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Jason Hope Is a Scottsdale Entrepreneur Who Sees a Connected Future on the Horizon

It can be said that the future is technology and that technology is the future. There are devices in our daily lives today that we all take for granted that would have seemed amazing to the most ardent technophile just two decades ago. Smartphones and tablets are probably the best examples of such devices. They bring a level of mobile computing power to our fingertips today that would have required us to be stationary at a bulky desktop computer such a short time ago. As connected and advanced as we think we are today, we haven’t seen anything yet.

A futurist by the name of Jason Hope has written extensively about the up-and-coming phenomenon known as the internet of things. This term basically means that the degree of connectivity between our devices in the near future will make us look completely unconnected today in comparison. Mr Hope, a graduate of Arizona State University, writes extensively about technology connectivity and what it will mean for our lives. Essentially, the common items in our homes and workplaces will communicate with each other and ourselves. In one example, after your alarm clock wakes you up, it may tell your coffee maker to start brewing your coffee. In another example, if your car is stuck in traffic, it may automatically notify your workplace that you will be late.

Jason Hope is also a tech entrepreneur, which blends in perfectly with being a futurist and his interest in the internet of things. Jason’s articles on this subject have covered how it will enable us to live healthier lives, explored various niches within this upcoming reality, made predictions about its impact on our future and speculated on whether it could possibly live up to all the hype. Another obvious subject of interest in his writings, and those of others, has been on the issue of security. The potential dangers from hacking in such a connected world cannot be underestimated.

Jason’s work in the technology sector has focused on numerous areas including the development of mobile apps, desktop software, gaming software and devices that enable greater connectivity in order to utilize the promise of technology to improve peoples’ lives. It is this last area of work interest that translates so perfectly into the enthusiastic embrace of the coming world of unparalleled connectivity. Entrepreneurs and futurists, such as Jason Hope are helping to open the door to a much larger world for people around the globe.

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