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Believe the Hype: Taylor is Bad

The hype was already there, and the fans were in position to see something epic. Taylor had already been promoting the video for “Bad Blood,” and some fans wondered if it would live up to the hype behind it. It did. People can believe the hype about Taylor. She is bad, but she has gone bad in such a good way. The video was a blockbuster styled mini film that told a story.

No one could expect that Taylor would be able to take over the pop world in such a strong way. The single for “Bad Blood” got edgier with a remix from Kendrick Lamar. He was shown in the video, and he had an extensive amount of time on the song. One facet that came as a surprise to Brian Torchin was that there was so much star power in the video. It is difficult to really name everyone that was there when a person sees it for the first time.

There are lots of pictures floating around the web for the video. That is how fans get a real feel of all the stars that came out to support the video. There are scenes with a split image of Kendrick Lamar’s face with the other half of the picture showing Taylor’s face. This was a hot shot. There is also a scene where Taylor gets kicked out of the window by another star friend, Selena Gomez. There are many cool cameos to see.