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Rolling Stone Reviews New Alicia Keys Song

Rolling Stone Magazine has a brief review and link to the video of R&B artist Alicia Keys’ new song “Blended Family (What You Do for Love),” on their website. The reviewer calls the song “heartwarming” and praises the tune’s message of inclusion and togetherness.


The Rolling Stone piece reflects largely on the lyrics of the song. I agree that these are great, and I also liked the track musically. The song starts off with a gentle acoustic guitar riff played over a laid-back hip-hop beat. Then, Keyes comes in with a strong and soulful vocal line. Later in the song, guest artist A$AP Rocky performs a brief rap, which is playful in its delivery and heartfelt in the sincerity of its rhymes.


Personally, I think Alicia Keyes has always been able to record music that blends genres in a pleasant way. Her style is a fun and friendly mixture of R&B, rap and pop, and her lyrics are usually upbeat and positive; themes involving love, kindness and tolerance are common. She manages to make music that pretty much any type of listener – young, old, etc. – can get into that isn’t bland.


This current song is from her new album “Here.” If its quality is any indication of what the rest of the record is like, then viewers are in for a treat.


Alicia Keys and A$AP Rocky’s Blended Families Melodically Receive Credit

Modern times reflect in every corner of life. From electronic devices to even families, modernity is here and probably here to stay. The term, “Blended family,” means so much more than two families that have become one but instead conveys the strength of love and responsibility. This entire concept sparked the genius that is Alicia Keys and A$AP Rocky’s new song,“Blended Family (What You Do for Love),” off of their Album, Here.


Beginning with Keys singing, “I know I’m not really your mother, but that does not mean that I don’t really love you,” listeners are immediately prompted to get a little choked up. As the words continue, the song stresses that family is not always blood and that blood does not necessarily have to be thicker than water. The song is from the duet’s sixth album and is undoubtedly a momentous one at that.


If the song is not emotional enough, the lyric video certainly is. With images of the artists’ families and memories flashing across the screen, generations worth of happy, sad, and notable moments are depicted. Of course, the occasional image of Keys is shown in her gorgeous, non-makeup wearing glory, a factor that emphasizes the importance of the song and not the looks of the artist singing it.


Fans know that Miss Keys is a stepmother herself, which further contributes to the beauty of this tune. Her love for her stepdaughter is never suppressed because of limitations and is only stronger because of the reality that this was a choice Keys made, not an obligation. As if her stepdaughter was not lucky enough to be involved in the life of her incredibly talented stepmom, she certainly is now that a tune exists in her favor. Surely A$AP deserves plenty of credit for his part and his family life is not exempt from this song.


In sum, family is forever and it is everything. The message of this song is incredible and should be a topic more focused on in other music and in the media in general. Blended families are the norm this century and will only continue as the love grows and is given the credit that it deserves.