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George Soros Meme A Fabrication According To Snopes

Snopes discredited a meme with a quote supposedly attributed to George Soros that said “I’m going to bring down the United States by funding black hate groups… the black community is the easiest to manipulate.” Supposedly Soros said this in 2014, when he was being interviewed by a German newspaper. There is absolutely no record of his saying this in 2014 or any other time. It’s surprising that anyone believed that George Soros would say this since he lives in the United States and he has many investments here. Fake quotes on memes are common, yet it’s difficult to believe that anyone would mistake the clean-cut billionaire for a secret anarchist on

Why would a man who created the Open Society organization, which fights for everyone’s rights under oppressive regimes, fund black hate groups when Soros’ typical weapon is education? The Open Society funds scholarships to marginalized youth, according to their website, not hate groups. Soros did provide funding, through his Open Society Foundation, for black students living under apartheid in South Africa to attend Cape Town University, however, these students were not even in the United States, nor were they part of any black hate group on Even the Daily Beast weighed in, saying that the liberal billionaire absolutely did not give $33 million to the Black Lives Matter Movement as Bill O’Reilly claimed on The O’Reilly Factor.

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Born in Hungary, Soros fled when the Nazis arrived, according to his official website. He ended up in London, where he attended the prestigious London School of Economics. Settling in the United States, George Soros founded and managed an investment fund which made him a billionaire. Today, Soros rarely makes any trades, however, when he does, the investors take notice. Soros primarily focuses on his philanthropy, his Open Society Foundation and writing books and op-ed pieces about politics.