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Talk Fusion Impresses the IT Industry With Video Chat Application

In early 2016, Talk Fusion launched an innovative application that is known as Video Chat. A few months later, this app was crowned as the winner of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This annual award is given out by the Technology Marketing Corporation. The CEO of TMC truly believes that such an award only goes to companies that produce the best telecommunication solutions in today’s digital age.

The Video Chat by Talk Fusion is essentially based on a simple concept that has already been in existence for many years on the internet. This app is just a great version of a traditional web conferencing software that enables individuals to engage in virtual face-to-face interactions. Talk Fusion developed Video Chat for various types of devices ranging from mobile phones and tablets to laptop computers and desktop PCs. This software can be downloaded on Google Play or the iTunes store, which attract a growing number of users with each day.

The CEO of Talk Fusion was certainly pleased with the award that his Video Chat product claimed. Bob Reina emphasized in an interview that his enterprise always stays “ahead of the curve” when it comes to developing new IT solutions for valued customers worldwide. According to the firm’s Chief Technical Officer, the award for the Video Chat app sheds some light on the hard work that goes into developing great online communication tools.

In 2007, Bob Reina established Talk Fusion with the goal of delivering superb digital marketing solutions. The first products that were launched by this company included email ads with video presentations. Since then, Talk Fusion has quickly evolved into a versatile IT entity that appeals to a diverse niche. Today, this enterprise taps into markets in more than 100 countries. Talk Fusion is also proud to offer free trials on some of its most popular IT solutions including video marketing. In fact, the Video Chat app came with a limited-time trial as soon as it was released in 2016. Talk Fusion hopes to attract new customers by giving them a sneak peak of simple yet powerful online apps.

Interesting and Innovative Social Media Apps Draw Attention

Social media apps can do a lot. For one, they provide a reliable means in which people can tap into the various social media platforms they are engaged in. Depending upon the particular app in question, the potential exists to expand the functions and features of a social media platform. For example, an app could be used to create a subset of a popular social media platform.

This subset allows members to join a new community that is based on particular likes or interests while, at the same time, being able to maintain their privacy. Social media dating apps employ this approach.

Of course, one could create such an app for people who enjoy certain hobbies or activities to be able to interact with one another. A lot of creative apps exist and anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device is sure to find great value in a well designed app.

The one point worth repeating here is the app does have to be well designed. There are a few do-it-yourself app development programs out there and people interested in creating their own social media app dabble with them. For hobbyists or people with nothing to lose, the trial and error method of creating an app is okay. For businesses or other serious entities, working with an app development firm is a much better idea. The app is really only going to have any value if it works.

Even when the app works perfectly, its value is going to be based on whether or not people have a real use for the app. Apps that serve interesting and intriguing purposes are ones that are going to gain a large following of users.

One great example of a social media app that millions of users are taking to is Flipora (a.k.a Rover). This app is designed to search for interesting, new, and original content that has been published on social media sites. The app helps users locate that new content through a Discovery Engine. This is not another new generic search engine. Again, the searches are conducted through social media platforms and help users look things up based on interest categories. Currently, 30 million users take advantage of the Discovery Engine and the artificial intelligence component that powers all searches.

Prior to changing its name to Rover, Flipora raised $1.5 million to create the app designed to work on mobile devices. It appears the money was a good investment as the popularity of the app is growing.