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OSI Group Named in Forbes List of Largest Private American Companies

The OSI Group, a global provider of processed meats and foods, was recently named in Forbes magazine’s coveted list of largest private American companies. Representatives from the OSI Group recently discussed being named to the list during a press conference with an Illinois weekly business magazine. To celebrate the addition of the OSI Group to the Forbes list, the company’s CEO discussed the history of the company and described the way the company developed from a family-based business in the Chicago area to a global conglomerate worthy of a mention from Forbes. Sheldon Lavin, the company’s chairman and CEO, stated that the company has grown to become number 58 on the Forbes list of largest private American companies because the company has always focused on the establishment of relationships with successful corporations and customers.

Establishment of Relationships With Successful Corporations

Lavin discussed the OSI Group’s development of successful business relationships in the early days of the company’s history. The OSI Group opened as a small family business in the early part of 1909. The year it opened, the company’s founder, Otto Kolschowsky, developed a relationship with the founders of the McDonald’s restaurant, which was new at the time. Through this relationship, the OSI eventually became the primary supplier of McDonald’s which grew larger and larger with each passing year. As the franchise grew, the OSI Group became more and more successful and eventually provided meat production services for several national and local restaurants in the United States. After acquiring the business of several large grocery suppliers in North America, the OSI Group became on of the largest private companies in the United States and was slowly becoming a global brand. By the year 2000, the OSI Group had developed relationships with several large restaurant franchises in Europe and Asia and had established a global presence.

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Establishment of Relationships With Customers

Sheldon Lavin also discussed the importance of the OSI Group’s early establishment of relationships with customers and its role in the success and future expansion of the company. During the OSI Group’s early days of operation in the Chicago area, Otto Kolschowsky ensured the company’s success by carefully creating lasting relationships between himself and his local customers. By the time Kolschowsky was ready to hand the reigns of the company down to his sons, the OSI Group had established a stellar reputation with local businesses and local customers. Customers in the Chicago area shopped for meat from the OSI Group because they trusted Kolschowsky and had experienced the quality of his product.

Otto Kolschowsky is now known as a business owner who had a vast understanding of multi-generational vision. The businessman believed in the principals of small-town business and was sure to pass these ideals down to his sons and employees. The simple principal of relational development caused a great deal of the initial success that the OSI Group experienced. This principal is, in fact, the reason that the company is now among the leading private companies in America.

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Treat Your Hair To The Ultimate Cleansing Experience

Hair care once seemed a simple process. Shampoo, repeat, condition, dry and style. With so many options available for hair care, it can be difficult to choose which option is best for you. Because most shampoos contain ingredients that are actually harmful to our hair, excessive washing can cause more bad than good. Fortunately, a new option free of harsh dyes and chemicals has appeared on the hair care scene. If you have stayed awake into the wee hours of the night binge watching your favorite TV shows, you have likely seen an advertisement for the WEN hair cleansing system. WEN offers all natural all-in-one cleansing option for all hair types, promising healthier tresses with regular use.

In a recent Bustle article, blogger Emily McGuire shared her seven day WEN journey with us. From start to finish, we get a first hand account of her experience with the hair cleansing system, along with a detailed review of the product. Starting her experiment after a busy day, McGuire figured it was a great way to truly put WEN to the test. As the instructions stated, she applied a generous portion of the product to her hair and began washing away. She noted noticeably thicker and fuller hair as she washed-something that entices us all. She also noticed that she was watching much less hair go down the drain than usual, also a win for the WEN system.

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Over the course of her seven day experiment, McGuire was continuously satisfied with her results. Though she mentioned that her hair was a bit more oily than usual while using the WEN hair cleansing system, she also noticed noticeably thicker and fuller hair in less than one week of use. Overall, WEN seems to be a great daily cleansing solution for those with fine hair.

Using a product that is free of harmful chemicals promotes healthier, cleaner and fuller tresses. The WEN system is composed of all natural ingredients, and formulated to help reverse and repair years of damage. Your hair is your natural covering, it shields and protects you, and even has the ability to make you feel good from within. Choosing a cleansing system that protects the essential oils and minerals produced by your hair helps support an promote beautiful, healthier more manageable hair. WEN is formulated to work with the natural oils produced by your hair to create the ultimate cleansing experience and transform your tresses once and for all.

What You Need to Know to Become a Successful UK Vintner

It’s a hands-on job that requires your presence at every stage of the process. Those who pursue it as a career spend countless hours engaging in all sorts of activities to ensure the final product satisfies the consumer. This is the real life of a vintner and it is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Who is a Vintner?

A vintner is a winemaker but their job description dictates they be available at every level of production—from growing the grapes to delivering the final product to the consumer. Together with the viticulturist, they inspect the vineyard ensuring the crop is healthy and up to par. The vintner in the United Kingdom will then select the best grapes, test their quality in a lab, and determine ones that end up in the wine barrels for fermentation.

UK vintners will tend to the cellars, inspecting every barrel and the maturity of the wine. Finally, these vintners will be present when the packing and arranging of wine crates is happening and even help in the distribution and marketing process.

What It Takes To Be a Vintner

Wondering what it takes to become a vintner in the UK? As a standard rule, anyone who would want to become a winemaker must first go to school and study the art. There are plenty of universities that offer courses on enology and viticulture. The same courses in wine making are provided online as well, thus making it easy to attain your education from any part of the world.

Wine making involves a lot of knowledge in chemical reactions, thus it may not be your cup of tea if you never liked your chemistry set. On the other hand, some of the famous vintners in the UK learned everything they know on the job; so yes, you can also learn through apprenticeship. Only when seeking a job to work at a winery is when a university degree is deemed important.

But above all, you have to be really passionate about oenology to be successful in it. The working hours are ridiculous and you have to be really attentive to details. Every step of the production requires your presence, sometimes as a far as marketing the end product to potential buyers—you clean the barrels after shipping off the product, you are at the vineyard everyday checking if your crop is healthy, you are at the chemistry lab testing PH, alcohol levels among other activities. You also have to be physically fit if you are going to be lifting and loading crates on trucks.

Ultimately, working as a UK Vintner is really exciting as you get the chance to really see the fruit of your labor through the appreciation of your final products. What’s more, wine is revered beverage among the rich and wealthy, so you are definitely on the right career path.

Learn more about winemaking and UK Vintners here.

Jason Hope Is a Scottsdale Entrepreneur Who Sees a Connected Future on the Horizon

It can be said that the future is technology and that technology is the future. There are devices in our daily lives today that we all take for granted that would have seemed amazing to the most ardent technophile just two decades ago. Smartphones and tablets are probably the best examples of such devices. They bring a level of mobile computing power to our fingertips today that would have required us to be stationary at a bulky desktop computer such a short time ago. As connected and advanced as we think we are today, we haven’t seen anything yet.

A futurist by the name of Jason Hope has written extensively about the up-and-coming phenomenon known as the internet of things. This term basically means that the degree of connectivity between our devices in the near future will make us look completely unconnected today in comparison. Mr Hope, a graduate of Arizona State University, writes extensively about technology connectivity and what it will mean for our lives. Essentially, the common items in our homes and workplaces will communicate with each other and ourselves. In one example, after your alarm clock wakes you up, it may tell your coffee maker to start brewing your coffee. In another example, if your car is stuck in traffic, it may automatically notify your workplace that you will be late.

Jason Hope is also a tech entrepreneur, which blends in perfectly with being a futurist and his interest in the internet of things. Jason’s articles on this subject have covered how it will enable us to live healthier lives, explored various niches within this upcoming reality, made predictions about its impact on our future and speculated on whether it could possibly live up to all the hype. Another obvious subject of interest in his writings, and those of others, has been on the issue of security. The potential dangers from hacking in such a connected world cannot be underestimated.

Jason’s work in the technology sector has focused on numerous areas including the development of mobile apps, desktop software, gaming software and devices that enable greater connectivity in order to utilize the promise of technology to improve peoples’ lives. It is this last area of work interest that translates so perfectly into the enthusiastic embrace of the coming world of unparalleled connectivity. Entrepreneurs and futurists, such as Jason Hope are helping to open the door to a much larger world for people around the globe.

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IAP Worldwide: Expert Service Provider

We are a leading universal services company that has been in existence for more than 65 years. IAP is situated in Washington, D.C. and has over 2,000 employees in 25 nations around the globe. IAP Worldwide provides a wide variety of services to the United States and overseas governments in support of national security operations, and global charitable missions. Our clients can also access immense global procurement linkage to enable them sustain their operations.

We Are Dedicated to Making the Unmanageable Manageable

Are you faced with the most difficult challenge? Entrust IAP and it will deliver. We have what it takes to tackle problems speedily, creatively and in the most efficient manner on Facebook. We are a leading service provider of global-scale logistics, facilities management and advanced professional and technical services. IAP has the capability to function, uphold, construct and realistically sustain missions of any size and to take quick actions when it comes to supporting our customer’s needs.

IAP Worldwide Services’ contract with the US Navy

Recently the IAP worldwide service company landed a $15.6 million contract from the US Navy to offer support services to the Naval Air Station situated at River Patuxent, Md. The job entails administration supervision, working hours, working equipment, training and supplies, among others. The contract’s completion date was set for June 2017, and the amount could further increase to $ 45 million.

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IAP Worldwide Experts Contacted in Support of Hurricane

IAP Worldwide services are specialists when it comes to disaster management, and in a moment we are called to attend to them, we are always punctual. Our experts were contacted to provide the necessary support of Hurricane Mathew in FEMA regions IV, and V. Many teams have been deployed so as to support the states in support of Hurricane. IAP on Hoovers has not only been activated to provide assistance but also emergency power.

IAP As the Top Hiring Company in the US

IAPWorldwide Services has been known as the top hiring Company that provides various job opportunities to professionals in Operations, Program Management, General Management, Construction, Engineering, Accounting, and much more. It has also been named among the top 100 military Employers as ranked by GI Jobs Magazine.

If you’re interested in applying for any job or contract with us, feel free to visit our website and apply online. We always interact with our customers and employees in line with our core values – responsibility, respect, purpose, ingenuity and integrity.

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Fabletics Is Awesome

Fabletics is an awesome company that is headed by Kate Hudson. Her styles appeal to many women, and they are versatile, and easy to wear. She opened her company three years ago, and she has seen quite a bit of success since then. She has over 1,000,000 followers that keep up-to-date with the latest styles that she is selling. They want to know what she is offering so that they can add it to their wardrobe.

How Much Does Fabletics Bring In?

Fabletics has done a tremendous amount of business in the 3 years it has been in existence. It has become a business that brings in $250 million. Kate Hudson is so proud of the company, and she speaks openly about it being a tech powerhouse, and not just a fashion brand. This she is going to talk about at the next Code Commerce event with Recode’s.

What Makes Fabletics So Special?

One of the special parts of Fabletics is that it uses the online ability to look at costumer data. This is so they can have merchandise available in areas that like certain styles. When they do this, they are reaching, and pleasing their customers in a better way. In the past year, there have been several new stores opened, and there are plans to open many more in the future.

Other Interesting Facts About Fabletics

Fabletics is developing its reverse showroom. This technique was made popular by Warby Parker and Apple as an approach to retail. Fabletics concentrates on the people, accessibility and culture of an area in order to get the most from their business.

With all the positive aspects of Fabletics on Wikipedia, it looks like the future will be a great time for them. Kate Hudson has done a wonderful job in creating fashions that women will love to wear.

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Is Anyone Else in Love With EOS?

What is EOS? EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth and I am absolutely in love with their line of lip balms. I am allergic to gluten and petrolium, and I often find that these two ingredients are commonly used in beauty products. Therefor, I must be very choosey when shopping for makeup or I could risk breaking out in hives which is miserable to say the least.

It’s very hard for me to find a quality lip balm product that isn’t packed full of chemicals, or ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. EOS lip balm makes lip balm that is certified as organic, it doesn’t contain any gluten, or petroleum which is perfect for me.

So far I have only tried the smooth sphere style, and my two favorite flavors are summer fruit which smells like berries with a hint of peach, and the passion fruit that has a tropical scent.

This stuff just glides right on, feels amazing, and smells delicious. It stays on for several hours, and it makes your lips look very kissable. I think the Shea Butter and Vitamin E that it contains really protects your lips, and makes them look lucious.

Most of the natural balms that I have tried before tend to feel heavy, or greasy, with EOS I get a much lighter, smooth layer instead which is very pleasant.

One trick that I have found while using Evolution of Smooth is that it works very well as a lip primer, too. Now I apply it before I put on my lipstick, and after for an incredible look and feel. The products are available online via ulta and eBay (

In my opinion EOS offers a quality, inexpensive, lip balm that is certified as organic, looks, smells, tastes, and works great. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the luxury of Evolution of Smooth lip balm, you don’t know what you are missing. To learn more about the company and its products, visit


Don Ressler Knows How To Turn Trends Into Multi-Million Dollar Brands

Don Ressler, co-CEO of Techstyle (formerly Just Fab Inc.), has a gifted eye for fashion trends, which has turned his company into a multi-million dollar success story. As current co-CEO of several successful brands like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, Ressler’s keen understanding of online fashion retail has allowed Techstyle to become a leader in the world of e-commerce.

Ressler has been an online retail entrepreneur for more than 15 years, with many successful startups under his belt. In 2001, Ressler’s first company,, was purchased by Intermix Media. The COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, joined Ressler to start a new company, Alena Media, an e-commerce and performance advertising division. In 2005, Intermix was acquired by News Corporation, and the pair, now very good friends, chose to pursue other opportunities.

Ressler and Goldenberg knew that evolving online technology was going to take a major role in the success of online retail, and that because of the emergence of social media, online brands had to be more engaging than ever. With this knowledge, the pair formed Just Fab, an online retailer based on the subscription service business model. In 2010, the subscription service model was just beginning to take off, and Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler had the foresight to capitalize on it.

The pair knew that their brand had to be fun and socially engaging to appeal to consumers. The subscription service model is highly interactive, allowing consumers to fill out questionnaires about their fashion tastes. For a monthly fee, a shipment of new fashion merchandise is mailed directly to their door.

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With the enormous success of Just Fab, the company began to acquire smaller fashion brands across the world. In 2013, the pair teamed up with Kate Hudson to create Fabletics, a subscription-based online retailer focusing on the “athleisure” fashion trend. Since its creation, Fabletics has gone on to earn over $250 million, making it by far the most successful venture for the Just Fab company.

In 2016, Goldenberg and Don Ressler changed the name of their company to TechStyle Fashion Group. The new name signifies the company’s emphasis on their use of technology to develop fashion brands.

Today, the company is the parent brand of numerous successful online retailers. In addition to Fabletics, the company has also acquired ShoeDazzle and FabKids. The company is expected to close out 2016 with $650 million in revenue on, and the astounding success of Fabletics has earned the company a competitive presentation slot at the highly prestigious Code Commerce Series, hosted by Recode, the online technology website based in Silicon Valley. The brands which are overseen by Techstyle are continuing to pull in enormous revenue, ensuring that Techstyle is only going to continue to grow from here.


The contribution of Stephen Murray at CCMP capital

We all celebrate people’s success stories in investing, however, not many of us think about the process the person went through to be as influential as they currently are. One of the companies that have risen up from nothing to becoming one of the giants in the world of business is CCMP capital. The company started out as a group of conglomerates and very few of the current leaders were there except Stephen Murray. He rose from the bottom with the company till the top, and by the time he was resigning, he had steered it into the heights of success others only dream of.

The saddest thing about the CCMP story is that Steve started feeling unwell and had to resign for health reasons. He passed away earlier this year at the age of 52. He is one of the few business leaders that have perfected the virtue of patience. The promotion that had made him CEO at the company had been his dream for more than a decade. Regardless of the fact that other people kept getting their break in promotions to higher office, but he was still in the lower levels of management. His patience and hard work finally paid off as he got the chance to give the company the guidance he felt it needed.

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Steve Murray was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He got a keen interest in economics when he was very young. He attended the Boston College and studied economics, graduating with honors. He proceeded to the University of Columbia where he studied and attained his MBA. Stephen Murray worked with CCMP capital for 20 years before getting the promotion that made him the CEO. He was the CEO for 9 years and only resigned to take care of his health.

Other things that interested Murray were Philanthropy and entrepreneurship. He invested in private equities at the firm and also served at the board of several other companies in the process. These companies include Crestcom International and Octagon Credit Investors.

The company he was CEO to managed to rise from nothing to a capital base of 16 billion dollars. He had a very strong belief in teamwork and cooperation as opposed to unhealthy competition. Murray had prowess when it came to strategic planning and this is the reason why every business he touched became an instant hit. The charities that he took part in include the ‘Make a wish foundation’. This is aimed at getting children from poor backgrounds to got to college and graduate.

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George Soros’ Contribution to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and His Remarks after the Election Results

U.S. business magnate George Soros came out of the sea after years of inactivity to fund 2016 democratic presidential elections. He has been active in funding democratic politics and causes. The Federal Election Commission and Soros’ associates estimate that he funded Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates’ campaign to a tune of $25 million.

George Soros’ wealth portfolio stands at an estimated $24 billion, which he amassed through risky financial trades. The 85-year-old business mogul, who owes his roots in Hungary, had drawn up a plan to attend the Democratic convention to meet up with Hillary whom they have had more than 25-year relationship. However, he later shelved the plan to concentrate on monitoring the unfolding events in Europe. He actively returned to active trading after sitting out for many years.

People close to the billionaire said he started to get actively involved in political as the countdown drew nearer. His associates pointed out that his main motivation for actively engaging and funding Clinton campaign was due to his gut belief in Hillary Clinton, and the growing fear of the Republican candidate Donald Trump, who he views as a potential threat to democracy, by advancing undemocratic policies.

Michael Vachon, George Soros’ political advisor, in a statement, said that his client had been a donor towards Democratic Party causes for many years, but this year’s election is special. George Soros pointed out that the stakes in the previous elections have been equally high due to the hostilities perpetrated by other Republican candidates towards his Democratic policies, which he truly cares about, and has dedicated his entire life to defend. The causes he has dedicated his life to protect include religious tolerance, immigration reforms, and criminal justice reforms.

The all-out approach by Soros to expend cash to get the best of Trump was viewed among Democrats as a good sign for Hillary Clinton. Soros was even seen as able to influence other rich activists to chip in.

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Soros actions prompted other elite liberal donors to sign off big checks such as New York hedge funder, Don Sussman, who donated $13.2 million to different committees and campaigns, Tom Steyer , the San Francisco environmentalist, who donated to a tune of $31 million in 2016 alone and media magnates Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban, who both donated $11.1 million.

The entire effect of Soros’ mobilization of the rich donors really boosted Clinton’s campaign and its affiliated outside groups by building a strong financial base over tramp campaign. Some of the groups Soros funded include Immigrant Voters Win that was committed to boosting turnout among low Hispanic voters in main swing states. He donated an estimated $5 million towards the cause.

He also donated a further $5 million to an NGO dedicated to battling conservative campaigns to limit voting. The NGO, called the Voting Rights Trust, was in fact partly run by Marc Elias, Clinton’s campaign lawyer.

George Soros was upset about Trump’s win, but said that he will still work with NGOs, activists, and other groups to ensure that democracy is preserved. He particularly pointed out that he’ll focus on immigration, the justice system, and trade.