Big Boi Adds More Dates to His Tour

Big Boi, who is a former emcee for the popular group Outkast, released his third solo album — Boomiverse — last year. Since last spring, Big Boi has been on tour to promote the 2017 album, which features high-profile musical guests like Snoop Dogg, Adam Levine and Gucci Mane. Those who thought that they were going to miss out on the performance might have another chance now that he has added an extra leg to his tour and is traveling to new cities that haven’t yet seen performances from the well-known artist.

The rapper has recently announced a third leg to his tour, which will begin on May 17 with a show in St. Louis, Missouri. The tour will conclude with a final show in Atlanta, Georgia, which is the artist’s hometown, on June 8. Altogether, there are a total of 16 tour dates during the three-week tour.

Most of these tour dates are spread across the south, including a show in New Orleans, six shows in various cities across Florida, four dates across North Carolina and shows in Alabama and Tennessee. Fans who are interested in seeing Big Boi perform live can purchase their tickets direct from Big Boi’s website. There, they can also find out more about his tour, his all-star third album and his career. For those who are looking for gear to wear to the show, there is merchandise — including T-shirts, hoodies, hats, sweaters and beanies — available for purchase directly from his site.

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