2017 Best Hip Hop and R & B Albums

2016 was a great year for R&B and hip-hop, thanks to remarkable albums from Beyoncé (Lemonade), Frank Ocean (Blonde), and Chance the Rapper (Coloring Book). With 2017 coming to a close, here is a list of the albums that have made a mark in the minds of listeners:

Kendrick Lamar (Damn)

Damn by Kendrick Lamar provides listeners with 55 minutes of stunning, exhilarating, and thrilling artistry. This being his 3rd label release, Kendrick comes out as unpredictable, introspective, and very honest. Each song is different, representing a unique world. But they can all be interwoven to depict a man committed to his fight against vices and his continued search for God.

Drake (More Life)

In More Life, Drake delivers a playlist that is not only well polished but one that stands out due to its all-star production. With this release, Drake chose to ditch the traditional album format, instead choosing to go with something that helps him deliver a more carefree attitude. The playlist does not take itself seriously in any way, which enables it delivers a standout performance. More Life is also a clear step up from all his past efforts.

Rick Ross (Rather You Than Me)

“Rather You Than Me” is Rick Ross’s 9th studio album. Rick Ross delivers refreshing honesty using his lyricism throughout the album. But it also strikes a balance between his traditional Mafioso imagery and the luxury boasts while also delivering cleaver lyrics all through. He has used his experience in the rap game to repackage the album in a manner that helps him portray his strengths in a project that embodies all the qualities that have him the rapper he is today.

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