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Avaaz Approaches 48 Million Members Around The World

The world we live in is changing with the Internet making it easy for the majority to stay in touch with global news stories. The activist group, Avaaz was launched in 2007 to take advantage of a global audience of activists looking to understand the problems facing society in as many cultures as possible. In July 2018, Avaaz reached an unheard of level of membership with 48 million people coming together to fight injustice in all its forms.

Activists have tended to focus on a specific cause or area of concern when taking up a range of activities to affect change in their local area. However, Avaaz has focused its work on applying pressure on politicians to bring about change using the Internet as its most important area of work. This gives members of Avaaz the opportunity to put themselves in a position to learn about problems affecting societies around the world and helping to bring about positive change.

Many of the campaigns of Avaaz have been focused on the development of letter writing campaigns and Online petitions allowing members to impact life in Europe, Asia, Australasia, North America, and South America. The sheer number of members Avaaz has gained over its short life shows how important the development of a fair and open society is to a global population no longer thinking solely of their own corner of the planet.

One of the reasons Avaaz has been so important to the people of the world has been the ability of members to propose campaigns to be established as leaders of the group. Unlike many activist groups, Avaaz has generally limited itself to so-called friendly stunts raising awareness through humor without violence.

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