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OneLogin’s 2017 Highlights

OneLogin, the secure Identity-as-a-Service (IDaas) company, recently had an outstanding year. With new customers and new key leadership members to improve their core technology, OneLogin had an excellent 2017. There’s too many smaller achievements to go though every highlight; however, there are a few bigger events that stand out.

The first big highlight of 2017 was the welcoming of Brad Brooks as our brand-new CEO. Mr. Brooks has over twenty-five years of experience in technology companies, as well as a vision and passion that aligns with OneLogin. Brad summarized the reason he chose to accept the CEO offer with three key points: the people, the product, and the opportunity.

The next big achievement was the newly formed relationship between Airbus and OneLogin. Airbus is now one of OneLogin’s over two thousand customers across the globe and is a huge win for the company. The Head of Airbus Digital Accelerator, Chris Taylor, commented on his selection of OneLogin by explaining that the integration of the technology is part of a larger digital transformation.

Finally we have the many improvements to OneLogin’s core technology systems. Here we have two big improvements that customers will appreciate; the first is releasing MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication functionality. The MFA uses Adaptive Authentication technology that employs machine learning to review details of a user’s log in. Adaptive Authentication can look at the time stamp, GPS location, browser information, device information and much more to make a highly accurate choice weather the log in is legitimate or not.

The second technological improvement is the upgraded OneLogin Portal. The Portal now also uses machine learning but uses the technology to improve the accuracy of users searches. In addition frequently used apps will now automatically appear on each user’s app portal. This means less time trying to find your most favorite apps and more time using them. Concluding the improvements to the portal is flexible searching. When you do have to search for an app, if you can’t remember the name you can use the function as a search term, further increasing efficiency.

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