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R&B Icon Aaliyah Finally Gets MAC Makeup Collection; Fans Have Gone Wild

It will be 17 years this August that famous R&B talent Aaliyah (Dana Haughton) has been dead. The beautiful singer, 22, had boarded a ten-seat twin-engine Cessna bound for Opa-Locka, Florida when the plane crashed just a few hundred feet from a runway on the Abaco Islands, Bahamas. All nine on board were killed.

Finally, MAC cosmetics is celebrating the star’s life with their “One in a Million” special edition. So far, we know there are a nine-shade eyeshadow palette and a nude lipstick. The collection will be available online June 20 and in stores on June 21.

Aaliyah was admired for her exotic good looks, and her signature smoky eye, arched brows and glossy lips will play into the MAC palette.

It has taken MAC almost three years to launch the makeup collection; fans had petitioned for the late singer in 2015 to honor her with a MAC collaboration. Missy Elliot was on board, and more than 26,000 signatures were featured on the petition.

MAC cosmetics agrees that Aaliyah is a fine representative for the cosmetics brand because she delivered “groundbreaking work in R&B music and film” and has brought much inspiration to many.

MAC will be teasing more of the makeup on social media as the days go by. Aaliyah fans can sign up to be the first to shop for the MAC Aaliyah Collection.

Aaliyah made a lot of great music before her untimely death in 2001. Some of these hits include Try Again; Are You That Somebody?; If Your Girl Only Knew; Miss You; Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number; We Need A Resolution (featuring Timbaland) and At Your Best (You Are Love).

Chance the Rapper to Headline Dillard Commencement Ceremony

On Thursday, Dillard University announced that Chance the Rapper will deliver the commencement address at their 2018 graduation ceremony on May 12. University president Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough revealed this year’s speaker to a classroom of excited students. The video of the big reveal was also posted on the university’s Instagram account.

The same day as the big announcement, Chance dropped a new song, a collaboration with Chicago rapper Saba. “Logout” was released on Saba’s new album “Care for Me” and is a reflection of the shallow nature of social media. It marks Saba’s first release since the death of his cousin, rapper John Walt.

A native of Chicago, Chance the Rapper shot to fame in 2016 with his self-released mixtape Coloring Book. The critically-acclaimed album won rave reviews from fans and hip hop writers alike. Coloring Book earned Chance multiple awards, including the Grammy Award for Best Album and the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Mixtape. Despite his success, Chance the Rapper has refused to sign with a major music label, preferring to release his music directly to fans online.

Since releasing his third mixtape, Chance the Rapper has become increasingly known for his activism. He has taken part in several city-wide campaigns to decrease gun violence in Chicago. He also donated $1 million to the Chicago public school system to help improve arts education in the city. In 2016, he even started a charity called SocialWorks Chicago that has raised over $2 million for Chicago schools.

Dillard University is a historically black college located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The school was founded in 1930 as a merger of two older schools, New Orleans University and Straight College. Chance the Rapper is not the first celebrity to grace the school’s commencement ceremony. Past commencement speakers include Michelle Obama, Janelle Monáe, Denzel Washington and Hillary Clinton.

Young Thug and Future Release New Music Video

Fans of rap music are likely to know the names Young Thug and Future. For those unaware, these are two of the most popular current rappers currently on the scene. These two rappers released an acclaimed album called Super Slimey about six months ago. With that in mind, a new music video for the single “Group Home” from this album has just been released.

Young Thug first gained recognition through the release of several mixtapes. In 2014, Young Thug would see mainstream success after signing to record label 300 Entertainment. Future would see a similar path to success, being signed to a mainstream label after the release of several mixtapes.

This new music video is a blend of surreal and slightly scary imagery. MTV reports that music video director Videogod has once again partnered with Future and Young Thug to create this new music video. Be warned, there are many moments in this video that will have you wondering what you have just seen including a group of people wearing strainers on their heads. In addition, another highlight of this video is seeing a woman flying like a kite throughout the air.

To summarize, Young Thug and Future have released their first music video from their collaborative album Super Slimey. This companion video to the single “Group Home” features a stunning array of wild imagery. Fans of both Future and Young Thug have had to wait six months to see an official music video from this album be released. That being said, the music and visuals are sure to take viewers on a wild ride into the minds of two amazingly talented rappers.

Old Three 6 Mafia Beats Poised to Become Hits in 2018

In the world of hip-hop music production, samples take on a life of their own; once a beat is effectively applied to a new song, rappers and their producers tend to pay close attention. Such is the case with “Who Run It”, a song by Three 6 Mafia, which features an original beat that has been around for nearly two decades.

Rapper G Herbo from Chicago is one of the most recent hip-hop artists who have professed their love for the vintage Three 6 Mafia beat. According to Noisey, the music publication imprint of the Vice publishing empire, G Herbo showed his love for the “Who Run It” beat during a freestyle rap session recorded at K-104, an urban radio station broadcasting in the Dallas market.

Although “Who Run It” was a catchy hit in 1998, G Herbo’s freestyle performance injected some pop sensibilities to make it even catchier than Three 6 Mafia may have intended. Freestyle sessions do not usually turn into irresistible songs, but G Herbo proved that the “Who Run It” beat has a certain flow that will certainly make it a hot sample this year.

For rapper G Herbo, introducing listeners to Three 6 Mafia beats has resulted in a pleasant exchange between his peers. Popular rappers such as Lil Yachty and A$AP Rocky have also laid freestyle lyrics to the “Who Run It” sample, which was originally produced by DJ Paul and Juicy J towards the end of the 20th century; naturally, these rappers also wanted to inject a catchy sensibility so that they could keep up with G Herbo, and now the beat is resonating among younger hip-hop fnas.


Drake’s Musical Success Doesn’t Seem to Carry

There is no doubt that Aubrey Graham, also known as “champagnepapi” and Drake, is one of the biggest rappers in the game. His recent video for the hit song “God’s Plan” made fans wild with admiration, and even his most casual Instagram posts rack up tons of likes on the platform. However, according to recent reports, this success has not translated to his restaurant venture. The project was a labor of love, with everyone from chef Antonio Park and Drake’s security expert “Chubbs” in the mix. However, even the best intentions sometimes don’t pan out.

The eatery, which is affectionately named Pick 6ix, has been suffering from bad reviews. Food critic Jason Chow critiqued the establishment’s service, as well as the food, which he believed was not up to par. From the coat check to the rest of the restaurant, Chow notes that it seems as though staff members can’t be bothered to associate with patrons who are not super wealthy or not in Drake’s entourage. Chow also noted that the atmosphere of the place seemed more similar to a nightclub than that of an actual restaurant. However, Chow was not the only critic who believed that perhaps Graham should stick to his day job.

Restaurant critic Amy Pataki commented on the meals that she ate, claiming that two out of three were disasters. One of these dishes, a spaghetti bolognese with lobster tail, is no longer listed on the menu. Another dish she detested was the fried dumplings, which she regarded as oversalted. However, it should be noted that it’s not just food critics who are taking Pick 6ix to task. It’s also diners, who have bestowed an unfortunate rating upon the establishment. With 28 mostly unhappy customers weighing in on the fare, Drake’s future in restaurants seems shaky.

Cardi B’s Debut Album to Be Released Friday

Cardi B fans everywhere are almost to the finish line with waiting for her highly anticipated album “Invasion of Privacy” which is due to release on this Friday, April 7. Cardi B sparked excitement by releasing the album’s track listing on her Twitter account @iamcardib on April 4. The album contains 13 tracks, only two of which includes a featured artist, giving fans plenty of opportunities to hear Cardi B’s raw talent. It’s hard to believe that “Invasion of Privacy” is the Bronx, N.Y., native’s first studio album. Having only previously released two mixtapes, Cardi B seems to have been around much longer. Maybe it’s because people have been used to seeing her on VH1’s reality television show “Love & Hip Hop: New York” from 2015 until 2017 or because her debut single “Bodak Yellow” seemed to be playing non-stop after reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three consecutive weeks, Cardi B just seems like she’s not the new kid on the block.

2018 could prove to be a very successful year for Cardi B. Beyond her album release, she’s slated to appear as the supporting act to past collaborator and multiple Grammy winner Bruno Mars’ 24K World Magic Tour during the last 12 dates in the United States. On April 7, the day after her album’s release, she’ll be performing on “Saturday Night Live” for the first time. She’ll be co-hosting “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on April 9, a first for the late-night mainstay since Jimmy Fallon began hosting in 2014. Many artists seem to understand that staying busy is a key to the formula for being successful. It seems Cardi B understands this because it truly seems like she has arrived.

Bold entrepreneur Flavio Maluf makes impact

As selfish as it may sound, each and every person needs money for survival. As times get tougher, most people, if not all have dreamt of owning an empire. Maybe then their lives might just get easier. Common belief has had it that self-employed people have a greater shot at being rich rather than working for someone. But is this really the case? Diving into business has been a venture that has appealed to many people as an easy thing to do. Business man Flavio Maluf gives us an insight into the world of business. As the President of the Eucatex companies, Mr. Flavio, contrary to the belief of many, holds that you really do not need money to venture into business. Read more about Flavio at

He holds that all you need is a good idea; from there you can seek investors who are willing to invest their money, so long as they get good executors for the good idea. Brazil has not really been a quick country to open a business in because unlike most countries approval may take days. The willingness of people paying to consume a product might just be another hurdle. Despite this, Mr. Flavio Maluf has thrived to an extent that he has gone into business with other companies. This bold move from his side will see to the increase of various production capacities. As a good entrepreneur, Mr. Maluf has calculated his risk to be aimed at better plan on sales, maintenance and reduction of process losses.

Eucatex companies produce products like hardwood boards, stains, ceiling tiles, doors, panels, filters and other eucalyptus products. The company’s products are mostly construction related but also hold interest in the agricultural sector. The business market needs to be analyzed accordingly. Entrepreneurs need to monitor competition, access the impact of actions they take, considering positive and negative scenarios. If these are taken into consideration the risk that has always existed in business might be minimized. Through entrepreneurship, Mr. Flavio Maluf has created a great impact by creating direct and indirect jobs in Brazil and abroad. He has further made a move to reach out onto markets that he is not currently operating. Visit:


Flavio Maluf Soaring Eucatex To Greater Heights

The President of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, recently announced that his company had acquired the unit of wood fiber sheets based in the city of Botucatu from Duratex. This acquisition means that Eucatex will not only improve their productive capacity of fiber sheets by 70%, but it will also increase its paper printing capacity by 40% and paint by 30%. It will also enable the firm to expand to broader markets in Brazil and beyond. However, Eucatex is still waiting for the approval of the acquisition by CADE after which the firm intends to capture the synergies of all the Group’s units gradually. This new venture will create job opportunities for thousands of unemployed youths. Visit Flavio Maluf on facebook.

Flavio Maluf believes that the success of any company lies in the productivity of its employees. The following are some of the tips that the business mogul urges entrepreneurs to employ to achieve maximum productivity.

  1. Always be focused

Losing focus at work details accomplishment of tasks, panic and delivery time. Maintaining focus is not as easy as it sounds, however, one must remain firm and always strive to be focused.

  1. Employ new methodologies

One of the ways to maintain productivity is always to be open to new ideas and innovation.

  1. Reduce the time you spend on your phone

Minimizing the time you spend on your mobile phone will save you from distractions of messages and additional calls.

  1. Avoid unnecessary conversations

Talking to your colleagues is inevitable. However, you should spend more time doing something productive and less time engaging in pointless discussions.

About Flavio Maluf

Born in Brazil, Maluf is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Group, a company he joined in 1987. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from FAAP in Sao Paulo. Before joining Eucatex, Flavio Maluf worked in the trade industry until when his uncle who was the then President of Eucatex offered him a job in the company. One year later, he ascended to the position of the President of the firm.

Besides the presidency, Flavio also works as the Chairperson of the Board of Executive Officers at Eucatex, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Trading and as the Deputy President of the Board at Eucatex. Read more:


Robert Ivy – Awarded For A Lifetime Of Artistic Excellence

Robert Ivy serves as the Vice President and Chief Executive Officer for the American Institute of Architects. His advocacy has strengthened the AIA by communicating the value of his profession to the public. He’s acted in many positions to bring outreach and value to the community of architecture. His educational background was the beginning of a life of service and professionalism. His scope of experience was recently recognized when he received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

This is a first for the architect community. He is the lone architect to receive an award from them, so far. The award was granted by the nonprofit Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. They recognize artists who’ve created designs that influence the world in a way that they deserve to be honored. Robert Ivy will be presented the award at a formal event on June 2nd, 2018.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in English and a Masters in Architecture. He studied at Sewanee: The University of the South. Robert Ivy then attended Tulane University in Louisiana. He continued to gain experience working for several architectural publications. This prepared him for his years of advocacy for the AIA as CEO.

Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter

Robert Ivy has his eyes on the future. His new efforts to instruct growing architects about their global impact will increase sustainability. He addresses many issues about each designer’s effect on climate change and public health. He’s given several interviews on the subject of architecture as well. His past is full of relevant experience that allows him to communicate and advocate for his profession in a clear way.

He’s been celebrated with many achievements and awards during his sterling career. He was given the Crain Award in 2009. This is the top recognition an individual can receive from the American Business Media. Robert Ivy was also named “Master Architect“. This title is an historic one that’s given to many famous architects by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. He received the McGraw-Hill Award for Excellence in Management as well. He can now add the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award to this list.

Throughout his career, he’s made architecture more accessible to mainstream society. He continues to mentor students and professionals in the field of Architecture. The President of the AIA publicly congratulated him on his achievement in a press release. He commended Mr. Ivy for this incredible professional and personal recognition. Robert Ivy has supported and given back to the architectural community his entire life. Now, they’ve given back to him.

Read more: Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Khalid and Claudio Combine for Sultry New Single

Up-and-coming R&B singer Sabrina Claudio released a new single this week, and this time, she’s not alone. The 21-year-old singer is joined by teen sensation Khalid, the 20 singer from Georgia who’s 2017 debut American Teen went platinum.

According to Claudio, she was working on the song in the studio but felt something was missing. She sent Khalid a text that read, “Honestly, I hear your voice on this.” Khalid didn’t make her wait for a reply; he was in the studio the next day writing his own verse for the song, and in just an hour or so they put the finishing touches on their vocals.

The new single is called “Don’t Let Me Down,” and it combines an upbeat driving rhythm with sexy, romantic lyrics that burn with passion. Khalid is the perfect vocal companion for Claudio’s voice, and their harmonies blend in sensual rhythm.

The single is a fine testament to Claudio’s artistic instincts. She felt her song needed something more to truly elevate it, and her first thought was a duet with Khalid. Her intuition was clearly correct. The two singers’ voices go together perfectly, and the whole song has a pleasant vibe, at once romantic and energetic.

If you haven’t listened to the collaboration yet, give it a spin. It’s a great track from two up-and-coming R&B singers, and is sure to be a hit. A music video for “Don Let Me Down” hasn’t been released yet, but one does appear to be in the works.