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Betsy DeVos Means Business with Education

The educational opportunities that students have when they are from poverty-stricken areas are very limited. They are expected to go to the free public schools because their parents often cannot afford the pricier options and they just don’t have the ability to make things happen for the students no matter how smart they are. Being a philanthropist, Betsy DeVos knew that she had to do something to change that for students and she knew that a huge part of it was going to rely on what she could do to make things better for different people. It all added up for Betsy DeVos and it all gave her a chance to see what she could do to make the industry better no matter what she was trying or what she was doing to bring these changes around in the industry. All that Betsy DeVos had worked for involved the ability to try new things and do more than what others had in the past.


Since Betsy DeVos first started with her philanthropic efforts, she knew that she could make the necessary changes to the educational industry. In fact, she knew that it wasn’t an industry at all and the wrong people were getting rich from it while the students were suffering because they didn’t have the right type of opportunities. Betsy DeVos wanted to change that and wanted to ensure that people knew what they were able to get from education if they did not have to rely solely on the public education system.


For Betsy DeVos, this meant that she had to try new things and do more for the students. She felt that it was her job to teach their parents about the opportunities that they had. She also felt that it was her job to make sure that people were learning as much as possible about the opportunities. She developed programs that would allow children to use vouchers so that they could go to private schools. Their parents would not have to spend a penny and they would get a world-class education that was much better than what they could get at a public school.


Along with this, Betsy DeVos found that helping people out in other ways was something that was important. For that reason, she developed the charter school initiative. She worked to ensure that all districts had them and that students who could not afford private school would be able to use them. While they were still being developed and refined, Betsy DeVos found that they were filling up quickly. She had struck a chord with that community and it is what made things better for different students who wanted a better education than public school.


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Orange Coast College Providing the Best Facilities to Students and Orange County Community

Recently, a former instructor at Orange Coast College donated about $1 million to the new planetarium under construction which gave it an astronomical boost. Mary McChesney gift to the institution will be used to purchase a device called Foucault pendulum which is used to show the Earth’s rotation. This device is set to be the only of its type at the Costa Mesa College and in Orange County as well. McChesney outlined that the planetarium will act as the scientific centre for students and the Orange community at large.


According to the executive director of the Orange Coast College Foundation, Doug Bennet, McChesney had worked at Orange Coast College for over three decades before retiring. She taught Spanish and English and over the years she has been a regular donor to scholarships and the foundation as well. Bennet claimed that although he knew of the donation that McChesney had intended to offer the planetarium, he did not think she would do something this big. An existing planetarium built in 1950 was torn down in 2016 when the new officials broke ground on the new planetarium.


About Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College’s (OCC) is a 164-acre situated near Southern California’s beautiful beaches. Since its founding in 1947, OCC has grown to become one of the country’s largest colleges with enrollments of up to 25,000 students every semester.


Orange Coast College offers more than 135 academic programs, and with the latest technology in place, it features exceptional facilities. The institution is also among the biggest and most accredited public nautical programs.


The number of students transferred to California State University and the University of California ranks Orange Coast College first among Orange County’s community colleges. Almost 16,000 OCC students have in the last decade transferred to CSU and UC campuses. Moreover, several OCC students go on to transfer to Universities and private colleges within California and across the country.


Orange Coast College offers fall to winter, spring, and summer classes and is a member of the Coast Community College District. The institution is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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Talk Fusion

If you are a business owner, who prefers to market their goods through digital programs or someone who works with advertising agencies than am a hundred percent sure Talk fusion does not sound like Greek to you. On the other hand, if you are wondering what kind of fruit or gadget Talk fusion is, then don’t worry because am about to make it all clear.

First things first, the program was established by Bob Reina who has been in the network marketing industry for two decades now. That gives you a reason to trust the program as you can be sure it’s from someone who has seen it all during the period that he has been around and had the experience to give you the best. Now talk fusion is an online structure which is all about business promotion through digital products. The company began its operation in 2007 and all the goods offered are video in nature. These include live video chats with your clients, newsletters, blogs and plenty others. Its primary motive is to help business owners attract and retain customers, increase sales and be able to stand out in the face of competition.

New training program

In a move to maximize the ability of its subscribers, Talk Fusion recently launched a new training program which goes by the name Talk Fusion University. The program was released on a live broadcast and had hundreds of anticipating viewers. Through talk Fusion University, the company’s founder and chief executive officer will be able to train and share digital marketing tips and experiences with myriads of its associates. That will be made possible by the step by step videos which will he will provide. Before the launch of the program, Bob would send such training and motivational messages through Facebook live and also on corporate broadcasts such as Live Meetings. But with the recent release of the training program all that is much easier as now the followers will know where to find him specifically. The deal is even better if you are a talk fusion associate as you can access all his coaching videos free of charge. The program is currently available in two languages but is soon to be translated to even more languages to ensure it reaches and helps as many people as possible. However, to access it, you need to be a member. There is no better way than to hear it from the horse’s mouth and through talk fusion university you have the opportunity to do exactly that. Learn more:


Securus Technologies Is A Leader In Safety

Securus Technologies is a leader in the public safety industry, and they are in the business of creating innovative ways to ensure that the world becomes a safer place for everyone. Since they have a staff of experts in the field, they are creating new technologies every week. These technologies can be used by their clients to create better environments at their facilities.


Their clients have correctional facilities based all around the US. The US government contracts with them to help at their various facilities. Securus Technologies uses interviews, investigations and videos, as well as other techniques to ensure that the facilities are run well and adhere to safety for everyone involved. When they deal with these clients they are in constant contact with over a million prisoners every year.


Securus Technologies wants the public to know what they are working on for their latest projects so that they will understand why they are so important for the public’s safety. They deal with both the civil and criminal sides of justice, and they want people to visit their TX plant to see the latest technologies that they are creating. While the people are there, they will receive a tour of the plant, and they can ask any questions that they might have.


The company is in huge demand, and they want to hear from their clients. They have written articles showing the public what their clients have to say about the technologies that they are using and how they benefit them. The company uses all of the feedback to create even better ways to make the world a safer place for everyone to work and live in.


Rocketship Education Charter Schools, the Newest Innovation in the Educational Field

A new and innovative type of educational platform has been instituted in San Jose, California which is meant to give the children from lower income families a chance to receive a good education and provide them with the tools to attend college.

The University of California, Berkley and the University of Harvard, in 2014, conducted a study that concluded that the children from low-income families, born in the 1980’s had just as much of a chance to reach a higher goal as the children in countries like Denmark or Canada.

This new charter school has been named Rocketship Education, which is a network of non-profit charter schools. There are now since the first school opened in 2007, 25 of these public high-performing schools that are installed in low-income neighborhoods. At Stanford University their Center for Research on Education found that the students learning the English language along with the students from the low-income neighborhoods will gain and an additional month or more of learning in reading and math for each year they attend the Rocketship Education Charter Schools.

Parents usually do not know who will be teaching their children until the school year begins. The parents who plan to send their children to the Rocketship Charter Schools will get to help in choosing the teachers that will be hired a few months before school starts. The CEO and co-founder of Rocketship Education that the precept of the school is the parent participation of the chain. They have received the national attention for their blended-learning style and its personalized attention along with the involvement of the parents which is at the core of their program

This type of educational program also has the goal to teach the parents how to help their children through their middle school and high school years by being an advocate for them, not only in their years at Rocketship but after they leave and go to other educational facilities. Also by the parents being able to interview the teachers they will have a rapport even before the school year starts. They also are planning to make home visits to the student’s families throughout the school year.

Creative and Curated Design With Richard Mishaan Design

A retreat in the Amagansett hamlet on Long Island, designed by Richard Mishaan Design, is a testament to the versatility of this modern design firm. This space exhibits such a specific use of texture, vibrant yet appropriate colors, and incredible uniqueness in each piece of furniture and art. The man behind the Richard Mishaan Design firm, Richard Mishaan, is able to use the inspiration of both rustic and clean lines to create masterpieces. Richard Mishaan’s portfolio displays his vast knowledge of architecture and creativity. All of his projects are modern, yet individual and beautifully curated. His furniture line is an example of his genius, from a bold green sofa and quirky puzzle-shaped end table to a classic reimagined leather chair.

The Richard Mishaan Design firm is located in New York City where they have designed townhouses in the Upper West Side, cozy apartments in Soho, and the ultra-modern condominiums of Trump Park Avenue. Richard Mishaan Design has also reached outside the city to design summer houses in the Hamptons and penthouses in Florida. Because of his years of rich cultural experience and creative open mind, Richard Mishaan can seamlessly shift from one theme to the next.

Richard Mishaan has written two books, Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern, filled with his innovative and original designs. These books contain page after page of inspiring photos and tips anyone can use to make their homes and spaces more curated and distinctly personal.

Richard Mishaan has also been featured in many prominent print publications, most recently in Elle Decor and Architectural Design, not to mention the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. It is safe to say, the Richard Mishaan Design firm is fixed at the top of the design world.

The New Album That Shawn Carter Worked on For An Entire Year

Jay-Z has a lot of fans. He is one of the most prolific rappers around, and people still want to know more about his life. Fortunately, Jay-Z has been more than kind enough to actually tell fans what they wanted to know. Jay-Z has had a lot of time to think about what he did in his marriage, and he wanted to express what he was going through in song. It is true that a marriage is only between a man and a woman. Their business is not anything that anybody else really has to know.

The trouble with this theory is that Jay-Z and Beyonce live in the spotlight. There was already a leaked TMZ elevator video that show Beyonce’s sister Solange kicking Jay-Z with Beyonce standing by and doing nothing. This will be the thing that set off all kind of sparks about the possibility of a failing marriage. This was years ago. Beyonce would eventually take to the stage herself to address in music form.

It would only be a matter of time before Jay-Z would have to speak up and say something because it had become the elephant in the room for his career. The
“4:44” album would bring all of this to life. Jay would get the help of a longtime producer and friend No ID, and this would be the first time that Jay-Z would work exclusively with a single producer.

This would become quite a interesting collaboration between the two, and the album would prove to be one of the hottest things in 2017 so far. Jay-Z has done an exceptional job of bringing a raw emotion to the soulful beats that No ID has dug through the crates to find. It is an album that many people are thrilled to hear.

Imran Haque: Internal Medicine Virtuoso

With over 15 years in the medical field, Imran Haque is an internal medicine specialist, who has garnered a significant portfolio due to his stellar reputation and pension for delivering the desired results for his patients. Due to his expertise in the field of internal medicine,  Imran Haque has given treatment to patients stricken with various illnesses throughout the course of his Imran Haquestoried career. Due to his growing portfolio, Imran Haque sought to make his services more available to his clients and recently opened offices regarding internal medicine in Ramseur and Asheboro, NC. The name of Imran Haque’s practice is Horizon Internal Medicine.

Today, Imran Haque is recognized in North Carolina and across the United States as one of the premier medical doctors in his field, having risen through the ranks, settling firmly at the top. He received his degree in medicine from Universidad Iberoamericana, graduating with honors, before continuing his education at the University of Virginia Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. It was during his time studying at the University of Virgina Medicine Roanoke-Salem that Dr. Haque found his true calling within the medical field. As a student, he began focusing his attention on internal medicine, beginning his career shortly after leaving the university and completing the necessary training for medical practice in North Carolina. Imran Haque is currently enrolled in the Maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine and he remains at the helm of Horizon Internal Medicine, overseeing its rapid growth. Around the Asheboro area, Imran Haque’s stock continues to rise, as he is the primary physician for many of the patients that visit Horizon Internal Medicine, continuing to provide them with quality care, while also building his portfolio. Horizon Internal Medicine offers a myriad of services, including weight management, 360 resurfacing, diabetes management, laser hair removal, and physical examinations.

Jay-Z Takes Scroll Down Memory Lane

Jay-Z believes to be his most important accomplishment is the wealth that he has gained as he has transitioned from a dope dealer to a businessman. He is talking about how he wants to impart this wisdom to other people that have a chance to get out of the ghetto. Jay-Z only has 10 songs on the “4:44” album, but he is definitely packing a lot of content within these 10 songs. He has talked about everything from the race issues inside of America to the issues within his own marriage.

He has taken a broad scale and look at the stupid things that he did with money as a young adult and the wiser decisions that he made to preserve wealth as an older adult. Many people that have heard the album will say that this is a very reflective Jay-Z. He is out of his element, but he is actually embracing a new element. He is redefining his life through his music, and this is what has attracted people to this album so early.
No I.D. is the person that is on the production, but many people would agree that the No I.D. production sounds a lot like what Kanye would have done if he would have been on better terms with Jay-Z.

There are Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder samples flowing through the album. There is a soulful presence that is reminiscent of “The Blueprint” album that Jay-Z created. The samples are an indication of just how much Jay-Z wanted to stay soulful. He wanted to create a whole new standard where he would be able to talk about what he was wrestling with, but he wanted to provide people with a familiar soulful sound. Jay-Z has been quite successful in accomplishing all of these things.

Jay-Z Gets Open About the Secret Life Inside the Marriage

There are a ton of people that are going to wonder if there is a publicity ploy about the “4:44” album. People that have been able to follow him are certain that there is more to this than a publicity stunt. It is obvious that Jay-Z and Beyonce have more money than they will ever be able to spend. Some people may think that this is a bad thing to be so open about the marriage. People are feeling the album because he is still showing that there is a lot of growth.

The “4:44” album addresses a plethora of topics. It makes people look their own relationships. It makes people look at the racial tension that has happened around them. This is why the album has been able to go platinum in a short time frame.

It is also quite impressive to see the way that Jay-Z has evolved over the years. It was possible for a lot of people to hear “4:44” and wonder if they needed to talk with their partners. It was time for a lot of people to come clean. This is why Jay-Z has received accolades and a platinum certification. People really wanted to have all this information that Jay-Z provided. They wanted to learn about his marriage and the relationship with friend Kanye West.

Jay-Z has had a whole lot of things going on in his life. He has worked with many people down through the years and people are excited to get a glimpse into the life of Jay-Z and Beyonce. The combination of “Lemonade” and “4:44” can really put a stamp on relationships. Marriage can be difficult. Jay-Z has done the unthinkable. He has actually bared his soul and helped people see into his world with Beyonce.