Cardi B Pushes Back Her Album

Cardi B, who received he initial fame by starring on Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop series, is currently one of the hottest hip-hop acts on the globe, dominating the charts with her hit record, “Bodak Yellow.” With her fan base growing at such a rapid pace, there has been a significant amount of speculation regarding her upcoming full-length release, as she initially announced an October 2017 date. As that time has come and gone, fans have gotten a little antsy regarding the project, but unfortunately, they’ll have to wait a little while longer, as there has been speculation that the album may not drop anytime soon.
On November 19, Cardi B took to Twitter to address the speculation regarding the delay of her first official release. In terms of urgency, the female M.C., seems to be unaffected by it, but does admit that there is tremendous pressure due to the success of her first hit single. She went on to elaborate in regards to the situation, detailing that, while she does have a steady catalog of music recorded, she does not feel that the quality is up to par with what she visualizes her album to be. Because of this, Cardi B has made it clear that she is going to take her time with the album, diminishing the chances of a solid release date in the near future. For now, the growing fanbase of Cardi B will have to be satisfied with the collaborations that she has been doing as of late, including a recent appearance on Migo’s “Motorsport,” featuring Nicki Minaj.

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