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Adam Milstein supports a new generation of Jewish leaders

Adam Milstein is one of the Jews who is supporting the Jewish community in fighting the anti-Semitism scourge. This has been a matter that has affected the community for many years. The community has however resisted the efforts to discriminate them as much as they can. According to Adam Milstein, it has taken the strong hand of leaders who have led Israeli to keep the country together. These are leaders who rose at the time they were highly needed by the people. Leaders who never allowed enemies of the country to have their way. Israeli is the country it is because of such leaders, and its future will also depend on such leaders.

Adam Milstein is supporting the creation of a strong generation of leaders and activists who will stand with the country and defend it in times of need. By having leaders who are proud of their nationality and identity, the country will be able to fight enemies who are trying to bring fear among the Jews especially those living in the diaspora. Adam Milstein is supporting this initiative by creating an organization known as the Israeli-American Council. This is an organization that is educating the young Jews living in the United States about their true identity. The hope is that they will grow up knowing who they are and why they need to be vocal about issues of their identity.

Adam Milstein is teaching the young Jews to be proud of their identity. He has also been teaching them to stand up against any form of discrimination that they may meet. By standing up against discrimination, they will send a strong signal to enemies of the community that they are not going to have it easy trying to bring the community down.

Adam Milstein says that he is proud of the progress he has seen with this matter. More and more Jews are becoming aware of the rights they deserve and have been standing up to defend them. With a united community, they will be able to bring to end discrimination that is being meted out by supporters of anti-Semitism in various parts of the globe. Founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Arrested.

Friday, April 6, 2018 marks the day the online media veterans known as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested in conjunction with a 93-count Indictment. These arrests and charges were centered around the online listing site known as “,” that Lacey and Larkins’ owned and sold, but had retained a vested interest in.

The online listing site in question had been for a long time plagued with allegations for being a conduit for the sell of illicit sex, and possibly even sex trafficking.

Lacey and Larkin are not unfamiliar with the experience of being arrested. Back in 2007 the pair were arrested on which was found to be grand jury warrants derived from spite, which Lacey and Larkin would claim was instigated by Joe Arpaio, the controversial Arizona sheriff. This arrest was targeted at Phoenix New Times, a publication that Lacey and Larkin formed together in 1972. Michael Lacey, a New Jersey native, and Jim Larkin, a Phoenix native, both dropped out of their respective colleges before endeavoring on their publication careers.

As a result of the 2007 arrest, Lacey and Larkin filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County for wrongful arrest. The pair won that lawsuit in a $3.75 million settlement with the county. This settlement would be the seed money to start their Frontera Fund foundation, which was aimed to disperse funds to various Latin-American organizations in the Arizona area.

The April 6, 2018 arrest however appears to be attached to charges that are convincingly more iron-clad than those of their 2007 arrest. The pair were both charged with money laundering, with Larkin also receiving counts of facilitating prostitution and conspiracy. They have both pled not guilty. Some were delighted about the arrests and the shutting down of the page. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Village Voice Media | Wikepedia

This would include Senator John McCain, and his wife Cindy McCain, whom had personal issues with Lacey and Larkin due to things that the pair published about the McCains. John McCain was quoted saying, “The seizure of the malicious sex marketplace marks an important step forward in the fight against human trafficking.”

Lacey and Larkin were also arrested in 2016 on pimping charges, brought upon them by then California Attorney General, Kamala Harris. These charges were subsequently dismissed. The pair have spent millions fighting cases that were filed against their site, which they say has always been a blatant encroachment on their First Amendment rights.

Lacey’s attorney, Paul Cambria, who has presided over many cases involving prolific porn publisher Larry Flynt, is determined to fight vigorously for Lacey, as quoted, “Any time that the government shuts down a major form of speech, it has a chilling effect. We don’t believe that the government’s actions are constitutional, and we intend to fight them vigorously.”

Avaaz Gives Online Activism a Voice

Avaaz was founded in January of 2007. It is a U.S. based online site that promotes global action for climate change, animal and human rights, corruption and conflict prevention. It was founded by Res Publica, which is a community of professionals, and, an American nonprofit progressive public policy advocacy group. Service Employees International Union is also a partnering founder.Avaaz has numerous individual founders, but Ricken Patel is known as president and chief executive officer while Ian Bassin and Sam Barratt make up the rest of the board members.

Avaaz has not taken donations from any foundation or corporation since 2009. They also do not accept payments of more than $5,000. They get funding from their individual members who have raised over $20 million. Thier campaigners are a group of people from over 30 countries who communicate via email and employ campaigning tactics with the help of various professionals and their members.Ricken Patel says that their goal is to unite practical idealists globally. Avaaz has numerous civic credentials including their support of the political uprising before the Syrian Civil War.

They sent $1.5 million of internet communications equipment to protesters and training activists.They took a risk by sending over $2 million of medical equipment into rebel-held areas of Syria using importation routes. They managed to smuggle 34 international journalists into Syria and coordinate the evacuation of wounded British photographer Paul Conroy from Homs. Since 2016, they have continued to campaign for no-fly zones over Syria using online tactics.


Aloha Construction is among the main siding and roofing contractor operating in Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. In 2008 Dave Farbaky started the company, and amazingly it has served both states for nearly a decade. Aloha Construction has grown, and up to now, they have two major offices. One is in Bloomington and the other one in Lake Zurich. Dating back in the year 2017 the organization achieved a remarkable milestone which involved finishing twenty thousand siding and roofing ventures around Illinois. Additionally, the organization was recognized with a BBB Torch Ethics Award honour in 2017.


The fact is a fire in the house is something that can be experienced by anyone. A short time later, the exact challenging thing you will be required to do is spend a significant amount of time trying to reconstruct your home. In some cases, this disrupts the lives of your family, and you might be even forced to live in a motel or hotel room. That is the reason as to why it is important to contract the ideal organization to help you do a restoration process within a reasonable time frame. Aloha construction is an organization that is highly specialized in renovating ruined homes. The organization provides services for smoke, water damage, and fire, kitchen and mould remediation, basement and bathroom remodelling.

In the event that your home encounters any fire-related damages and it happens that you don’t know the next thing to do, then there are some steps in which Aloha construction recommends to assist you with the house damage. The first thing to do is to protect your house from any further damage and ensure it does not turn into a burglary or theft target. It is good to work with the nearby department of fire to guarantee all windows and doors are properly locked. If there is roof or walls damage, then you will require remediation fire services offered by Aloha Construction to shield the house from other components. The company will send a group of workers who will go to the site and assess the situation, provide a quote and also provide assistance to check the cover level of your insurance agency too. The other thing is to ensure the house is safe through a serious inspection by engineers and electricians. After your home has been seen to be fit and secure and all the structural and roof issues sort out you can plan to move back. There might be smoke and lousy smoke smell which is uncomfortable. Aloha Construction will give you many proficient methods of getting rid of the odour.

Barbara Stokes Has Turned green Structure Homes Into A Success

Barbara Stokes owns the company Green Structure Homes alongside her husband, which co-founded the company along with her. Barbara and her husband have been running the company successfully for many years now, working all over the country to provide disaster relief to various different communities. Barbara has spent decades in her industry, so naturally, she is very experienced and knows how to handle pretty much all situations. She also knows everything there is to know about her company, including manufacturing, design, and materials. Read this article at

The company is still growing steadily these days, with new projects popping up all the time. Because of this, Green Structure Homes continues to provide more support to new states and has even built up a contract with FEMA totaling more than 28 million dollars.


Green Structure Homes is one of the top construction and disaster relief companies in the United States today. Much of this success for Barbara is credited to her education, learning all she needed from Mercer University. Barbara Stokes studied various different subjects during her time in college, including engineering, physics, manufacturing, management, and even thermodynamics. All of this has contributed to her skill as a businesswomen and construction company owner.

Barbara has always been involved in her own community in Huntsville, actively working to make the region a better area for the communities within it. Although she doesn’t have much spare time between running a company and being a successful businesswoman, Barbara enjoys spending time with her family, which includes three kids. Read more about Barbara Stokes at


GoBuyside is a major global investment recruitment platform located in the heart of New York City, Midtown Manhattan.

It was founded in 2011 by Arjun Kapur, upon completion of his MBA degree from The Stanford University School of Business. Since then his business has been phenomenal in helping many firms, particularly those in the private equity hedge fund and investments profession. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

In just seven years, GoBuyside has changed the way companies do their hiring; it specifically emphasizes the hiring of time-tested, proven corporate professionals who can get the job done and get it done right the first time.

If your company finds it is lacking in corporate talent, then GoBuyside is the place to go, the people to consult. All you have to do is sign up at its trusted website and become a registered member, and you will get to meet top business professionals who will be on hand to help you and your company achieve financial stability and solvency. If you have any questions, contact their online staff, who will more than glad to assist you in your investment-related concerns.

Yes, GoBuyside has changed the face of the Business World; companies have seen the practicality of coming to GoBuyside to gain financial stability and maintaining their financial edge in a tough, highly competitive market, and in order to stay ahead, they need top-tier professionals in the investment and hedge fund field to ensure they do. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

And that has been and continues to be Mr. Kapur’s objective, to make sure your firm stays financially stable and strong by hiring top corporate talent.

Those who have come to his firm have not been disappointed; they have come to his firm and seen it go over the top in accruing millions of dividends because they hired top corporate talent from the start.

So, come to GoBuyside today, where your firm will soar to heights unbelievable. You will be way above your competition, leaving them in the dust, your internet traffic will be phenomenal and you will have to owe it all to GoBuyside, the top investment recruitment firm in the world.



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Equities First Holdings – French Tribune

Find out what Equities First Holdings has been doing recently. That firm has built name recognition for itself in a number of ways. The French Tribune works to fulfill its obligations to get work done right. Equities First Holdings is a popular company and will do its part in time. That firm stands a chance to showcase its services to borrowers. Stock based loans are worthwhile and people want to follow how that works as well.

The French Tribune reports that Equities First Holdings is the largest holder of stocks in Europe.That is a great designation and could prove to be a worthwhile consideration. Equities First Holdings is waiting to follow work on their own as well. The French Tribune is building a reputation for success that people really do appreciate. That convinces readers to understand what options are being extended for those in the know over time too.

Avaaz Approaches 48 Million Members Around The World

The world we live in is changing with the Internet making it easy for the majority to stay in touch with global news stories. The activist group, Avaaz was launched in 2007 to take advantage of a global audience of activists looking to understand the problems facing society in as many cultures as possible. In July 2018, Avaaz reached an unheard of level of membership with 48 million people coming together to fight injustice in all its forms.

Activists have tended to focus on a specific cause or area of concern when taking up a range of activities to affect change in their local area. However, Avaaz has focused its work on applying pressure on politicians to bring about change using the Internet as its most important area of work. This gives members of Avaaz the opportunity to put themselves in a position to learn about problems affecting societies around the world and helping to bring about positive change.

Many of the campaigns of Avaaz have been focused on the development of letter writing campaigns and Online petitions allowing members to impact life in Europe, Asia, Australasia, North America, and South America. The sheer number of members Avaaz has gained over its short life shows how important the development of a fair and open society is to a global population no longer thinking solely of their own corner of the planet.

One of the reasons Avaaz has been so important to the people of the world has been the ability of members to propose campaigns to be established as leaders of the group. Unlike many activist groups, Avaaz has generally limited itself to so-called friendly stunts raising awareness through humor without violence.

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Accurate Due Diligence is Necessary to Ensure That Private Equity Acquisitions are Profitable

Due diligence is best defined as research performed before making a purchasing decision. The devil is in the details when it comes to these sorts of decisions.


Know Where Your Prospective Company Stands Within the Market


A common issue private equity firms experience is related to sales forecasts, which is why reliable private equity due diligence is so vital. Is the business doing well? Will it continue to do well in the future? Private equity firms have to ask this question because they are constantly surveying a variety of businesses. Some firms that use a branded house strategy may acquire company operations that are completely out of the purview of their normal operations. A little bit of psychological understanding is also necessary. The seller may be looking to sell the company specifically because it is going to fail. This can be beneficial for a private equity firm because they can use their existing cash and other forms of collateral to keep the business solvent. Acquisition firms like Berkshire Hathaway have become multi-billion dollar companies because they are opportunists.


Understand the Income Statement


Most companies have a Pareto distribution in regard to sales. 80% of the income comes from 20% of the firm’s products or services. You’ll want to know where every dollar the company spends is ending up. A consulting firm that specializes in lean production may be able to identify wasteful spending. You may also want to consider hiring an executive accountant or chief financial officer that can identify ways to reduce cost. Reducing cost is important, but it is equally important that your business is creating products and services that consumers want to buy. You’ll want to know who the company’s buyers are. It’s also important to understand the positioning strategy of the business. The company may be trying to attract customers that have lost interest in the product. You can certainly fix a bad business by improving management operations, but this is a long-term strategy. Short term profits and losses may be purely psychological or based on external forces like market conditions.


Hire an Executive With Skills That Match the Company’s Needs


A bad executive hire can destroy a company. An executive with poor risk management skills may ultimately make decisions that damage the company’s sales and reputation. If you want to hire a manager for a coffee chain like Starbucks, then you should find one with strong customer service skills. If you are hiring for a company that imports steel, then you may want to hire someone that specializes in global logistics or metallurgy. They must also demonstrate strong leadership skills. Steve Jobs appointed Tim Cook as the CEO of Apple because he was the head supply chain manager for Compaq. This ended up being a brilliant hiring decision because Tim Cook could adopt processes like just-in-time manufacturing. This gave the company a lot of flexibility in terms of demand forecasting. A quality executive can make a good company even better. All employees at the top of the corporate ladder should complement each other. The best businesses are comprised of teams that build each other up as time progresses.

Organic Gourmet Coffee Organo Gold Infused With Ganoderma For It’s Health Benefits

Global demand for coffee products is growing as quickly as cultivation and production allows, population increases mean more coffee aficionados. Having a medical doctor, a scientist, and a research team within a coffee company, well, that says they mean business.

Founded in 2008 The Organo Gold company opened for business, headed by Bernardo Chua alongside co-founder Shane Morand. The platform for Organo Gold was unique in that it does not sell directly to coffee houses or retailers, it supplies the product only to distributors that earn a 50% commission on each sale. The structure of the product also differs from traditional coffee drinks, combining gourmet coffee bean with a particular mushroom used in holistic Asian medicine, called ganoderma. Harvested for it’s effectiveness at controlling cholesterol and antiviral properties. Commonly used in traditional Asian holistic treatments, Organo Gold’s biology research center certifies the product organic in each and every product. The herb is also infused in Hot Cocoa, Latte, and teas offered by Organo Gold. As early as 2010, The company sold at wholesale to distributors in The United States and Canada, in addition to five other countries worldwide. Read the reviews at

Revenues for the gourmet coffee product is astounding, generating multi-millions which attests to the popularity of both an organic product, but an organic coffee that is generally better for you than traditional coffee, with the added health benefits of ganoderma. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Since the company’s birth, the team at Organo Gold has worked tirelessly to bring the best of healthy supplements and products to the consumer via distribution channels. Now offering many more products than the company began with, the company is now simply “ORGANO”. Marketing products such as supplements, single serve brews, spore powder, and personal care products. One of the largest online shopping platforms, Amazon, now offers ORGANO products and the company now sells direct to consumer as well. With their marketing strategy, any independent marketer can become an Organo Gold distributor and help expand the brand to clubs, retailers, and gourmet coffee shops worldwide in over 45 available countries.