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The Most Anticipated Album of the Year

People were anticipating albums from Beyonce and Rihanna this year. These two artists delivered in a major way. The return of Justin Bieber was also a big conversation topic. There is still someone that may have been more anticipated than all three of these artists, and he still has not delivered yet. This artist is Frank Ocean.

The album, “Boys Don’t Cry,” was set to be released at the beginning of August. It was even announced. People were all set to download the new album, and something happened. Frank made the decision to hold up on the album that fans have been waiting on all year. It may be a surprise album release. It may not come out this year at all. No one knows anything right now. Frank Ocean holds all the cards. The gap between the old album and this one spans 4 years. This is a long wait.

Beyonce typically releases content every 2 years. Drake releases a new single almost every other month. Frank Ocean has a lot of catching up to do. He has a loyal fan base, but he is wasting valuable time because he is holding up on the album release. There is the possibility of the sophomore jinx that he may be worried about. Kendrick Lamar was somewhat concerned about that because he received so much praise from the debut album. Kendrick scheduled a release date and then released the album by surprise a week early. Frank Ocean did the complete opposite by scheduling a release date for which he would refuse to let go of the album. Fans are still holding on for a release date.