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More Drake News, but It Is Positive This Time

It seems that nobody can go a day without hearing some form of Drake news. From rap battles with Meek Mill to his announcement of making an album with the iconic Kanye West, the guy is clearly busy continuously making sure that everybody knows who Aubrey “Drake” Graham is. Though unfortunate to some, not all Drake news is dramatic and his recent disclosure is more so exciting than it is hilarious.

Surely the artist is no stranger to continuously topping the charts with tracks and albums and his current mixtape, Views, has yet to have anything significant attached to it in terms of music videos. Hotline Bling had a video, but most Drake fans consider that to be a mistake best left unspoken; One Time reportedly has a video putting visuals to its funky, hip swinging beat, but nobody has seen that one yet. The rapper is not necessarily known for hype like some of his peers, so the lack of visuals is totally worrying his zealous fans and those who simply follow his life. On August 15, 2016, he was able to ease some concerned minds by making them simply eager.

On that day, Drake uploaded screenshots to Instagram that were captioned, “Please Forgive Me, Featuring Music from Views. COMING SOON.” Essentially stating that he has been working on a short film, the rapper made millions of people incredibly happy, especially since they have seen what the artist can do in fifteen minutes. In February 2015, his short film, “Jungle,” made waves within the industry and further demonstrated the talent of this zany individual.

Drake definitely marches to the beat of his own drum and loves the spotlight, so it is safe to say that his upcoming short film will further increase his popularity and validate why his career has been so successful. Not many artists unceasingly reside in the top spots on all of the charts, so it is important for Drake to remain relevant and to push his talents to the limits as often as he can.