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Michael Hagele is Making Things Happen at the Top

Michael Hagele provides legal services for a variety of tech companies. In a recent interview he summed up how he effectively serves his clients. Hagele begins by stating that small firms can offer cost-efficient as well as high-quality legal services in the area of technology.

Hagele starts the morning by handling everyday concerns of his technology clients. This could include legal counseling regarding intellectual or general property and reviewing contracts. By mid-day he may take some time for mountain biking. This gives him a fresh, creative look at difficult issues when he gets back to work. He’ll continue to work with clients throughout the day solving a variety of issues that crop up. Read more at

Hagele says he’s very tenacious and keeps working with new opportunities and information to provide the best outcomes. He’s particularly interested in artificial intelligence and its many applications. He’s also fascinated with machine algorithms that find unique relationships and patterns in data. Whatever he’s working on, he makes it a point to always put the customer first. As an attorney, he’s always thinking about what is in the best interest of his client.

He believes that social media is a critical component for a successful business. He doesn’t want to overdo it, but finds this to be a great way to connect with clients and customers. The software he likes includes a combination of web offerings from Google and MS Office. Hagele also likes to keep in touch with other people who mountain bike. He uses Strava to connect with other individuals who are interested in biking and competitions.

One of his failures as an entrepreneur was his experience opening a restaurant. The celebrity chef that was hired was not on board with the company regarding how compensation would be handled. Hagele stated that he should have seen this as a red flag from the beginning. He believes businesses need people who are invested in a company through equity participation and not just receiving a salary.



Michael Hagele Knows Plenty About Helping To Build Successful Technology Companies From The Ground Up

6/14/2018 Updates:

New article featuring Micheal Hagele was recently published.  Instead of focusing on his professional career, they took a look at Michael’s penchant for mountain biking.  Read more about his favorite activity, and the helpful tips Mr. Hagele provides to make it easier for first timers to get a feel of mountain biking glory.

Michael Hagele is a technology investor who focuses on early-stage companies, and he earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Iowa before going on to complete his J.D. while studying at the University of California, Berkeley. He is really excited about the coming of Artificial Intelligence and the many ways that it can be used. In his own work, he has found that AI can be very useful and is applying it in the capacity of finding patterns and new ways of looking at aspects of the businesses that he works for. Hagele says that AI can help to rationalize expanding on certain programs and can provide data that highlights the need to cut down on costs in other areas.

Michael Hagel runs his own business on a model of putting his clients’ needs before anything else. Because he works as an attorney who provides legal counsel for his clients, this means that the people who pay him rely on his advice for the livelihood of their business. This also means that he must always be on top of his game, because if he isn’t, his clients’ businesses can be effected greatly.

Looking back, Michael Hagele recalls one of his failed attempts as an entrepreneur and how he eventually overcame it. He commented that he once was a part of opening a restaurant where a celebrity chef would be working. The chef had a hard time accepting equity as a part of his payment along with salary. This meant that the chef did not really want to invest in the business and be attached to its results. Hagele realized later that it is not a good idea to hire people who do not care about the company they are working for. This has taught him to never do the same again, because the results are usually negative, at best.

Michael Hagele is a true believer that the best results for a business or other enterprise come when you challenge the assumptions that you have made about that business. While the process can be rough, it is always worth it in the end.



A Look at the Lawsuit Facing Well Fargo

Recent news indicates that the City of Philadelphia has sued Wells Fargo & Company alleging that the bank, which is based in San Francisco, is violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The City claims that the bank is using predatory lending practices that are hurting the minority mortgage borrowers. The City of Philadelphia filed the lawsuit against the bank on 15th May in the district court in the US.

The City of Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in America. It also has a large population of minority population made up of the black and Hispanics. The lawsuit alleges that minority neighborhoods are facing higher foreclosure rates than other regions in the city because of the practices of Wells Fargo. The city wants the bank to compensate for unspecified monetary damages as well as an injunction against Wells Fargo forcing it to stop using the practices that discriminate minority borrowers in the city. The city of Philadelphia alleges that Wells Fargo was involved in the predatory lending practices from 2004 to 2014.

Wells Fargo has reacted to the lawsuit through its spokesperson saying that all the allegations are not true. The spokesperson said that all the claims were unsubstantiated noting that it has served the residents of Philadelphia for the past 14 decades and it uses fair lending practices and responsible practices. However, the bank has not yet filed any written legal answers to the complaint.

Wells Fargo is facing several other lawsuits and the recent trial by the city of Philadelphia is the latest legal headache being faced by the bank. Wells Fargo is still recovering from a scandal of creating fake accounts to enable it to meet its sales goals. The lawsuit has also come two weeks after the Supreme Court of the US gave a ruling stating that Miami could sue Wells Fargo and Bank of America under the Fair Housing Act. The judge said that the city could file a lawsuit against the bank if they have evidence showing a causal link between the harms they went through and the predatory lending practices. The bank is alleged to be involved in a tradition that dates back to the 1930s known as redlining.

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