After A Month of Silence Beyoncé Shares Instagram Photo of Her Twins

It was the Instagram post that was heard round the world. R&B and pop singer Beyonce Knowles Carter is known for the element of surprise. In 2013, after months of bewildered fans wondering when the pop megastar would release her fifth album she did so without any fanfare or warning and uploaded it to iTunes, sending her fans into a frenzy. That album, which she named after herself, went on to become one of the top ten best selling albums of 2013 even though it was released in the middle of December with around two weeks left in the year. She also did the same thing with the album that followed her eponymous fifth record. While most musicians spend months drumming up excitement about the records that they are working on Beyonce eschewed this. She uploaded the first release from her sixth album, a song called Formation on the day before the Superbowl and performed it for the first time ever during the halftime show without even suggesting that she had an album on the way. She released a mysterious promo video telling fans to tune into HBO for a special called Lemonade and made waves when Lemonade turned out to be a conceptual film scored by her new album.

Surprise is something that the pop star also uses when sharing her personal life with the public. In February she announced her second pregnancy with an artistic photo on Instagram. Since she was rumored to have given birth in the middle of June, she entered a period of seclusion and there were no images of her twin babies anyway. Not long after midnight on July 14th the star posted a new picture of herself holding her twin babies Sir and Rumi Carter in a pose and setting similar to that of many Renaissance-era paintings to Instagram.

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