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Most Popular Anime Characters of 2016


Anime is getting more popular than ever, taking over the globe with conventions and merchandise everywhere. With the new wave of anime series coming in, there’s obviously too many characters to remember. Here’s a list of the most popular anime characters that have made it mainstream.




Coming in first from the series called Death Note, L is a detective in charge of solving the biggest murder mystery known to his world. He’s extremely witty, direct, and doesn’t mind bending the rules to get justice.




The main character from various of the Dragon Ball series, Goku is an alien from the race “Saiyan” and is sent to Earth when he was a baby. He grows up and starts training to stop various villains from the Universe trying to destroy Earth and his friends.




Created by Masashi Kishimoto, sword anime star Naruto is the top dog in the Naruto franchise. Most popular for his unwavering spirit, Naruto comes from the leaf ninja village. After finishing ninja school he sets out to be Hokage, which is the title given to the strongest ninja alive.




Everyone’s favorite badass Vegeta also comes from the Dragonball Z series. He’s a Saiyan sent to kill Goku, but changes his ways and becomes a good guy. Teaming up with Goku, he helps find the Dragon balls and trains with everyone.  While sometimes it gets into gender bender anime territory, DBZ is definitely one of the best of all time.


Edward Elric


The Fullmetal Alchemist himself, Edward is the older brother of Al. When the two were younger, they tried an alchemy ritual to try to bring back their mother from the dead. In return, Ed loses one of his arms and his left leg and Al loses his body. Edward then sets out to fix his mistake and bring his brother’s soul back to his body.