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Harvard’s Newest Elite Product

Harvard has long been known for its academic standing and the noticeable students that come out of it. Now Harvard is being recognized for something else, it’s basketball team. Yanni Hufnagel has been a bench coach on Harvard for 4 years and is already being called a coaching phenom. Harvard just won the Ivy League for the first time ever and the credit is going to the young Jewish coach.

Yanni Hufnagel is being praised for his remarkable recruiting abilities. Those abilities led to Harvard producing notable NBA star Jermey Lin. He was never the best basketball player so instead he went into sports broadcasting. While broadcasting for a public network people immediately noticed the basketball knowledge he had, and the places he could go. At Cornell he spent one season as the basketball manager. From there he got an internship with the New York Nets doing laundry. His big moment came when he got a graduate assistant job at Oklahoma. Yanni Hufnagel became noticed by then star Blake Griffin, whom he helped in the gym early in the morning and late at night. From there he worked his way onto Harvard as a volunteer assistant coach. He continues to make a name for himself as an assistant coach and soon will be able to pick a job at a traditional powerhouse school.

Some career highlights include Hufangel being credited with landing the 29th overall recruiting class at Vanderbilt in 2014. Also at the University of California he helped get Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb to commit, leading them to the NCAA tournament that year.


Desiree Perez Helps Artists Get More Royalties

Tidal was a company that was doing music streaming, but this company was not very well known. It was not until Jay-Z decided to buy this company that people would see what Tidal was all about. The thing Jay-Z knew that he needed to do was change the outlook for this music streaming service. He knew that he could not keep everything the same because he had a different type of plan. He was interested in helping music artists get royalties on their music, and this allowed him to change the course of music streaming.


Desiree Perez is the person that is helping Jay-Z transition to a much better music streaming service. She is grinding out the negotiations for contracts, and she is definitely one that sees a great vision for the Tidal company. This company is moving at a very fast pace, and it appears that more people are interested in premium music streaming. This is lossless audio that has better quality than some of the other free music streaming sites. Desiree Perez is definitely taking that into consideration when she negotiates contracts for artists. This type of premium service is what allows royalties to increase for artists that are providing the content. That has always been the problem with the music streaming industry because several of the popular sites are free. This reduces the money that the artists can get from the music that is streamed by fans.


It is going to be interesting to see how Desiree Perez helps Jay-Z work with Sprint to continue building Tidal. There has already been a commitment to invest in this company, and Sprint has the ability to bring Tidal to even more customers. Desiree Perez is in place to help Jay-Z coordinate this relationship and build a bigger customer base.

Achieve Brilliant Hair With Cleansing Conditioner

The hair care industry has been keeping some scary secrets from us for decades. Recent studies have shown that most commercial hair care products contain ingredients that seriously damage out hair. Brands use these toxic ingredients because they are cheap and keep manufacturing costs down.

Ingredients like sulfates and preservatives strip hair of its natural protective oils that keep it feeling soft and healthy. Many of these ingredients also damage the skin on the scalp, resulting in embarrassing dandruff.

Even worse, lots of these popular commercial hair care ingredients have recently been linked to health conditions. For instance, synthetic fragrances come from petroleum. When we expose our skin to petroleum, traces of the chemical enter our bloodstream through our pores and cause damage to the body. Over time, this chemical can lead to problems like hormonal imbalances and birth defects. If you wash your hair every single day, just imagine how much petroleum is entering your body.

It seems like many commercial hair care brands are not bothered by these studies. After all, by loading their products with these cheap chemicals, they can increase profits. However, these brands are rapidly losing customers because of a new product on the market called the cleansing conditioner.

Cleansing conditioners clean and condition hair without using any toxic chemicals. Instead, these products rely on plant-based ingredients that nourish hair. The most popular cleansing conditioner on the market is WEN Cleansing Conditioner. This product contains ingredients like chamomile extract, rosemary and other botanical extracts.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is gentle on hair. Because it contains no sulfates, it won’t strip the hair of its natural oils. Instead, it uses ingredients like vegetable glycerin to provide hair with loads of moisture. As a result, hair is silky, healthy and free of frizz.

Thanks to WEN Cleansing Conditioner, we can finally clean and condition our hair without exposing ourselves to dangerous and harsh chemicals.

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Betsy DeVos Speaks Up About Philanthropy & Education Reform

In a recent interview with The Philanthropy Roundtable, noted philanthropist, education reformer and current Secretary of Education for the United States of America, sat down to speak about her experiences and thoughts on her primary issue – financial giving and educational choice.

The interviewer opened up the conversation by asking Ms. DeVos what her thoughts on the progress of school reform (for those unaware, Ms. DeVos has been a long time advocate of school choice and has vigorously opposed the common core schema) in America where. Ms. DeVos replied that she had never been more confident. She noted that one of the reasons why she was so confident in the future of education in America was twofold, firstly, the falling popularity of common core (the current unified, standardized education initiative of the United States) system as well as the rise in popularity of the school choice movement. She notes that there are now more than 250,000 students in over 33 different, public funded school options programs in seventeen states. As of the previous year the specific number of people who are enrolled in education option programs has increased by 40,000. Betsy DeVos believes the increase in public funded private school interest coincides directly with the increase of a collective realization that the public education edifice does not work and has not worked for some time.

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When asked by the interviewer about her philanthropic work Ms. DeVos responded that there was no single event that drew her into it, but rather a gradual series of events. She went on to elaborate on what she meant by saying that one of the most formative things to occur to her as regards her philanthropic work was her and her husband’s, Dick DeVos, numerous visits to the Potter’s House Christian School which has a long and storied history of helping the poor and the needy via numerous outreach programs and philanthropy work. She noted that, despite the grim challenges that Potter’s House was constantly faced with the atmosphere of the place was always one of respect, dignity, care and rigorousness – something which she found deeply appealing and which spurned her on to create the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, a supportive group that helps foster philanthropic and artistic/communal efforts all across the globe.

 What Has Made Ricardo Tosto an Outstanding Lawyer in Brazil.

Latin America is known for offering excellent lawyers who are well qualified for that profession one of these lawyers being Ricardo Tosto. He is viewed as one of the best lawyers ever lived in Brazil and none of the other lawyers come close to him. What makes him so exceptional is his experience and results in the legal industry. He has been able to make a name for himself to a point of being respected by other attorneys. He always shares his knowledge with upcoming lawyers educating them on how to maneuver the legal system and become great. Ricardo was once a student of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he graduated with his law degree before joining MacKenzie Presbyterian University where he earned his Juris Doctorate in Law.

His accomplishments speak for themselves as he was among the co-founders of Barros Advogados Associados and Leite, Tosto law firm. This firm has become one of best and most respected law firm in Brazil under the leadership of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. The firm majorly specializes in Environmental, Labor, White Collar Crimes and Business law litigations. Being the leader of this law enterprise, Ricardo has led his team in defending all their clients including government officials, largest firm in Brazil and international organizations. According to the customers, they view Tosto’s leadership skills, knowledge and strategic planning as what makes his firm the best and successful.

When it comes to shaping the legal system in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto is always involved in the matter. His knowledge is efficient during the implementation stage of the legal tools as not everybody understands Brazil’s legal system like Ricardo. He majorly assists in the introduction of legal services and procedures to be implemented in the judicial system.

Apart from being an accomplished and successful lawyer, he holds and serves various positions in Brazil legal system. He once served as the legal and Administrative Superintendent of Grupo Alusa and is currently the President of the Judiciary Reform Committee. He believes that with the help of his knowledge in Law, he will be in a position of implementing change in the state’s judicial system.


Chance Did Amazing On Good Morning America

The rapper Chance recently performed on Good Morning America. He performed his hit song “Summer Friends.” The crowd loved it. There more people in the studio than normal, and there were more people than normal watching from home, too. Chance did something very special with his song. He had his producers use certain technology to make the song sound more amazing. The result was his voice sounding like a robot and the piano sounding like glass.


The rapper Chance also gave an interview with the host of Good Morning America. He talked about how he plans to have a new album coming out soon. He also discussed how he plans to have a different style than all other rappers in the industry. Chance further stated that many rappers talk about the same thing today. Chance went on to mention that hip-hop has a trend to not talk about certain subjects within music. One of these subjects is God. Chance stated that he plans to break this barrier with songs that directly talk about God. Chance loves the fact that he is creative enough to share his faith through his music.


Chance was applauded by the hosts of Good Morning America and all the fans in and outside the studio. This applause came after it was announced that Chance was the first rapper to break Billboard records with a stream-only album. No other rapper has ever come close to the amount of music Chance has sold through the Internet. Chance explained how the Internet is putting many music stores out of business. According to Chance, rappers can only make reasonable money through performing or selling music on the Internet. Chance can remember selling his home-made compact disks and cassette tapes on the street. He is sad to admit those days are over and are not coming back.


Chance concluded his interview by telling everyone where they can purchase his new music online. He also signed many autographs before he left the building. The Good Morning America hosts stated they loved having Chance on the show, and they hope to have him on the show again in the future. Rumors are circling that Chance does have a desire to go onto the Good Morning America show in the future.


Sunny Plumber, Tucson Has All Your Plumbing, Drain and Sewer Solutions

With its headquarters in Tucson Arizona, Sunny Plumber is specialized in water heater repairs, drain, and sewer, as well as plumbing. The company offers these services from installation to maintenance and repairs. It opened its doors in 1998. It has all the experience required for contemporary installations and maintenance to your plumbing, water heater, and drain and sewer systems.

Are you having any indoor or outdoor plumbing needs? Contact Sunny Plumber today and join the long list of happy clients. The Sunny Plumber Company will advise you on the right materials to use for any of your plumbing needs and will help you maintain the systems at the best possible conditions.

There are few or no homeowners in Tucson who choose to ignore indoor plumbing. Sunny Plumber understands the convenience that comes with a well installed and maintained internal and external plumbing system. The plumbing company will ensure that your house gives you the convenience and comfort that you deserve. Every home is prone to plumbing issues at some point. Having similar issues? Sunny Plumber will do a perfect job for you.

Your bathroom is one of the rooms that require heavy plumbing. Your family members need it for them to refresh, unwind and have a good shower time. Talk to Sunny Plumber and turn this important part of your house to a perfect relaxation room. In case you are in trouble with the plumbing in your bathroom, help is only a phone call away. Do not go through an inconvenience when expertise, skill, and experience lie unused at Sunny Plumber.

Are you a property owner? Do you understand the risk your property is in if the plumbing system is not right? Why not talk to Sunny Plumber and increase the value of your property!

Goettl Air Conditioning Shows Generosity To Las Vegas Families

Goettl Air Conditioning is based in Tempe, AZ but they also operate in Tucson and are now growing in the Las Vegas market. They have been such a highly reviewed company because they emphasize doing the job right and completing it up to every specification in the book. Goettl has primarily serviced residential customers over the years, but they’ve entered light commercial installation and repair work recently. Goettl’s technicians don’t just recommend the largest most powerful unit to customers, but instead perform careful calculations to make sure all units will perform at maximum efficiency and ultimately save customers operating costs. They also offer ongoing maintenance plans to customers.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded back in 1939 by Adam and Gust Goettl and while times and management have changed at the company over the years, the values of treating customers like family have not changed. Ken Goodrich is currently the CEO of the company and he has also been instrumental in forging partnerships with several other companies including the Sunny Plumber. Goettl has given back to the community several times throughout the years including sponsoring a scholarship for former military members to receive training in HVAC certification, and also offering free repair services to underprivileged families on occasion.

One act of generosity was repairing the air conditioning system of an older Las Vegas couple during the hot summer months. Thanks to both Goettl and the Sunny Plumber, that couple was able to maintain a cool home and not have to worry about health problems related to extreme heat. Goettl also replaced the heating system of the Stephenson family this last Christmas. Their old heating system had been costing hundreds each month, and thanks to Goettl’s new zone-controlled heating they were able to cut their costs in half and save for other important expenses.


Traveling Vineyard Wines

Wine lovers and entrepreneurs alike are celebrating The Traveling Vineyard’s business model.

Utilizing the wildly successful and popular practice of hiring independent sales consultants, The Traveling Vineyard allows wine aficionados to have their own business selling wine at home parties and similar events. By doing so, consultants are able to get all the benefits of working from home and customers benefit from tasting several different wines before making a purchase.

The Traveling Vineyard fully supports its Wine Guides. Although they give these consultants the flexibility to choose their own hours and work the way they choose, The Traveling Vineyard makes sure that they do so with full access to the materials, supplies and answers they need. Whenever a guide makes a sale, they simply enter it online and The Traveling Vineyard does the rest, from processing the order to shipping it directly to the customer so there is no need to deliver.

Customers love the business model as well as the entrepreneurs who become consultants. Home parties allow wine lovers to get together in a casual and relaxing setting while tasting various wines. When they find one they like, they can simply purchase it from their consultant and wait for it to arrive at their door. When the bottle is empty, customers simply contact their sales consultant and reorder all their favorites.

A quick visit to the company’s social media sites makes it clear that the brand’s quality wines are loved and praised by many wine drinkers across the nation. The company is also actively involved with site visitors and Wine Guides alike, offering excellent customer service and consultant support.

Maggie Gill Continues Her Successful Career Progression:

Maggie Gill is the illustrious and well-received CEO of Memorial Health in Savannah, Georgia. Recently, Maggie announced her decision to further progress her professional career, in the way of looking in new directions. She is exiting Memorial Health, as its CEO. The health care institution is located in Savannah, Georgia. The decision to part friendly ways with the predominant health care provider is that of Maggie’s own decision. She has provided a great deal of leadership, over the years, at the healthcare institution. Memorial, naturally will miss the leadership directives of Ms. Gill; however, wishes Maggie all the best. Ms. Gill’s outstanding career is the focus of this article:

Maggie joined Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC), in 2004. At the time, she assumed the role of Vice President of Finance and Managed Care. Her next role was that of MUMC’s Chief Operating Officer. This post was attained in 2005. Maggie was named President and CEO of Memorial Health in 2011.

Gill, in her role as CEO, provides leadership of all V.P.s, Senior V.P.s and Physician Leaders, at the hospital. She is responsible, too, for physician relations, governmental relations, the internal auditing operation, the MHUP–which stands for Memorial Health University Physicians, the Orthopedic and Neuroscience Programs, the Heart and Vascular Institute, the Financial Assistance unit, the area of Corporate Communications, the Facilities Management area, Trauma Services, and the Perioperative Services area. Obviously, as evidenced from what Ms. Gill, oversees, anyone who follows after Ms. Gill has “big shoes” to fill.

Maggie Gill, during her tenure, has made vast improvements, according to various members of the Board. Naturally, her decision to pursue other professional interests has surprised Board members; however, Ms. Gill is more than pleased to stay on board, until, which time, the Board of MUMC finds a person to step into her current role. The transition, by way of Gill’s co-operation, is one that is smooth.

Prior to her leadership role, at MUMC, Gill spent five years, as the CFO of the Tenet South Florida Health System. Gill received Tenet’s “Outstanding CFO” award on three separate occasions.

Ms. Gill, worked at Palmetto General Hospital, located in Hialeah, Florida; the North Shore Medical Center, in Miami, Florida, and the Coral Gables Hospital—located in Coral Gables, Florida—while employed by the Tenet South Florida Health System.

Academically speaking, Maggie earned a Bachelor’s Degree—with Honors, from Florida State University. She earned an MBA Degree, with Honors, from Saint Leo University, in Florida. Gill has completed courses, at the Wharton School, in way of “Strategic Thinking,” and “Management.”