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George Soros’ Political Contributions And Reaction To The Recent Election

In the recent U.S. Presidential elections, George Soros emerged as a top funder of the Democrats. He had reduced his political funding after he spent $27 million in 2004 in an attempt to defeat George W. Bush. According to the records maintained by the Federal Elections Commission, Soros gave or committed over $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton along with other Democratic candidates and causes on Forbes. Based on Democratic fundraising managers and his associates, Soros’ contributions were expected to increase as the Election Day neared.

Soros made a fortune of around $24.9 million via risky currency trades. George Soros had planned to attend his initial Democratic convention and be part of the audience to witness Clinton accept her nomination. However, due to trading engagements, the 85-year-old billionaire opted to monitor the economic situation in Europe.

In the last elections, Soros was more active and politically engaged than he had been in previous years. According to people close to him, he was motivated by several factors on, including his faith in Clinton. They have been friends for over 25 years. He was also inspired by the fear of President elect Donald Trump’s policies, who was Clinton’s Rival from GOP. Soros felt that the GOP rival was doing the job of ISIS by stirring up fear.

Michael Vachon, Soros’ political advisor noted that Soros had consistently contributed to Democratic Causes on Investopedia. However, in the last elections, the political stakes were remarkably high. According to him, there was disquiet even prior to Trump becoming the Republican Party nominee. This is due to the hostility of the republicans towards several issues that Soros cares most about. Soros believes that Trump would not take some issues seriously. Over the years, George Soros has supported numerous noble causes. He has been actively involved in spearheading different reform agendas, including criminal justice reform, immigration reform, as well as religious tolerance.

Following Trump’s election as the next U.S. president, George Soros alongside other rich liberals that heavily contributed millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign had a meeting in Washington. The close-door meeting was held for three days with the goal of retooling to fight back against the newly elected president, Trump. The Democracy Alliance donor club sponsored the conference. It was held at Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington. Leaders of the top unions as well as liberal groups attended the meeting. Additionally, notable people were present at the conference, including the left favorites like Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic leader, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison, the Congressional Progressive Caucus- chairman.

This was the first major conference of the left after the shocking victory of Trump over Clinton. The meeting was a clear indication that the liberals planned to take on Trump from his first day in office. In the conference, some people dealt with the issue of the 2017 and 2018 elections. Others zeroed in on spoiling Trump’s 100-day plan. The gathering came at a period when many liberals were reexamining their approach to politics in addition to the role of the Democracy Alliance.

Balance between work, home life and philanthropy through the eyes of Maggie Gill

Margret Gill is the President and CEO at Memorial Health. She has been working with the group since 2004. When she joined, she was offered the position of Vice President of the managed care section. In 2005, she became the chief operating officer. It was in 2011 that she was appointed as the CEO, a position that she has been holding till now. She provides leadership for all the vice presidents and physician leaders at MUMC. She has a wealth of experience in the industry.

Other experiences that she was part of before joining MUMC include her 5 year stay at the Tenet South Florida Healthcare system. Here, she was acting as the chief financial officer. She was awarded for her outstanding performance as a CFO. She has also worked with the North Shore Medical Center in Miami and the Coral Gables Hospital located in Coral Gables, Florida.

She studies at the University of Florida and graduated with honors in Finance. She proceeded to do her MBA at the St. Leo University in Florida. Other educational experiences include her coursework at the Wharton School of Strategic Thinking and Management.

Maggie believes that success in business leadership is not something that just happens. One has to create balance between their home environment and the workplace. Cooperation, rather than competition is what makes her manage all the junior leaders that have been placed under her leadership and steer the company toward great heights of success. The exemplary business leadership hasn’t been lost to the business community. The hospital received seven awards at the Annual Health Care Heroes Awards. The hospital under the leadership of Maggie can only get better as time goes by.

When Maggie is not working, she is either spending time with loved one or at a variety of her favorite pastimes which include traveling and philanthropy.


Capital Group Provides Diversified Portfolios for Successful Businesses

The Capital Group ranks top in the list of investment management firms across the world. With Timothy Armour being part of the team, the company was delighted to announce the election of Tim as Head and Chairman of the enterprise. Tim served as the Chairman of the Capital Group’s management committee as well as the Research Department. Joining the other senior executives like Rob Lovelace and Phil Toledo, Tim’s roles included the implantation of communication and the overseeing of all business strategies and operations. The change in leadership reflected the Capital Group’s future success and was officiated when Jim Rothenberg passed on.

Career and Education
Based in Los Angeles, Timothy Armour serves as Chairman at Capital Group. He is also the principal executive of the company. With his vast experience in investment and business, Timothy makes an excellent portfolio manager. He has an experience of over 32 years in Capital Group hence his appointment as Chairman. In the commencement of his career, Armour managed global telecommunications as well as The United States companies of service. His career developed from Capital Group where he served as an Associates programmer. He graduated from the College of Middlebury with a bachelor’s degree having majored in Economics.

View Timothy Armour’s business profile for more information.

History of Capital Group

Since its establishment in 1931, Capital Group has been primarily focused on providing the best consistent results for investors through highly crafted portfolios, rigorous research in addition to personal accountability. Capital Group serves private investors, financial mediators and investment banks across the world via providing diversified products and services. The services incorporate American Funds and are among the largest and best mutual funds firm in America through asset management. Being a private company with an independent charter, Capital Group focuses on meeting the client’s long-term demands. It has affiliates in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia with approximately 7,500 associates.


Capital Group operates through the mission statement of providing superior, long-term investment services for clients. The company offers packages for corporations, public sector, retirement benefits and pension as well as nonprofit organizations. The listed businesses highly depend on Capital Group for success and the growth of assets. At Capital Group, they offer equity, balanced portfolios of investment and fixed incomes through free accounts managed separately in addition to pooled funds. The team focuses on providing practice management to assist financial advisors in developing workable solutions for clients.

Click here to learn more about Timothy Armour.


Read White Shark Media Reviews

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Final Thoughts

White Shark Media is a young and modern company that knows a thing or two about digital marketing and helping you succeed. If you are ready to work with a company that truly wants to help you succeed, there isn’t a better name in the industry for you to look at. White Shark Media reviews are waiting. Read them, then decide for yourself. It won’t take long to learn firsthand that this is the best digital marketing company that you could ever possibly work with.

Atlanta Hawks’ previous owners file suit against AIG

AHBE LLC has filed a lawsuit against AIG for their failure to pay claims relating to the termination of Danny Ferry, who had been the General Manager of the team. The ABHE were the owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise and Bruce Levenson was a controlling partner.

The suit, claiming that AIG acted in bad faith and failed to honor an existing contract, was filed in Fulton County (Georgia) on September 13, 2016. ABHE had an existing policy to cover loss claims involving “Wrongful Termination” and “Workplace Torts”. They contend that the claims asserted by Ferry should have been covered under the policy. According to the suit, AIG has failed to concede that a claim was made and that those claims should have prompted the policy to pay out.

The lawsuit is unrelated to the current ownership group, led by Forbes billionaire Antony Ressler and Grant Hill, and while they have acknowledged the existence of the lawsuit, they have nothing more to say on the matter.

Mr. Levenson is the co-founder of Unified Communications Group (UCG), a company known for its award-winning content and conferences. Along with Ed Peskowitz, Levenson started the company in 1977 with an initial focus on the energy industry. The company was one of the first to distribute information in an electronic format, allowing them to deliver the news in a way that was well-timed to the industry’s needs. UCG has continued to grow and prosper, adapting to the changing market needs. The company created the popular GasBuddy app, which is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

Mr. Levenson is a graduate of Washington University and the law school at American University. His philanthropic endeavors have included working with the I Have a Dream Foundation and the Hoop Dreams Foundation.

Rapper Kodak Black Makes Video Under House Arrest

The young rapper Kodak Black made news recently. Just one week ago he was released from prison. In imitation of Gucci Mane, he created a music video while under house arrest. The name of the song featured in the video is “There He Go.” In the video, he is filmed hanging out with friends and dancing around. The 19 year old was born and raised In Pompano Beach, Florida. He appears happy in the video and uses provocative lines that surprise you.


He was released into house arrest after paying $100,000 in bail money to the state of South Carolina. The rapper says that he is happy to be home with his family and friends. He is grateful for the love and support of his fans and wants to focus on creating more music. He is eager for the chance to clear his name and do good work in the future. He has long said that his goal in life is to be the illest rapper alive. Fans can look to his Instagram account for news on a fresh tape that he will be releasing. He says that he is working tirelessly each day to put new music out there. He also stated that “If God Is With You Who Can Be Against You.” You can read more about Kodak Black and his music here.


Big Sean Shows Love For Butts and Wolves In New Video

Big Sean has created a new music video which many describe as an absolute feast for the senses. It is a psychedelic song full of soul and rhyme. The director of the video is The Kid Studio. Its artistry is a mixture of spiritual images, fire, wolves, butts, water and nature. It has a chaotic feeling to it and it uses the booty of an attractive dancer in a metaphor involving Jesus. By all means, these images shouldn’t come together gracefully. Somehow they do. Sean appears in the video in prayer on top of a roof wearing vibrant, rocking clothes. He hangs out at a bar in the middle of the desert and argues with his critics.


The song is called “Bounce Back.” On his twitter, Big Sean said that in life the odds don’t work in your favor every time but real people bounce back eery time. He wants fans to know they shouldn’t give up even when things aren’t going their way. Big Sean is originally from Detroit. This song is a follow-up to “No More Interviews,” which he released in October. He has plans to release another album with his girlfriend Jhene Aiko in the near future. People who love Big Sean’s music have a lot to look forward to in the coming year. You can read more about him and his upcoming work at his twitter profile.


Laidlaw and Company Offers Excellent Investment Tips

Relmada’s Lawsuit



According to the New York Newswire published on January 26th, 2016, Relmada Therapeutics Inc filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw and Company. Relmada Therapeutics is a company focused on generating initial therapies for chronic pain treatment. The movement to file an implemented complaint against the law firm is a component of the lawsuit. The company had initially filed the case in the District Court of Nevada. The complaint included an extra-legal case linked to a breach of contract by Laidlaw firm.



Breach of Contract



According to the case, Laidlaw Firm disclosed Relmada’s confidential information having acquired it from serving as the firm’s investment banker. In addition to the breach of contract, Relmada is demanding monetary compensation from the damages incurred during their response to Laidlaw’s false information and surrogate materials. The Court of Nevada previously issued a restraining order against Laidlaw firm and its two principals James Ahern and Matthew Eitner because of providing false information and proxy materials.



About Laidlaw



Laidlaw & Company is a high ranking investment banking and brokerage company. It specializes in providing personalized investment advice in addition to skillful execution to public and private institutions. It also offers investment services to high net worth investors at a personal level. With 170 years legacy in investment and banking, the firm focuses on the demands of domestic and international businesses, entrepreneurs and individual clients worldwide.



Laidlaw has an ever developing network of offices across and within the United States and Europe. It also has over 150 employees working under FCA authorization and while registered under FINRA. The two approvals allow the firm to generate relationships while pursuing new businesses and services while servicing clients globally. Laidlaw is characterized by an entrepreneurial relationship featured by a strong work ethic. For the employees, it is usually important to think outside the box by creating innovative strategies for investment.

Isaac Hayes’ Entire Stax Catalog Gets Digitally Remastered For iTunes

Apple continues its domination of the music industry with the recent release of 12 iconic albums by soul legend Isaac Hayes. His entire Stax Records catalog has been remastered from the original analog tapes and are now available on iTunes for purchase.


The list includes such souls classics as Hot Buttered Soul, Black Moses, and the seminal Shaft soundtrack. These albums will be part of the Mastered for iTunes editions.


According to Dave Cooley, the engineer tasked with remastering these albums, the remastered tracks will be as close to the original source material as possible. Cooley said he has taken every measure to maintain the original production team’s intent.


Cooley os confident that fans of Isaac Hayes will appreciate the “renewed resolution” of the instruments and of Hayes’ voice.


Isaac Hayes recorded 12 albums for Stax from 1969 to 1976 and this is the first time any of these have been available in digital form.


Here is a complete list of Issac Hayes’ remastered digital albums that are now available on iTunes:

Hot Buttered Soul, 1969

The Isaac Hayes Movement, 1970

…To Be Continued, 1970

Black Moses, 1971

Shaft (Music From The Soundtrack), 1971

Joy, 1973

Live At The Sahara Tahoe, 1973

Truck Turner (Original Soundtrack), 1974

Tough Guys (Original Soundtrack), 1974

Chocolate Chip, 1975

Groove-A-Thon, 1976

Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak), 1976


Rapper Lil Yachty Shares His Thoughts

The famed rapper Lil Yachty is making news recently. He is finishing 2016 with an appearance in the men’s style section of “The New York Times”. This will be his first time on the cover of a major newspaper section. He is 19 years old, and he models designer shoes. He shows off an impressive collection of outfits that display his personality. The young man has had a rapid rise to fame in the extremely competitive music industry. Those who know him say he exudes unshakeable confidence.


In the accompanying interview, Lil Yachty says that he is not just a rap artist. He considers himself to be a brand. He has named himself “king of the teens” and shares his thoughts on why his fans have such a deep love for him. He believes it is because of his authenticity. In his music, he never raps about smoking or drinking. He doesn’t do those things in his personal life, so they have no place in his music. He only puts things in his lyrics that reflect his genuine character.


He believes that the youth of America relate to him because they are similar to him in many ways. He wants to extend his reach around the globe. It looks like he just may succeed. He has been featured as a model by Kanye West and appeared in a commercial with Lebron James. All this excitement is occurring as he releases a new song in collaboration with A$AP Ferg to his fans. You can read more about Lil Yachty’s rise to prominence here.