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How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans To Launch A National Aesthetics Company

Earning his medical degree at the Tulane University Medical School, after graduating Dr. Mark McKenna began practicing as a doctor in his father’s medical practice. He also started investing in real estate through his company McKenna Venture Investments. Eventually, his business owned a number of properties around New Orleans and he was successful enough to acquire two other companies in the industry.

Everything was going great for Dr. Mark McKenna until August 29th, 2005. On that date, Hurricane Katrina roared through New Orleans and put much of it underwater. Most of his properties were destroyed. Trying to recover and help low to moderate income people he started to buy properties, fix them up, and then sell them. This was successful but due to a number of reasons, such as it is where his girlfriend moved, he left New Orleans and moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

ShapeMed is a business that Dr. Mark McKenna founded in Atlanta. It was a wellness company and one that offered aesthetic procedure such as laser procedures. Wanting to incorporate his practices into their gyms, Life Time Fitness Inc. made him a great offer to buy ShapeMed. He was also given an executive level position at this company. It was after that company was bought out as well three years later that he decided to once again go into business for himself and more

It was in the middle of 2017 that Dr. Mark McKenna started a new company called OVME and became its chief executive officer. This company was created to implement an idea that he had. The aesthetic medical industry has always been fractionalized with no one brand that is available across the country. Instead, each business only offers its services to those that live in the same city or surrounding area. He has set out to change this.

OVME is an app he is launching in April 2018 that will allow people to use it in order to bring a doctor specializing in aesthetics to their door. He plans on launching this eventually across the nation. At the current time he is building up his network of doctors by attending conventions and signing them up for this revolutionary concept.

MB2 Dental Caters to Personalized Dental Procedures

Don’t give up on your smile when you notice crooked teeth have made it hard for you to effectively communicate or you suffer from unsightly bad breathe because a MB2 Dental local expert technician can help. Professional dentist will recommend pediatric dentistry to control the outcome of a brilliant smile to last throughout your adulthood. Visiting a dentist for the first time can be uncomfortable for kids and adults alike, but their technicians cater to the patients with personalized care before, during, and after your visit with follow-up care. In fact, they’re one of few local dentistry offices who offer a spa dental environment for your dental procedures.

Join the thousands of people who are visiting the dentist to improve, maintain, or maintenance their smile. We’re in an appearance driven society and more celebrities are going to the dentist to whiten their teeth for a better look under the prolonged camera lights or their endless photo shoots where their smile counts the most. However, the professionals at MB2 Dental make dental treatment possible for patients with a limited income with many popular payment plans which are provided in-house. They believe their patients should never sacrifice dental care for an inability to pay.

MB2 Dental Services

– Get treatment for tooth decay

– Traditional braces, Invisalign

– Emergency services

– Alternative sedation for organic therapy

– Pediatric dentistry

– Treatment for gum disease

– Oral cancer screenings

– Expert technicians

– One-on-one treatment

– Emergency services

– and more…

You will have the benefits of improving your smile at any dental stage for less than traditional dentistry. You can have an award winning smile and improve your confidence about the way you look. Don’t trust your smile to the hands of a nonprofessional to avoid costly repairs later.

They confidently teach their patients the benefits of brushing and flossing after each meal. Your nutritional health depends on the success of your dental upkeep because you use your teeth to chew and digest your food. An amazing smile is not as hard to accomplish and should not leave you limited to crooked or crowded teeth. If your child is a first time patient, you can schedule a free consultation for a tour of their superior dental spa. You’re invited to speak to a friendly customer service professional about visiting a local MB2 Dental specialist today. To know more about them click here.

Madison Street Capital Will Now Be Taken More Serious In The Financial World

The Madison Street Capital reputation was always good, but it will now be taken more seriously after an award the company won. The M&A Advisor Awards firm recently held their yearly awards show. This show took place in the heart of Manhattan and in one of the fanciest venues in New York City.


Towards the end of the show, Madison Street Capital received an award for advisement. The advisement award given by the M&A Advisor Awards firm is the most special award they bestow on a company once a year. This award is given to a financial advisement company that conducted the greatest deal of the year. There were approximately 700 companies nominated for this award, but Madison Street Capital proved to be the best advisement company of the year.


The deal that secured the advisement award for Madison Street Capital was their WLR Automotive deal, which took place during the summer. WLR Automotive came to Madison Street Capital to seek help with obtaining funding for their business. WLR Automotive needed several million dollars, but WLR Automotive could not get the money from any standard bank, and they did not have a tangible plan indicating how they would pay the money back. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital built a plan with WLR Automotive that indicated exactly when they would pay the money back and how long it would take. Madison Street Capital then spoke to several bank presidents on behalf of WLR Automotive. In just a few days, WLR Automotive achieved their goal of obtaining the money they needed for their business.


Madison Street Capital is one of the largest financial firms in the world. Madison Street Capital deals with business owners from every nation. They help businesses secure funding, build a plan to pay the money back, and even help with managing the business.

Recent News Article About Rap and R&B Music and Album Reviews

N.E.R.D is back on the scene with a new track with Rihanna called “Lemon”. Many hip hop fans have been looking forward to seeing this act hit the stage again. In this hot collaboration, Rihanna shows that she knows how to get down on a funky hip hop track. This may lead to N.E.R.D. helping Rihanna come out with a hip hop album.

Kendrick Lamar continues to rock the microphone in the hip hop world. NERD dropped their new single “Don’t Don’t Do It”. Fortunately, this hot single features one of the hottest hip hop artists around today. This track was influenced by the talented Pharrell.

The overall sound of this new song has a unique texture and vibe that can capture your attention with ease. The track starts off with a laid back beat and smooth lyrics written by Frank Ocean. The track suddenly switches to a hard beat as Pharell says, “Don’t Do It.” It’s also important to note that there are guitar strings and hard-hitting drums in the background.

At the top of the song, Kendrick blesses the track with his platinum voice. It’s easy to see that Kendrick has no problem with blending in with the song and hitting his stride. Kendrick managed to hit 100 bars on the track within a matter of seconds. How many rappers can say they can hit 100 bars on a track within seconds?

The sky continues to be the limit for these talented music stars. Hopefully, they will continue to entertain us with their flair and voices.

Jay-Z is Still Focused

The weight of a marriage can crush anyone when the pieces fall apart for a normal working-class couple. This may be elevated a thousand times over for people like Jay-Z and Beyonce that are in the spotlight. As a musician, however, Jay-Z found an outlet in his music. He was able to present a whole new way for people to look at what he was going through, and this is all neatly packaged in his “4:44” album.

Jay-Z has taken a lot of big steps to keep his private business private, but after his wife released an album that was almost autobiographical for this year. Jay-Z felt compelled to bring things full circle with his album. Both of these are grammy-nominated albums, and it appears that Jay Z is opening up even more about how many of these songs have been made. People were expecting Kanye West to arrive on production, but West is more of a side story that Jay-Z comments on and not a producer.

The production is not the same for Timberland, Just Blaze or Kanye West production from the past, but people will instantly recognize this album as something that they are familiar with.

Jay-Z creates more crafty storytelling moments here, and he presents a lot of issues about race in America in addition to the relationship issues that he touches on. Jay-Z takes on a lot of subjects on an album that is less than 60 minutes in length. He is building a strong end of the road type of body of work as he inches towards 50 years old.

Many people may have assumed that she had nothing else left to contribute to rap, but these songs show that Jay-Z is just as focused and even more aware of his surroundings right now.

How Jay-Z Returned to Rap Game

Jay-Z has returned to rap game with a very interesting album. The “4:44” album has proven to be a critically acclaimed work from Jay-Z that examines his personal life and things that he has experienced as he transitions from a young rapper with drug tells to an older mogul that is now a husband and a father.

Jay Z hits deep as he goes over things like infidelity, trust issues and other issues that have occurred in his life in recent years. He really gives consumers of his music a great perspective on how he has grown as an artist and a person. He is nominated for Grammys for album of the year, and it appears that he is one of the best contenders when it comes to these type of awards even though he is older than a lot of his competition. Jay-Z have proven over the years that he is consistent, and this is another point where he is getting accolades for his work.

There is a strong amount of interest in this album even though it is one of the shortest albums that Jay-Z has created. He worked closely with Kanye West mentor No ID to bring this album to life.

There is a great backline story from producer No ID about how he did not initially even want to work on this album. He has created a masterpiece when it comes to instrumental loops and samples, but it was a hard road to conceptualize what tracks would actually make the album. No ID actually put together as many as 500 Beats. Jay-Z would have to sort through tons of beats that were already created by this album.
Jay-Z considered many beats.

“4:44” album is something of a classic when one considers his catalog.

Recent News Article About Rap and R&B Music and Album Reviews

The West Coast is well-known for being a haven for some of the most talented hip hop artists of all time. We know about Snoop Dog and Kendrick Lamar, but there are some new artists emerging on the scene. Boogie is the latest West Coast rapper to take charge of the microphone. He was signed to Shady Records back in October. It’s reasonable to say that Eminem has an eye for great lyrical talent.

Shady Records is home to other gifted emcees like Yelawolf, but Boogie has a special talent. It’s really difficult to find a rapper that performs with grace and power. This is the main reason why many insiders believe he is the best artist on the label.

Eminem has high expectations for his new artist. He stated that Boogie is everything that he wants out of an emcee. This is high praise from a hip hop legend that has dominated the scene for years. Boogie’s ability to spit bars with rare words can impress anyone. He’s a concert promoter’s dream.

Boogie expressed he feels pressure working under Eminem. However, he also stated that he’s using that pressure to motivate him. Boogie is well-known for having great work ethic. He spends hours of his time perfecting his craft in the studio. He knows this is the only way he will be able to excel in this competitive industry.

You can see Boogie’s passion for his art when he takes the microphone. He understands that his commitment to the game will help him go far. He enjoys rapping about the events that are taking place in our society. It’s fair to say that he’s conscious about their effects. Boogie’s career can go far if he stays focused and committed to the game.

J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar Together Again!

As two of the most potent and prevalent emcees of their time, and considered by many to be the two top modern day rappers, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar have had a close friendship, and professional rivalry, throughout both their careers, and have worked together on tracks multiple times. When Hip-Hop legend Jezzy announced the track listing for his upcoming Pressure E.P. fans were quick to note the reuniting of Cole and Kendrick on the aply named track, American Dream. Attendees at the December 12th listening party for Pressure heard the full album by the noted Atlanta rapper, including American Dream, the pen-ultimate take on the thirteen track album.

The two have worked together multiple times in the past including rapping over each other’s instrumentals on the the 2015 release Black Friday, which saw Cole taking a shot at ‘Alright’ and Kendrick rhyming over ‘A Tale of Two Citiez’. In 2012, Lamar and Cole collaborated on the DJ Khaled led They Ready, with famed southern rapper Big K.R.I.T. and a year later on the J. Cole album Born Sinner for the track Forbidden Fruit. Since 2011 both Cole and Kendrick have hinted at an entire collaborative album, and though collaborated that such a project exists by close insiders, the product has yet to hit the streets.

Jeezy’s latest features a slew of incredible seasoned emcees and a collection of up and coming rappers to make for what looks like another Hip-Hop classic for the Atlanta artist. From the short clip posted online and the word of attendees to the recent listening party, American Dream, featuring J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar is a bomtastic banger, featuring some of the best bars ever spit by all three legends. For further info on Pressure, releasing December fifteenth, check out Jeezy’s online residence at now!

Kendrick Lamar Cites UFO Sighting as Child in Recent Howard Stern Interview

Kendrick Lamar, the noted Emcee behind hits like ‘Humble,’ and ‘I,’ and considered by many Hip-Hop Heads to be one of the greatest of all time, stopped by the Howard Stern on the 12th of December to talk shop, personal life, and his seven Grammy nominations. No doubt blessed when it comes to lyrical wordplay, Kendrick described an encounter with another celestial force on the Stern show. Listeners were surprised to learn that Lamar reports being witness to a UFO over Compton when he was around six years old. No one believes him, Lamar says, but he doesn’t care, and remains adamant about the encounter.

This isn’t the first time Lamar has spoken of the UFO sighting, even going so far as to offer details on the sighting in another interview with Jo Jo Wright in 2014. Lamar told Jo Jo at the time that one day when he was around six years old he and his mother were on their balcony in Compton when he looked up and observed what he calls ‘a dart’ flash quickly across the sky. The rapper says his mother didn’t see the quick unidentified object burst across the sky, and jokes that she still doesn’t believe him to this day.

In the same interview, Lamar says he’s seen ghosts and spirits as well, but doesn’t elaborate. As far as his UFO sighting though, Kendrick says it changed him and made him believe there is something more out there. On Howard Stern, co-host Robin Quivers joked perhaps Lamar had been abducted to which the rapper playfully responded he probably did, and said aliens probably gave him the energy to make his music. You can read a write up on Lamar’s original interview with Jo Jo Wright here: a High Snobriety report on the recent Howard Stern interview here:

The Authoritative Felipe Montoro Jens

The concessions have been achieved through the government initiatives. Currently, Edison heads the Trata Brazil. The main aim of the institution is to enhance sanitation in the region. This is achieved by the basic education that is offered to the individuals. The initiative has been vital to the society since individuals are taught on the health measures.

The company has provided resources facilities] to numerous areas. This is top enhance great health in the region. This report was tabulated by Felipe Montoro Jens who is in charge of infrastructure in the region. The wastes in the region have decreased rapidly due to the knowledge that is offered to the individuals.

The public power in the country is vital. This is because it does most of the sanitation work in the region. The state organizations have been vocal in that they have been able to serve the state by a great percentage. The percentage is estimated at 70 percent. The private firms in the country have come in handy as Felipe states.

This is because the services that are rendered to the public emanate also from the firms. The experience that has been demonstrated by the private firms has been helpful. The individuals have been able to access quality services through the initiative. The companies in the country have partnered on various matters. The aspect has promoted development in the region.

The activities that are conducted by the company have been strategic. This is due to the fact that they cover many areas. The services that are rendered to the country have been instrumental since many individuals can benefit from them. The mayor of Brazil has put up projects that have improved the sanitation network.

The bidding procedure has been placed into consideration by the municipality. Felipe Montoro Jens is currently the infrastructural engineer in the region. The partnerships that have been demonstrated by the municipality have made it succeed in their health projects.