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Troy McQuagge Works With HOPE to Improve the Lives of Many

Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) is USHEALTH Group’s program aiming to help the needy in every way possible. The program was established by the company’s President and CEO, Troy McQuagge, as part of USHA’s mission. Since it was established, HOPE has created a significant impact on the lives of many people. As the program’s first project, the organization partnered with the Phoenix of New Orleans to help build homes for New Orleans residents who were hit by Hurricane Katrina.

In 2011, the company’s leaders proceeded USHA’s mission of HOPE to The Crisis Nursery children’s shelter by donating clothing, shoes and other materials. According to USHA’s Senior VP of sales, Travis Yoder, the company is also interested in the wellbeing of people rather than just profit. As a way of giving back, the company always provides something to the host community whenever they meet for a business gathering.

Continuing with its mission of HOPE, USHEALTH Group supported families of children living with fatal illnesses such as cancer. Through HOPEKids Arizona, the company presented a check of over $25, 000 during Phoenix Leaders Meeting in 2012 to help these children. In 2013, USHA contributed more than $45,000 to HOPEKids’ division in North Texas.

In Brevard County Florida, USHA together with Elizabeth Byrne, Division Leader, initiated the mission of HOPE in the local area. The team partnered with the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project to create a new mortgage-free home for an area’s Army Specialist and his family. As elucidated by Ms. Byrne, the company accomplishes its mission of helping others by not only giving insurance products but also inspiring the local community. Check:

Elizabeth Byrne believes that the mission of Hope and other related projects helps individuals understand the value of living a life of service rather than a life of success. In support of the Wounded Warrior Project, the team has placed a fishbowl at the meeting room entrance to allow agents to donate.

As explained by Troy McQuagge, helping and serving others whenever possible has become USHEALTH Group’s team mission. According to him, this act describes what USHEALTH and its people entail. Troy McQuagge USHealth believes that helping others is the most honorable way to spend your life or manage your business.

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Matthew Autterson’s Gift of Giving

Giving back to the community is such a fulfilling thing. Knowing that you helped make someone’s life better, is the best feeling in the world. This is why philanthropists are the happiest people around. They live off the joy of making another people’s life better.


Matthew Autterson, an accomplished business man now gets to do this every day. As a board member of Falci Adaptive Biosystems, Mr. Autterson gets to organize for fund raisings, come up with new projects and give of his personal account. Falci Adaptive Biosystems is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating and helping neuroma tor disabilities to learn how to cope with their condition and interact with their environment.


Neuromotor disability is a condition that hinders the brain, spine or nervous system from sending the right responses to the muscles. This causes inability to move one’s muscles. Falci Adaptive Biosystems is dedicated to coming up with new methods and using novel technologies to help those who are wheelchair bound to interact better with their environments.


Matthew Autterson is an accomplished business man with an impressive track record. Having graduated with a B.A. in Finance from Michigan Stet University, he attended the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver. During his studies at these universities, he learnt skills that proved very helpful in his career. He started off his career at First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of Fiserv. He was named CEO of a few companies across the United States in the course of his career during which he earned a name for himself. View More Information Here.


Though out his career, Matthew Autterson was keen on giving back to the community. He spearheaded several projects and events that focused solely on benefiting the less fortunate in the society. In June 2000, for instance, his financial industry connections were credited for the success of the carousel event. They were able to contribute over 600,000 dollars for the construction of a children’s carousel at Denver’s zoo. This has been the trend in every company he has worked with.

This spirit of giving has been an inspiration to many of his peers. Seeing him draw so much satisfaction from giving back, many more accomplished business men are following in his footsteps. He has poured himself in philanthropy and carries out the tasks he has been assigned with the same passion and diligence he would at work. As a member of the board of Falci Adaptive Biosystems he applies the same principles that are focused on excellence that made him so successful in his career.



Kendrick and Lupe: Rap Feud of the Year?

After it was recently announced that Top Dog Entertainment would be in charge of the upcoming Black Panther movie soundtrack, the first single from the album, All the Stars, featuring SZA and Kendrick Lamar promptly dropped to critical acclaim on January Fourth. However, one notable name in Hip-Hop saw the release as just another swag jacking incident on the part of the Compton emcee. Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco, known most notably for his songs ‘Kick, Push’ and ‘The Show Must Go On,’ and considered by many, along with Kendrick, to be an all time great, took to Twitter to showcase his displeasure with the single’s cover being so close to his own Drogas Light variant cover, and a short list of other moments Lupe has suspicions may have been K. Dot biting his style.

Lupe blasted out a series of since deleted tweets on the fifth saying that the All the Stars cover art looked a little too close for comfort to his own Drogas Light cover art variation that the artist debuted in April of 2016. In addition, Fiasco goes on to name several other incidents that he believes are happenings of swagger jacking including Lamar’s shared all black album covers, albums meant to be played both forward and in reverse, and even going so far as to call out Lamar’s interest in Japanese culture and ninja as ripping off his own love of martial arts.

Though Kendrick has yet to respond to the allegations, TDE president Dave Free responded to Lupe through Tweet on January sixth by saying the artist should ‘Kick and push’ his way into a tree, humorously referencing the Lupe hit. Fiasco returned fire in his own signature style by saying that since trees are mostly in grass it would be hard to hit a tree, and suggests maybe a car or well placed gate. Though the tweets have since been deleted, you can follow what is sure to be the unfolding drama on Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter account at

The Best Rapper Alive Isn’t Going Anywhere

Jay-Z is a league entirely of his own. The Brooklyn born and bred lyricist has effortlessly oscillated between international chart topping pop-star and the most-highly respected representative of one of America’s greatest musical folk arts. Nonetheless, he moves without missing a beat and maintains unquestionable integrity and an ability to continue to grow as an artist that truly none of his peers have been able to match. Jay-Z has somehow remained relevant in a genre that is known for too often dismissing the voices of elders. Despite being nearly half-a-century old, rap fans continue to celebrate his latest work.

Jay-Z has elevated the hip-hop genre and operates in a musical state similar to the late Jonny Cash. He is the one rapper of his generation that could have a hit and tour the world into old age. His artistry demonstrates to a new generation, how to better oneself and to age gracefully. This has not been lost on critics around the world. 4:44, his latest work is on most of 2017’s best albums lists. Across the pond 4:44 was recognized by the BBC, Your text to link…, featured next to Father John Misty and the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. This is an artist breaking all the rules, 4:44 is as good an album as he’s released.

Jay-Z’s 4:44 transcends hip-hop, simultaneously elevating the entire culture. It is significant, intellectual, and endlessly compelling. His pen is always precise, but here, Jay-Z is contemplative and vulnerable. He tackles issues like fatherhood, infidelity, and the nature of poverty. He’s transparent, he doesn’t hide behind material things. 4:44 is still in rotation in 2018, and people show no sign of disinterest. At the age of 48, Jay-Z released the best rap album of the year and could easily make another.

Matthew Autterson: The Story of a Successful Financial Executive

Working for the financial industry requires extensive skills and knowledge, and those who have become successful in this field have to persevere and to work hard. One of those who was known to excel in the financial industry is Matthew Autterson, and he is a popular financial executive who made his way to the top. He had been working in the financial industry for more than 25 years, and from being an ordinary employee of a private financial institution, he was transformed to become the president of a government-chartered financial company. Matthew’s contribution to the financial industry left a mark that will be remembered for ages, and he raised the bar for excellence in the industry.



When he was still in the university, Matthew Autterson told himself that he would become a successful businessman after he graduates from college. He took up a B.A. in Finance degree at the Michigan State University, and through studying hard, he manages to graduate in the specified amount of years for the course and be able to take up an additional certification post-graduation. He attended the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program, and study how tax programs work. After he obtained his B.A. degree and his certification for the tax program, he had to go out to the real world and look for a job. He found his first job at First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of the technology firm Fiserv. However, he never had the chance to stay for long inside the company, because they are more technology inclined rather than being more financially inclined. Visit This Page to learn more.



Later on, Matthew Autterson joined a team of financially inclined individuals who would become a part of a public trust firm that would be opening in Colorado, named the Resources Trust Company. It is a subsidiary of a larger firm named Integrated Resources, which is a New York-based financial services firm that offers a variety of products and services related to finance. Matthew Autterson became the president of the company after it has been established, and the people who are running the company stated that he has what it takes to become its leader. Matthew Autterson became a great leader, and he is responsible for taking the company to new heights. Fortunately for him, there were a lot of companies who soon develop an interest in the Resources Trust Company. Multiple mergers and acquisitions transformed the Resources Trust Company into SunAmerica Inc.


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Beyonce Is Headlining Coachella!

Beyonce is headlining Coachella this year!!!

We are so excited that Queen B is headlining Coachella. Last year, fans anticipated that B would be headlining the huge event, but her plans of having twins took precedent! We definitely understand a growing family, but we are even more excited that this year… the news has been officially confirmed!

Beyonce is known for her remarkable work ethic, so we are not surprised that less than one year after giving birth to a beautiful set of twins, the top charting trailblazer is ready to showcase her amazing talent and excellent stage presence at this year’s Coachella performance.

Truly, we can only imagine the packed house that will result, because of Beyonce’s appearance. She is well aware that her global fans come out in droves to support her at her concerts, and we do not expect that Coachella will be any different.

Beyonce has an ability to command the stage, and after her Superbowl performances, we have no doubt that this year’s Coachella performance will sizzle and excite every heart in the audience.

For those who are unaware, Coachella is an annual music festival that draws out superstar headliners, such as Lady Gaga and more. The annual festival brings out thousands per year and is typically streamed online for the world to see the headlining performances. So if you are unable to go see Queen B in person, there are definitely other options for you to still see the Coachella performance, and feel like you are also there!

Nicki Minaj and Quavo Drop a New Single!

Nicki Minaj and Quavo are at it again! After the recent hit single, “Motorsport,” both superstars have come together for another fire collaboration that can possibly heat up the charts, titled, “She For Keeps.”

In this video, both are basically doing a reenactment for the movie Grease. The colorful setting and the outstanding visuals are definitely a sight to see. In fact, the new video is already out and available to be viewed on most major outlets.

Both are actually working on new albums. Of course, Quavo is 1/3 of the rap group Migos, who are always bringing fresh new flavor to our ears. Nicki Minaj is set to release a new album this year as well.

Nicki Minaj is known for her over the top flair and high fashion. This video is no different. Nicki is sporting multi-colored hair and a colorful outfit that definitely meets the eye. Quavo is also quite charming and adds an additional spark to the video, not to mention its catchy hook and well written verses.

Quavo’s lyrical delivery combined with Nicki’s wordplay makes for a very interesting video and song to listen to. This video was an unexpected drop, but we are so happy that the drop occurred, because we can’t get enough of this powerful duo. As soon as he hear the word Nicki Minaj and Quavo, we know it’s time to start bobbing our heads!

Thank you for delivering such high quality video performances to watch, it really adds to the excitement of our days! Thank you Nick and Quavo!!

Talk Fusion Is Now Set Up To Serve The Country Of India

Bob Reina, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Talk Fusion recently announced that it will be expanding into India. The video marketing solution company is finding that its products are taking hold all over the globe, and its new office in India will go a long way to help the company offer direct support to its customers there. Mr. Reina commented that the new office would also double up as a place where locals can get training with its platform and that the people who are working in the new office are happy to be a part of the Talk Fusion team. The manager of the office in India, Guru Lal Singh, expressed his desire to help people discover the wonderful communication possibilities that video messages can bring to the local business communities in the country. He also communicated that the business culture at the Talk Fusion office in India would be focused on the community there.


Talk Fusion is already extremely popular in the United States where companies and business people rely on it for video marketing and video email products. The company’s unique selling approach, which relies on individual associates all over the globe, has allowed it to reach more people with its top-of-the-line solutions for video marketing. With sale’s associates in more than 140 countries and a payout structure that is highly rewarding, more and more people are not only promoting the company’s products but also buying them.


Talk Fusion was originally formulated in 2004 when Bob Reina discovered he couldn’t send a short video clip through email. He thought that if he could only figure out a way to do this that many people would flock to the idea. To make his vision a reality he contacted a friend who had the tech skills to develop it, and by 2007, Talk Fusion was born. In the beginning, the company offered video marketing programs but eventually unveiled more and more other helpful products for marketers.


Talk Fusion is the only company that grants its sale’s associates instant pay when they close a deal, and this is encouraging many people to join the program. On top of this, the company supports a large variety of charitable organizations and causes that help people and animals all over the world. Bob Reina feels satisfied with this, because he has always wanted to be a part of a company that makes a difference in a spread of different areas in peoples and animals lives. Learn more:

Lil Yachty Unhappy with Reception of His Debut Album

Debut Albums. Often times, they can set the stage for an artists whole career. Because of this, it is quite important to ensure that the artists knocks it out of the park with their debut album. Unfortunately, Lil Yachty did the opposite, and he knows it.

Yachty was quoted saying that when he released the album he thought it was great. “I thought that s*** was fire,” Yachty said, “Then the sales came back and it did 44,000 first week and I was devastated and so confused, I worked so hard.”. Lil Yachtys album was not well received by his fans, and with the real number being 46,000 units sold it came in below par on the charts. The “One Night” rapper blamed the unsuccessful album on himself for trying out different styles. “But I disconnected with my fans because I tried to do this other stuff, you know? These records were good but they weren’t what I started with.” said Yachty.

Another thing that played part in the album flopping was its lack of radio singles. In this day and age one of the main ways to boost your numbers is to have a song on the radio, and none of Lil Yachtys made the cut. For someone who’s come up was navigated by successful radio singles, Yachty really missed the mark with this one.

Luckily Yachty says that the album Lil Boat 2 is done. Surely since he can identify what was wrong with this album he’ll get it right on the next one, right? We’ll have to wait and see. Check out the full interview here, and be sure to stay on the lookout for that Lil Boat 2.

Agora Financial Helping Readers Stay Financially Aware

People invest money all the time, but not everyone who invests money can get the returns they desired from it. Thanks to the massive expansion of the financial markets in recent time, there are countless investment options available these days, which confuses people more than it convinces. It has made it essential for people to consult with finance professional before putting in their money on any particular investment option. Even though nothing is guaranteed in the financial market, some amount of research can help in reducing the risk involved.

Agora Financial is a company that has helped millions of people make right investment choices. It is a publishing firm that offers its publication in print and digital formats for its subscribers and has over a million subscribers currently. The company is growing fast due to its market reputation for accurately predicting financial trends. In the past, Agora Financial helped in predicting fall in crude oil prices, dot-com crisis, market fall in 2008, and so on. It goes on to say how the company has helped its subscribers in pulling out from the market in right time to ensure that they don’t lose money.

Agora Financial is a trusted source of financial information because the company doesn’t accept money to provide false information to its readers. It only provides information to the readers that are validated and credible so that the readers can make smart investment choices. As there are different publications related to various industries, readers can choose and pick as per their interest. The information, as well as investment advice given by Agora Financial, has helped many people to invest their money tactfully so that they can make considerable gains in the future. Agora Financial helps the readers to stay financially aware and know what is going on the market to ensure they are well-prepared to handle market volatility.