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EOS Lip Balm Outlasts The Competition By Appealing To All 5 Senses

Let’s be honest; the lip balm market is overly saturated. There are tons of lip balms to choose from, some famous and others more generic. For a lip balm to stand out these days, it’s got to be uniquely special and able to go against the traditional giants like Chapstick.

Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS, was one brazen company which decided to defy the traditional lip balm tube form, and that has really made all the difference. EOS lip balm came on the scene packed into small, round pastel orbs. No one had ever seen anything quite like it. EOS is a major success story in a very competitive beauty market, and here’s how the young brand achieved celebrity status.

In an exclusive interview with, we learned that three businessmen, Sanjiv Mehra (managing partner), Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky put their heads together 10 years ago, aware that there was a good chance of re-branding the lip balm market. Apparently, balms were household essentials but had not changed significantly in a number of years. The trio believe they could revolutionize the stale lip balm market.

The businessmen knew that lip balm was enjoyed by both sexes, but the young Facebook active millennial dominated the sales and had specific ideas about the perfect lip balm. Their research showed that women were always losing their balm in the bottom of their bag and didn’t like using their fingers to apply a balm.

Mehra and his co-founders decided to re-think the lip balm and design a product that would engage all five senses. That’s when EOS was born. It featured a soft round orb that felt good to hold, eye-catching colored pots, great scent, yummy unique flavors and even a delightful clicking sound when the orb closes.

EOS is cute, nourishing and intelligently packaged.
Want EOS? Get the products on your local Target or Walmart store. The products are also sold online via the website, eBay(, Amazon and many more.


The Importance of Marketing and Advertising in today’s Competitive Market

The stiff competition in today’s market calls for effective marketing campaign to reach out to existing and potential customers. Marketing and advertising play a vital role in making customers aware of new products or services. Without an effective advertising program, a business or company may incur losses as a result of poor sales. Marketing also allows customers to choose the best products available in the market and compare similar products from different brands before deciding what to purchase.

When done effectively, advertising boosts the sales of a business hence increasing profits. It also helps to develop a stable ground for successfully launching of new services or products into the market. It enhances customer awareness, thus preventing cases of purchasing counterfeit products or being a victim of scam. Advertising is changing, and brands are using agencies that focus on social and digital ways of advertising. ABC Group provides a great avenue for Brazilian brands to communicate to customers.

ABC Group is a Brazilian holding company that has 18 auxiliary companies. The companies focus on entertainment, content, marketing and advertising. ABC Group was founded in March 2002 by Guga Valente and Nizan Guanaes. In the same year, Mr. Guanaes founded Africa Propaganda, a middle marketing partner that was named one of the ten biggest advertising agencies in Brazil. Nizan is also the founder of DM9DDB, a Brazilian ad agency. Nizan Guanaes led the firm’s growth from position 94 to one of the largest agencies in the world.

Nizan Guanaes is an astute marketing executive whose work has been acknowledged on several occasions. Advertising Age considered him one of the 21 most influential people in the media and marketing industry. He was among the five most influential Brazilians according to The Financial Times. Fast Company magazine listed him among the world’s most innovative people in business.