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Reviewing Kendrick Lamar On the “Black Panther” Soundtrack

“Black Panther” is the latest movie from Marvel Studios and will officially hit theaters on February 16th, and has received enough hype from audiences that rival that of the Star Wars franchise.

The movie itself isn’t the only thing involving Marvel that’s been heavily anticipated by people, as the soundtrack itself has also been receiving a ton of hype. The main reason for the hype is because it’s been helmed by A-list hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar, who also is a Black Lives Matter-era poet.

The first track on the album, aptly named “Black Panther,” starts with Lamar rapping in the voice of T’Challa, Black Panther’s real identity and king of the fictional nation of Wakanda. The lyrics bring in a mix of politics in comic books and historical African diasporic sayings and visions.

Lamar is responsible for being the co-executive producer for the album, as well as writing for all fourteen credits and having some cameos and appearances of his own. He’s brought on voices such as Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul, southern artists like Future and Travis Scott and even some neo-soul names like the Weeknd.

There are also some feminist tones present with the Black Panther movie. In both the comics and movie, the Black Panther is supported by the Dora Milaje, a recruitment of all female warriors. Some of this feminist touch is present in the song “All The Stars,” where Lamar partners with artist SZA to give some spotlight on women. Jorja Smith also provides some lyrics in a ballad song called “I Am,” and overall some of the best bars and flows come from South African MC Yugen Blakrok.

Overall, the album by Lamar brings in a vibrant mix of soul and flow that keeps it uplifting.

MB2 Dental Carries Your Smile A Lifetime

Discover Superior Dentistry

Your smile will do through a lot in your lifetime including using your teeth fir digestion, and your oral care health. Dr. Villanueva, leading dental care professional says, early dentistry is the key to a winning smile. They ensure their patients are involved in every aspect of their dental repair, or maintenance with customer input. MB2 is willing to perfect your smile with quality dentistry that eliminates the need for traditional dental practices with a huge bill, or uncomfortable treatment. They’re popular for having several unique offices in NC, GA, and SC to name a few.

Modern vs Traditional Dentistry

Modern Dentistry

Modern dental works has made tremendous strides by creating g technologically advanced solutions to the care, and maintenance of your smile. Fortunate, they give their customers a great way to give their input about their dental care for personalized treatment for their beneficiaries.

Traditional Dentistry

Traditional dental care use to have a lengthy recovery time, and cost patients more than they could afford. In fact, they weren’t ready to accept all insurance because the system had not caught up to technology. Their are a few doctors who still focus on traditional dental care, but Dr. Chris Villanueva says, they do what works best for their patients to guarantee quality care at a great price.

MB2 Financing

If you can’t pay for your dental work, MB2 has wonderful payment plan options for their patients with limited resources. For instance, get the treatment you need today, and make payments over a bi-weekly, or monthly scale.

MB2 Dental Basic Services

– affordable x-rays

– dental ultrasound

– dental counseling

– oral care screening

– jaw realignment

– teeth whitening

– spaced/chipped/overlapped teeth

– braces traditional/clear

– emergency services

– and much more…

Learn how to take care of your teeth by properly brushing, and learning the benefits of floss. They teach children how to brush their teeth, and offer them a fun dental fact sheet after every visit. MB2 caters to first-time patients of all ages. They believe that having a professional by your side can contribute to helping you with a beautiful smile that will carry you a lifetime. Land your confidence to get a new job, master face-to-face interactions, or get a job in the entertainment industry. The industry’s top celebs are choosing teeth whitening options to enhance their smile, and MB2 Dental has the right solution for your award winning smile.

Know More About Matthew Autterson And His Illustrious Professional Career

Not many people have more than twenty five years’ experience working in the financial services industry and like wine, get better with age. Well, that is the case of Matthew Autterson. So lucky was he in his career that at one time, he was the president of the largest state-chartered financial institution.

When it comes to academic credentials, Matthews is on the forefront. He is a 1980 Michigan State University graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Finance. Prior to graduating and starting his professional career, he also graduated from the Graduate Tax Program of the University of Denver. He made his first career star at First Trust Corporation that was at the time a Fiserv subsidiary. He did not work for long at the company and in the year 1982, he left and joined other professionals in a quest to start a state-chartered financial institution to be based in Colorado and to have a subsidiary in New York.

After a short while, the dream materialized, and Resources Trust Company started operating. After four years of productive operation, the company appointed him as the president. Owing to its success, the company was in very high demand and many wanted to buy it off. In the year 1989, it was bought off by Broad Inc. including all assets that were owned by its mother company, Integrated Resources Inc.

In the year 2001, the company was again acquired by Fiserv from AIG and before the sale was made, it was one of the largest and most respected financial institutions that were state-chartered at the time. At that time, it was providing seamless custodial and depository services to not less than two hundred thousand customers from around the country.

The clients were brought by the company’s more than fifteen thousand financial advisers that were working in an independent capacity. At the time, the company had not less than $20 billion in form of custodial assets and over $1 billion in deposits form. It had also reached the capacity to employ more than seven hundred employees.

Matthew Autterson is a natural achiever. He has accomplished a lot in the professional arena and up to now, he is still doing great things for the community. He currently sits in different company boards in different positions. For him, it is all about giving back to the community that played a very big role in making him who he is today.

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Migos Mania Highlighted In New Documentary

The Atlanta rap group ‘Migos’ have chronicled the wild times that accompanied the success of their debut album, ‘Culture’, in a documentary that was released on Tidal.

In the film, the album, which reached number one on Billboard charts, is identified as the catalyst for what would become known as ‘Migos Mania.’ Kevin Lee, who runs the label started by the rap trio along with partner Pierre Thomas explains that the documentary was actually released exactly one year ago. Lee goes on to say that he, his partner, and the group were well aware of the quality of music they were producing but are admittedly a little shocked at the hysteria surrounding them since the release of ‘Culture.’

The album to date has sold two million copies in addition to the sale of five million singles from the album.

A large part of the filming of the documentary took place during a promotional tour in New York in 2017. The group visited Hot 97 while in New York and were christened by radio host Peter Rosenberg as the ‘hottest In the game.’

The group was later filmed while being honored by New York University. During their talk at the university, the group discussed the origin of their careers and gave insight into the cadences that have become the group’s signatures in their raps.

The evening ended with the group giving a performance before a sold-out crowd in Manhattan at the Highline Ballroom.

Thomas hints on the documentary that the group will not necessarily confine themselves to the rap game and are looking to expand their scope in future projects. Music from the Migos is not ‘for one group,’ Thomas explains before teasing with the prospects of the Migos making a rock album in the future.

As for now, the group released Culture II at the end of January and it seems that ‘Migo Mania’ will continue for the foreseeable future.

Neurocore: A Brain Training Company

If you’re unfamiliar with Neurocore, it is a brain performance center headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, often billed as a “brain training” company. The center aims to help individuals who may be struggling with stress, anxiousness, or perhaps, having a difficult time maintaining focus. Founded in 2004, Neurocore is a purveyor of treatment options that are prescribed based on a patient’s unique brainwaves. Although the concept sounds like it is rooted in the storyline of a sci-fi novel, it is an approach that is proving to be very successful. In fact, those who struggle with stress, sleep disorders, and lack of focus have credited Neurocore with helping them regain a sense of normalcy, in their lives. Read more at about Neurocore.

The truth is, it’s not unusual for certain people to occasionally become distracted, or even struggle with intermittent bouts of depression, anxiety, or feel stressed; however, when these conditions become an impediment in one’s life, that’s when seeking treatment becomes necessary. Fortunately, Neurocore can help patients by providing a targeted approach towards remediation, which begins after a patient has completed a brain-based assessment. What do these brain-based assessments entail? Well, according to Neurocore, they are comprised of not only a comprehensive brain evaluation but also, tests that measure a patient’s heart rate and breathing. The results of these tests will enable Neurocore to develop a personalized program that is uniquely tailored to the patient; the program is one that is predicated on neurofeedback, positive reinforcement, and repetition.

What makes Neurocore’s approach so different? The unique testing administered by Neurocore allows their practitioners to observe a patient’s brainwave frequencies as they occur, providing them with quantitative data that not only dictates the treatment regimen that a patient should be on but also, how well the patient is responding to that treatment once they’ve started. Why so much emphasis on brainwave activity? Neurocore fully believes that healthy brain activity equals an overall healthier life. Therefore, the center looks for unusual brainwave patterns and recommends a treatment that restores optimal brainwave activity. Once brainwave activity has been normalized, patients will begin to notice signs of improvement, which includes regained focus, reduced stress, improved sleep, etc. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurocore’s primary objective for their patients is to help them achieve healthy brain activity, therefore, from the time a patient visits their center they are treated with compassion, which in itself, helps to assuage any feelings of anxiousness. Throughout the entire process, the patient is kept abreast of what to expect and are constantly monitored to ensure that the recommended treatment is working as intended. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with anxiety, depression, lack of focus, or sleep deprived you’re encouraged to contact Neurocore today.


Always a Beautiful Day at Mighty Fortress Church

Have you ever set your eyes on something so beautiful that makes you want it in your life? Great things are happening in Minneapolis. Founder and Senior Pastor Bishop Thomas Williams, a man whose vision is to unite all people with one cause, victorious living through the wisdom and knowledge of Gods Holy Words. Bishop Williams has been active in ministry for over 30 years and will continue his calling as a World speaker and God’s Chosen to spread wisdom and knowledge as answers to distressing problems of the world such as sin, social rebellion against God, disease, racism and moral decay. Visit to know more.

Mighty Fortress Church is located in Minneapolis, MN. Thier uniqueness is in promoting Christ and not themselves, they are the vessel for God to use as messengers of His good news. Mighty Fortress Church has a very powerful vision of building a multidimensional ministry that promotes powerful worship and victorious living. Because of what God is doing in and through their lives the worship is key. With a band, choir and a worship team the worship is so dynamic that your spirit cries out to God for all He has already done for us and has planned for our future. Watch this video on Youtube.

So it is always a great day at The Mighty Fortress Church as Gods words fall over them as waterfalls fall back into the body of water. They accept all and encourage everyone to come as they are. Love, acceptance, and sensitivity are very important to this warmhearted family and you matter no matter what you wear.

If you are in the area of Minneapolis you are in for a victory as a member of this amazing community. you can search for them on Facebook or just use google to search for them and they also offer some videos on Youtube. I know that once you lay your eyes on a service you will know what a tremendous difference they are already making in the world.


A Helping Hand: Michael Burwell

Over the past three decades, Michael Burwell has made a name for himself in the transaction and advisory space in the U.S. Many individuals can claim to have made a name for themselves, but Michael Burwell stands above the rest. Only he has been named with several titles at his former employer, and only he was headhunted when Willis Towers Watson was looking for a new Chief Financial Officer. All of his success can be owed to his knowledge and the experience that he accumulated in public accounting and transaction services.


Michael Burwell graduated from Michigan State University with this degree in business administration in 1986. He started with PricewaterhouseCoopers, a large public accounting firm, in auditing directly out of college. While working long hours and stressful busy seasons, Burwell was able to accumulate a lot of knowledge and experience about business and how large corporations made decisions. He was able to see firsthand how the automotive industry decided to consolidate in the late 80s and early 90s while he was located in PwC’s Detroit office. He was also able to see how the decisions that his clients made affected their financial statements and performance down the line since he stayed so long with the firm and served the same clients for years. However, Burwell learned that he was not as interested in audit as he was in advisory services, so in the late 90s, he switched to transaction services at PwC.


Burwell hit his stride in transaction services. He learned a lot about pre-merger and acquisition activities, and he worked with several different clients through the decision-making process surrounding make-or-break deals and large acquisitions. He was able to help these clients determine their cash flows and business strategies to help them succeed into the future. During his time in transaction services, Michael Burwell was awarded many leadership positions, including the Head of Transaction Services and the Head of Global Transformation. He was also the U.S. CFO and COO of the entire company for a time, and while in Detroit he earned the title of the Midwestern Leader of Transaction Services. See This Article for related information.


Now he is going to bring all of that experience to the global advisory and brokerage firm Willis Towers Watson. Burwell will continue to serve clients, build teams, and help customers find their way to success through uncertain waters. He will continue the long tradition of growth and success of Willis Towers Watson for nearly 200 years.


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Scott Rocklage, Founding Partner 5AM Venture

Expansion Therapeutics is an organization that deals with RNA illnesses. The company develops medicines that battle illnesses brought about by RNA. The company concerns itself with illnesses that are hereditary. Moreover, these genetical disorders are not responsive to existing medical interventions. These diseases have defective genes that cause respiratory, muscles and nervous system not to function well. Currently, Expansion therapeutics is raising funds to fight these heritable disorders. Particularly, the company is trying to battle with myotonic dystrophy type 1. Myotonic dystrophy 1 is also known as DM1. This disorder leads to muscle failure in adults.

Expansion therapeutics has set aside extra 55.3 million dollars for the fight of this specific disorder, DM1. Some ventures have come together with Expansion therapeutics to raise these funds. For instance, 5AM Venture, Sanofi ventures, and many more have teamed up with Expansion Therapeutics in the fight against DM1. Expansion therapeutics relies on science to produce medications that treat illnesses caused by RNA.

Scott Rocklage joined 5AM Ventures in 2013 as a venture partner. In 2014, Scott became the Managing Partner of the company. Currently, Scott is the founding partner of the company. Scott is a veteran of over 30 years in the healthcare field. With his tactical leadership responsibilities, he led 3 new U.S drug applications to get FDA approval. Previously, Dr. Rocklage has been the Chairman of the Board of Relypsa and Novira. Today, he is the chairman of board members of Kibestral, Rennovial, and Cidara.

Scott Rocklage went to the University of California where he received bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Later, he received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Scott works with physicians, scientists as well business executives as they help each other to create medical solutions that do not currently exist. As an investor, Dr. Rocklage has many patents in the U.S. In addition to this, he has several publications that are peer reviewed. Moreover, Dr. Moreover, Dr. Rocklage has served as CEO and president of Nycomed Salutar and Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Under the Dr. Scott Rocklage’s leadership, there are hopes that the company will come up with solutions to these RNA sicknesses that currently still don’t have cures. Learn more:

Facts You Need To Know About Highland’s Korean Private Venture Fund

In May 2017, Highland Capital Management Korea Limited which is a registered affiliate of Highland Capital Management that is based on Dallas managed to close an equity fund (private) worth $147 million that is related to health care. The main investor in the fund is South Korea’s National Pension Service that was started in 1988.

The nation’s pension fund is worth approximately KRW 565.01 trillion (equivalent of $499 billion). The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute indicated that their corpus is worth not less than $465 billion. For the investors taking part in the fund, they have a certain number of objectives that they intend to accomplish. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

First of all, they must make sure that they make a good return on investment. Highland Capital Management Korea Limited offered them with a unique chance in the sense that their investment can cater and adequately look for other co-investment opportunities so as to achieve their objectives for the US, Korea and Chinese diverse markets.

So as to have a smooth and efficient operation in Korea, Highland Capital started working with well known Korean venture and private equity firm, Stonebridge Capital, as a co-manager of the funds. Being the company’s first health-care oriented fund in Asia, it is fully determined to deliver not just to the investors, but to the clients as well.

The fund’s approach has been very well laid out in the sense that it goes totally in sync with Highland’s core capabilities. Having a deep expertise in matters related to managing funds in the healthcare niche, Highlands definitely makes a perfect partner for the endeavor. The middle class healthcare companies that hail from Asia as well as North America will be the main targets of the fund. In May 2017, Highlands reported that it had not less than $15 billion healthcare assets that were under its management. Read more at

Over the years, the company has realized that the American healthcare industry faces a lot forces that have a very large disruptive effect on middle class market. From that point of view, Highlands realized that for it to continue being afloat business-wise, it is important to venture into other promising and better markets.

The Korean healthcare market will no doubt reap very huge benefits emanating from the private equity fund and in the process, offer a lot of significance value to the overall customer. On its hand, Highlands will continue being the market leader on matters health private-equity not just in America, but in other parts of the globe as well.


Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar Sweep Grammys

Sunday’s Grammy Awards were a big win for Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar, who carried home a combined total of 12 awards. The Hawaiian R&B vocalist snagged almost all of the coveted top awards at the Grammys, with the exception of Best New Artist, which was awarded to Alessia Cara. Meanwhile, Lamar carried home five trophies, including all four awards in the rap category.

Bruno Mars was a surprise winner this year, beating out Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z and Childish Gambino for the prestigious General awards. Mars’ “24K Magic” ultimately earned more votes from members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) than Lamar’s “Humble” and last year’s ubiquitous hit, “Despacito”. 24K Magic won both Album of the Year and best R&B Album. Additionally, the title track won Record of the Year. Mars also carried home the Song of the Year, Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance for “That’s What I Like”, the album’s catchy ode to strawberry champagne and romance.

Jay-Z was projected to win big at the 60th Grammy Awards, but ended up falling short. Despite receiving eight nominations for his critically acclaimed 4:44 album, he failed to win in any categories. Kendrick Lamar’s Damn was widely expected to carry home Album of the Year, but was eclipsed by 24K Magic. He wasn’t the only artist to lose out. Khalid, No I.D. and SZA received five Grammy nominations apiece, but were also snubbed by Grammy voters. Childish Gambino was up for Album of the Year and Record of the Year, but only received one trophy for Best Traditional R&B Performance for his “Redbone”.

The Grammys battled low ratings this year and faced some criticism for giving top awards to pop music produced mainly by men. Despite critical acclaim, hip-hop albums by Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z were largely snubbed. Also, while the performances at the Grammys focused on the Time’s Up movement, Alessia Cara was the only woman to win a major award.