for their regulation attempt. Many believe that was an early indication of the systemic danger that the subprime growing market posed towards the US financial system and that went unheeded. Out of the great effects of financial institutions and lending sectors, borrowing in conventional institutions has become hard with banks and most financial institutions having suffered a blow during the recession.

Today, Equities First has taken the chance to fill the gap by furnishing potential investors (small companies & individuals) with stock-based loans.To some analysts, the delay caused in 1995 between CRA rule changes and subprime lending explosion is not astonishing and does not vindicate the CRA. According to them, there existed two intertwined causes in regard to the crisis. That is the 1995 underwriting standards relaxation and ultra-low interests’ proportions that were spearheaded by the Federal Reserve following the September 11, 2001 terrorists attack. Both factors had to be kept in place prior to the crisis happening. Other critics pointed out that the publicly reported CRA loan pledges were massive making at $4.5 trillion between 1994 and 2007. Equities First is a firm of its kind with its services continuing to shine all over the world.



Equities First Holdings are an organization of a kind since they provide lending solutions for the people that need funding for either professional or personal goals. It provides alternative lending for the people that do not qualify for bank loans due to the different regulations imposed by the bank. A majority of the people view bank lending as a rigid process and this makes them turn to alternative lending offered by Equities First Holdings. The company was established in the year 2002 and uses securities based lending.

It uses securities listed in the stock exchange as security for the loan. The company gives customers a fixed lower rate as compared to a number of banks. This makes it easier for the organization to attract clientele since they have better offers as compared to a majority of the banks.There are several categories of people who would benefit from Equities First Holdings lending mechanism. First, are the clients that need capital urgently since the process of acquiring the loan is simpler as compared to banks. In this organization the key determinant is the value of securities in the stock exchange whereas in the bank a loan goes through a longer chain towards approval.

Secondly, individuals and business that use stock loan as collateral can benefit from the loan as the company uses stock as security for a period of three years. People in this case can use security by transferring it to Equities First especially in cases where they anticipate the value of the stock to appreciate. The third category is people who need capital to finance their own personal goals or to pay up huge debts. They may benefit from the loan advanced by Equities First Holdings since the loans are non-purpose.The company is doing well for instance, in Hong Kong the organization just received money lending license in the month of December. The license will facilitate increased lending by the organization to all borrowers even those that do not meet bank lending qualifications.

The Midas Legacy-financial support service provider

Finding people who don’t want to be successful is rare and almost close to zero. Who doesn’t want all the fame and glamor and success revolving around them? But not everyone has the opportunities or the knowledge on how to implement on this dream and make it become a reality. This is where The Midas Legacy specializes in. They are a consulting group that seeks to help and motivate people who are looking to achieve a high level of success. They provide their services to investors, entrepreneurs to encourage and support them to have a better life financially and also for those who want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Their support and motivation might just be a breakthrough if an individual has the potential but just need a little guidance. Then The Midas Legacy is the perfect place for this purpose.

They are basically a wealth management company that provides thoughtful insights on how to substantially achieve the secrets of managing wealth. They find potential members who have an ability to have a greater impact on many lives of those that are real estate industry, natural health industry, finance, and entrepreneurship. This is the most basic goal of The Midas Legacy and they are able to achieve good results through commitment, hard work a motivated team and a professional attitude towards their members.

They achieve this by offering various amount of capital to different members according to the necessity and requirement. It all starts when a customer approaches the company for consultation purposes. After the visit or just when a customer approaches the company they will be given a guide called as The Midas Code and will be asked to join as a member on Help and guidance will be immediately provided by high class professional and experts and guidance will be given and they’ll be shown a good business direction. A lot of this specialist in The Midas Legacy include many successful entrepreneurs, top stock market shareholders, bestselling authors and much more.

One of the individuals that act as an expert in The Midas Legacy includes Sean Bower. He is a successful and renowned author in the subject of finance. He has also written many articles for The Midas Legacy website. He is known for having a high amount of knowledge and expertise in this field and is regarded as an expert, also known as a person who can dive into the secrets of managing wealth.

Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is the process of companies increasing their capital. There are a number of companies that are often looking for ways to raise their stock value and acquire more capital. With the help of investment banking firms, these companies will be in position to get the funding they need to achieve their goals. In investment banking, the most common branch that companies receive assistance from corporate finance. This department frequently participates in mergers and acquisitions. With this type of assistance, an investment banking firm will help two companies come together to become one single entity. As a result, companies can offer more products, better services and have access to more capital.

With investment banking there are three major departments. These include corporate finance, trading and research. The corporate finance department specializes in the organization of mergers and providing consultation with clients. With trading, the firm will often buy and sell shares of stock or options for their clients in order to manage the capital. The research department specializes in gathering information about industries, companies and economic conditions. All of these departments often work together in order to help businesses gain access to more capital as well as managing it more effectively.

While most investment banking firms work with large companies, there are some that help work with smaller ones. They are often managed by finance professionals such as Martin Lustgarten. Martin has worked in the finance industry for many years and has put together a very successful career. He combines his expertise and work ethic to help a number of small businesses and individuals. Lustgarten often helps small businesses by getting them the funding they need in order to grown and expand. With his assistance, many businesses are able to get the resources they need in order to become successful.

As well as helping small businesses, Martin also helps a number of individuals. On a regular basis, Martin helps people plan for their retirement as well as find the best securities to invest in. He usually spends a lot of time evaluating stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to find the ones that will most benefit his clients. Once he finds securities that will help his clients, he recommends them so that they can help establish financial security.

How Cone Marshall Has Transformed The Tax And Estate Law Industry

In the past decade, Cone Marshall has recorded massive changes in the way the law firm operates. Most of these changes are structural and meant to enhance service delivery. Due to the dedication the firm has displayed in solving tax and estate litigation, it has received work from clients based in overseas markets. They are the first firm to establish a tax and estate litigation system in New Zealand and Cone Marshall continues to offer cutting-edge services that are aimed at serving their clients better.

Due to the great services Cone Marshall has been able to offer to its clients, they have experienced growth over the few years they have been in the industry. With trained professionals who are experienced on different matters concerning law, Cone Marshall has come up with solutions to the most complex problems presented by clients.

Most notable among the drivers that have allowed the fast growth is the technology the firm has integrated with its system. To speed up processes and to eliminate manual filing systems that are prone to loss, Cone Marshall uses modern technology to make various processes possible.

Additionally, the firm has been enjoying focused leadership from different professionals. The great planning and the changes that have been initiated to the management of the firm have been key in ensuring Cone Marshall ranks highly as an established law firm.

Leaders behind the success of the firm
Behind the scenes is a team of professionals whose role has been planning and overseeing the growth process. One of those leaders who have contributed to the development of Cone Marshall is Karen Marshall, an experienced tax and estate lawyer who has worked on commercial litigation for over 20 years.

Karen came into the firm in 2005 and one year later, she was appointed to work as the principal of Cone Marshall. Having her in an executive position is one of the best decisions the firm has ever made since she introduced fresh ideas that led to the development of the firm.

Also notable in the management team is Geoffrey Cone, a professional who has dedicated his service to ensuring the company grows to attain international status. Since Cone Marshall was founded in 1999, Geoffrey Cone has worked at an executive position and most of the growth the firm has experienced has been as a result of the joint effort he has offered towards its development along the way.

Advice On Banking In Brazil

The banking situation in Brazil is mediocre to say the best about it. It can be difficult to be financially healthy when living in Brazil, but banking expert Igor Cornelsen knows that it can be done by following a few simple rules regarding the type of banking that you are doing.

Always make sure that you have an idea of your options. Igor Cornelsen has seen many banks come and go but the ones that always remain in Brazil are the Santander and other big ten banks. These banks are not only the only options in Brazil but are the ones who essentially run the country of Brazil on They make sure that people have few choices and that they basically need to go to that bank if they want to have any type of financial future in their life.

Working in banking for his whole life, Igor Cornelsen on imgfave has seen many different things come and go in the banking market of Brazil. He has seen many banks start and fail because of the big ten banks that control everything. While he thinks that it may not be a great idea to stick to one of these banks, it may be your best bet because if you choose a smaller bank, it may close and you may not be protected. It is a good idea to make sure that you are financially secure before you make the decision to try out a smaller bank that will likely fail in the near future.

There are many things that you can expect from the Brazillian economy but one of the things that may come as a surprise is that foreign banking entities will actually be able to help improve the market. With banks coming in from China and around the world, you will have more of an opportunity to secure a financial future with these banks.

While there are things that you can expect from the banking market, Igor Cornelsen will be able to help you navigate through your financial shortcomings or successes. He is a financial advisor, investment planner and professional who will be able to help you no matter what your financial situation is. He works with many people to ensure that they have a secure financial future. He also works specifically with Brazilians to ensure that they know the options for the way that they are working. There are many ways that Cornelsen can help you provide the success of your financial future in banking.