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Goettl Air Conditioning Shows Generosity To Las Vegas Families

Goettl Air Conditioning is based in Tempe, AZ but they also operate in Tucson and are now growing in the Las Vegas market. They have been such a highly reviewed company because they emphasize doing the job right and completing it up to every specification in the book. Goettl has primarily serviced residential customers over the years, but they’ve entered light commercial installation and repair work recently. Goettl’s technicians don’t just recommend the largest most powerful unit to customers, but instead perform careful calculations to make sure all units will perform at maximum efficiency and ultimately save customers operating costs. They also offer ongoing maintenance plans to customers.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded back in 1939 by Adam and Gust Goettl and while times and management have changed at the company over the years, the values of treating customers like family have not changed. Ken Goodrich is currently the CEO of the company and he has also been instrumental in forging partnerships with several other companies including the Sunny Plumber. Goettl has given back to the community several times throughout the years including sponsoring a scholarship for former military members to receive training in HVAC certification, and also offering free repair services to underprivileged families on occasion.

One act of generosity was repairing the air conditioning system of an older Las Vegas couple during the hot summer months. Thanks to both Goettl and the Sunny Plumber, that couple was able to maintain a cool home and not have to worry about health problems related to extreme heat. Goettl also replaced the heating system of the Stephenson family this last Christmas. Their old heating system had been costing hundreds each month, and thanks to Goettl’s new zone-controlled heating they were able to cut their costs in half and save for other important expenses.


Goettl’s Rise to Leadership in the HVAC Industry

Goettl Air Conditioning began in the late 1920s when the Goettl brothers, Bill, John, and Adam, moved to Phoenix, Arizona. This company based in Phoenix has become very successful to the point that they have expanded to other locations, and they recently celebrated their 75th Anniversary.

Goettl’s Transformation

Goettl Air Conditioning provides HVAC services, and they have been helping to transform the air conditioning and heating industry for several years. They serve the areas of Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix with air conditioning service, replacement, and repair. Their service technicians are professional and highly qualified in air conditioning, and they are highly screened through drugs screens and background checks to ensure reliability and safety.

Over the Last Few Years

In December 2012, this company was purchased by Kenneth D. Goodrich, a veteran of the HVAC industry and managing partner. And he asked Dan Burke, who was the company’s president at the time, to be the Chief Executive Officer. In 2014, Goettl Air Conditioning celebrated a few anniversaries. Goettl celebrated their 75th anniversary and Burke’s 25 years of services with the company. Burke has been working for the company since 1989 using his several years of expertise, his leadership abilities, and total devotion to make the organization an integral part of the HVAC industry in the Arizona market.

With Goodrich and Burke on Goettl’s team, this powerful unit ensured that the company is highly recognized and reputable in the community. This organization was recently awarded the 2014 Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce IMPACT Award. In 2013, Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton, gave praises to this organization. Even special recognition was given by Governor Janice K. Brewer in acknowledging their 75 years of service to the state.

Goettl’s Offers

Goettl Air Conditioning, always has great offers as well. Their site has a listing of all the promotions. They also accept major credit cards.

Las Vegas HVAC Contractors Help Man in Need

The employees from the Sunny Plumber and Goettl air conditioning company are well known for donating their time and resources to the development of the poor and the old in our society. It is crystal clear to members of the community living in Las Vegas that the heat that they face is unbearable especially if the air conditioner in your home does not work properly. Jim Siler is a recently widowed man who is seventy years old has been living in a nightmare that is familiar to Las Vegas homeowners. This nightmare is the lack of a functioning air conditioner and properly running water.

Jim has been living in the Las Vegas without a working water supply system or plumbing and a working air conditioner.Jim has been living in this nightmare for the past few months. To even make the situation even worse a water pipe did burst near his house making the water from his pipe to pull around his home. The price of maintenance and repair of his condition was very high as he could not meet it due to his fixed income. Therefore he decided to deal with the situation by opening his windows to aid in cooling his house and live without plumbing. Jim had a very hard time, as to take a shower he had to fill five gallons of water and carry them to his house. This was a great challenge to him as he had mobility problems due to strokes and cancer treatment.

Through the county clerk, Jim was referred to the Sunny Plumber and Goettl air conditioning company to help with his nightmare. The Goettl air conditioning company handled all the bills and ensured that his house was fitted with a properly working air conditioner, and his house was equipped with proper plumbing. Therefore after this repairs, Jim Siler can comfortably enjoy his stay, and the previous hospitalizations that he had are no more.

The Goettl air conditioning company takes pride in their highly qualified staff personnel that are always willing to work and offer you services that exceed your expectation. Whether you are in the market for a new air conditioner or you are out to get a technician to repair your old air conditioner, they are always ready to offer you the services that you wish to have. In case you are new to the air conditioning market and you have no idea on the best kind of air conditioner that you need or exactly how much you need to get the best air conditioner in the market, then you really need to consult Goettl Air conditioner company as they will give you the best advice relating to air conditioning.

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