Cardi B Issues Apology For Those Offended By Single “Grils”

Cardi B recently took to Twitter to offer up an apology following the recent uproar surrounding her collaborative song “Girls” with Rita Ora. Cardi B claimed she never meant to cause any harm and never intended to cause distress for anyone with the song. She went on to discuss that she, personally, had many experiences with women and she felt the song was good, one that made her remember her many experiences. She then, in a second tweet, addressed the LGBTQ Community to apologize for any offensive language that was used and that when she collaborated on the song, she didn’t find anything to be offensive.


This apology seemed genuine, but this is not the singers first time in trouble with the LGBTQ community. Just months prior, Cardi B was forced to defender her fiancé, Offset, for his lyrics that read “I cannot vibe with queers”, which prompted Cardi B to take to social media and prompt readers to “educate people”. She went on to claim that many people simply are unaware of what is wrong and right within the LGBTQ community.


On May 11, the single “Girls” was dropped and included what Ora referred to as a gender fluid freedom to it. The public simply doesn’t agree as the song was met with immediate criticism and pushback from many queer musicians. Many feel the song does nothing beyond prey on bisexual stereotypes, one artist went so far to call the song tone deaf. Ora jumped on social media to defend her single stating that the single is actually a very accurate account of a very real and very honest experience. She went on to note that she has had many romantic relationships with both women and ben in her lifetime and this song reflects part of her personal experiences. She id note that she meant no harm and apologized if anyone felt hurt. She had no intention of causing any harm to anyone with her music. She then noted that she homes that she can continue expressing her feelings and her true self through her music and that it will help her fans feel empowered and proud of themselves.


While people were quick to jump on the attack for the song, if Ora is being honest and this is her real and true experience, she truly meant no harm to anyone. For more information and links to all the tweets involved in this debate, click here.

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