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Frank Ocean’s Producer Explains Album Delay

Fans of Frank Ocean have been eagerly awaiting his upcoming album Boys Don’t Cry for four years, since the release of his last album Channel Orange. The album was due to be released this July, but the month came and went without any new music. Then, after a video of Frank Ocean working surfaced, the New York Times announced that the album would be released on August 5. Much to the chagrin and frustration of fans, Boys Don’t Cry is still nowhere to be seen. Since then, fans have tweeted jokes, created memes, and filmed pleading Vine videos as a way to cope with their annoyance.

As a way to address fan’s concerns, Frank Ocean’s producer Malay lead an AMA (Ask Me Anything) discussion on Reddit on August 15. Many fans expressed their frustration and disappointment but many asked similar questions: when will Boys Don’t Cry finally drop? Malay tried to defend both himself and Frank Ocean by responding in an understanding yet firm way.

“First of all, we massively appreciate and love you guys. Frank has told me this himself many times.” Malay said. “To be fair tho, art cannot be rushed. It’s about making sure the perfect aesthetic for the situation has been reached. To do that takes constant tweaking, trial, and error. That goes for any creative situation.”

Though fans can hold onto what little hope they still feel, do not expect to see Boys Don’t Cry anytime soon. In the meantime, fans can download an app that scans iTunes, Spotify, and Twitter and will send them a link to the new album when it finally is released.

This Savage Life

The meteoric ascent of Atlanta based rapper 21 Savage has been something to behold. A magnetic, albeit controversial figure, Savage never appears to be playing a character. His attitude in unflappable. In interviews he appears unsparingly honest, even vulnerable. Look no further then his interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ as reviewed here: Your text to link… in which he delves into deeply personal, tragic events without pause. In an industry largely occupied by performers prone to self-aggrandizement and dramatization, 21 Savage is a breathe of fresh air. His tales of ‘trap life’ and the pitfalls of gun violence are anything but glamorous. If one were to compare him to another artist, he is something like DMX of the deep south. Like X, 21 Savage can stand alone. 21 Savage is the opposite of ‘thirsty’. He isn’t concerned whether you like him or not, nor is he concerned with the latest hip-hop trends or brand recognition. He doesn’t need the approval of the consumer. At no point does Savage feel the need to explain himself, to wax poetic about the trauma he’s endured. Most recently, he released his most powerful work to date, a nine-track album produced by Metro Boomin entitled ‘Savage Life’. A fierce piece of work that is unrepentant, occasionally tender and occasionally terrifying. The production suits 21 Savage’s delivery perfectly. The album is haunting and sparse, both infectious and ice-cold. The lyrics recount moments of horrific violence interspersed with heartbreak. Ultimately 21 Savage, no matter how you cut it, is an artist to be revered and recognized. He is a poet of the trap, a true original and ‘Savage Life’ is his opus.

The Return Of The G

For any serious connoisseur of west coast hip-hop, the recent emergence of the Compton, California by way of Vancouver, BC based duo, LNDN DRGS has been celebratory to say the least. After signing with ‘Fools Gold Records’, the group, comprised of rapper Jay Worthy and producer Sean House, unleashed their debut, a G-Funk inspired masterwork, ‘Aktive’ on unsuspecting ears in the fall of 2015, showcasing a unique blend of bass-heavy sample-based beats laced with laid back raps chronicling southern California street life. If interested, check out their page at Your text to link… The project, while emblematic of DJ Quik’s best work, is referential while original. It features verses from up an coming artists like YG Hootie and rap veterans like Krayzie Bone. Furthermore, the release was one the last albums featuring the late ASAP Yams, and included artwork from Joe Cool, the man responsible for the iconic cover-art of Snoop Dogg’s debut ‘Doggystyle’. Since the release of ‘Aktive’, LNDN DRGS remained relatively quiet until recently returning with a five-song sophomore effort to satiate their burgeoning fan-base entitled ‘Burnout 2’, and it is quite the record. In so many words it sounds like a G-Funk fan’s fever dream, with Sean House’s borderline psychedelic production blending seamlessly with Jay Worthy’s rhymes detailing the ups and downs of Los Angeles gang life. Despite it’s short runtime, ‘Burnout 2’ is one of those rare pieces of recent music that is sans disposable tunes. It is true gangster rap, both filthy and pulchritudinous. It sounds tragic, intoxicating and undeniably fresh. In short, LNDN DRGS are here to stay and will continue to shatter speakers well into the unforeseeable future.

Kanye West Rolls Ahead with the Life of Pablo

People were not sure what they would do with the Kanye West, “The Life of Pablo,” album. It was promoted by West himself as a gospel album. Kirk Franklin made a guest appearance and the album opened with prayer. Fans had no reason but to assume that things would on the right track as West promised. This would turn out to be the exact opposite of a gospel album though. Some critics praised it; many fans were just confused by what seemed like an unpolished mess of a project.

Still, Kanye West has decided to roll full steam ahead. He has released a video for wolves that features lots of models along with wife Kim Kardashian. This is a little less controversial than the “Famous” single that features a lot of “not safe for work” content. Kanye has managed to do what so many people have not been able to do. He attracts attention to his music regardless of what other people may think. He is a lightning rod for controversy so he fits quite well into the Kardashian family.

Fans have decided to write off “The Life of Pablo” as a stranger transition into a stripped down version of the new Kanye West. In the album he mentions how fans are talking about missing the old Kanye that was known for sped up samples of old soul classics. West is definitely a different man. He has not been the same since his mother passed.

The focus right now is leaning more towards getting a clothing line. Somehow he manages to keep the controversy high with Taylor Swift as he continues promoting his new sound.

The Polished Diary of J-Dilla Comes to Life

Every now and then there will be an album by a deceased artist that is actually worth releasing after they are deceased. This is rare. “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory” album by 2 Pac was a worthy release that seemed incredibly coherent and untouched with any type of shady production. Most albums from stars that have passed on simply retouched projects where people labels are trying to make money off the deceased. The J-Dilla “Diary” project could have come off in this way, but this previously lost album surprises as a strong testament to the strength of J-Dilla’s production skills. There is a full length album with lots of guest stars. There is also an instrumental version of the album – in true Dilla fashion – floating around as well.

The album has been touched up for the sake of preserving what was previously incomplete. Pete Rock and Madlib lend a hair to the production process. This album shows that the hip hop world lost someone great when J-Dilla died. He was truly building up a legacy as a producer that seemed to do the impossible on the boards. J-Dilla was underrated, but he was bound to get his props if he would have continued to produce such stellar gems for artists like Common and a Tribe Called Quest.

There are a lot of people that are still discovering J-Dilla for the first time because they are digging through crates of older hip hop songs. “The Diary” explores a time when J-Dilla was in place to piece together old school funk and soulful sounds for a lot of artists that wanted his sound.

Goettl Air Conditioning, the best for HVAC Services!

You may have heard disturbing stories of poor workmanship from air-conditioning contractors who not only mess up the AC units, but also damage it further. In fact, the Internet is full of such tales because AC and heating services are expansive and customers are always looking for value-for-money service. Once betrayed, they are quick to share their disgust with others.

On the other side of the spectrum are businesses that try to offer a highly personalized service without overcharging customers. Some of these are family-owned business like Goettl Air Conditioning, based in Phoenix, Arizona. The success of the business and its history dates back to 1939, when two friendly locals, Gust and Adam Goettl, started their workshop. Not only it was one of the most innovative workshops of its time, but the level of service was also unmatched. Fast-forward, 76 years later, the service level has not diminished. Still, there are hundreds of customers on the Internet, who post positive comments on social media, sharing their delight regarding the friendly and highly professional service they get from Goettl workers. Perhaps, the A+ distinction of the business speaks volume about the integrity and honesty of this family-owned enterprise. While the quality of service from some HVAC contractors remain inconsistent, others such as Goettl are setting a benchmark in their industry.

Today, Goettl Air Conditioning offers services related to air-conditioning, heating, air-quality, commercial HVAC and energy efficiency. As for AC service, the company is known to provide matchless value for installation, repair and cleaning of AC units. Irrespective of the size of the task, customers are assured of high-level of workmanship. Likewise, Goettl has decades of experience in taking care of heating units that can include anything from furnaces to heat pumps and in-floor radiant heating systems.

Fixing the indoor air-quality is another task that the company is famous for. By analyzing the environment, Goettl technicians are trained to recommend and offer services for high-quality humidifiers, UV germicidal lights and related products. All of the above services are also implemented in the commercial HVAC systems. For commercial HVAC, Goettl Air Conditioning has a dedicated team of servicemen ready to respond to emergency situations 24 hours a day, every day of the year. To maintain the functions of all these service units, Goettl also provides services for improving energy efficiency. In fact, hundreds of businesses in Phoenix and Tuscon rely on the company for duct sealing and duct cleaning services.

George Soros Champions Economic Development For Migrants

George Soros made an address that was published in the Washington Street Journal. It is about what he sees as a great problem facing the world today. There are tens of millions of people who have been displaced by problems in their home countries. George Soros has been a champion of suffering people for a very long time. He believes in fostering the development of civil communities and he will be making investments into services and products that can help refugees and the countries that host them in a variety of ways.

The migrant crisis has been unsettling for many people in the world says George Soros. People have been forced from their homes because they feel the need to flee the community they were living in at the time. There are those who are eager to escape the threat of civil war which puts their family’s lives at risk. There are also those who suffer from desperate poverty and from bad government by oppressive military regimes on They want economic opportunity that will improve the quality of their lives. George thinks that there has been a failure on the part of those in charge. No policies have been enacted that effectively handle the existing crisis and the result has been a great deal of political strife and human misery. The countries that these migrants are fleeing from are hurt as well as the nations they are fleeing into because a lack of planning and effective policy.

George Soros thinks this situation is putting many people into a state of helplessness and despair. This is not what should be happening. There could be a great benefit to countries that integrate migrants into the nations economically. Governments at need to take charge by providing people with some of the things they need to improve the quality of their lives. Social infrastructure will improve communication and reduce feelings of despair and physical infrastructure will improve mobility and health in migrant communities. None of this can be done without the help of privately held companies. President Obama recognized this issue and at a meeting of the United Nations he asked that people work together to help migrants around the world. The UN has resolved to take concrete steps in the near future.

George Soros has a deep personal commitment to the well-being of migrants. George Soros is willing to spend $500 million to make a difference for them. With that money institutions will be founded that can address some of the specific and most challenging problems that migrants are facing. He is going to help migrant communities around the world while focusing the majority of his attention on those who are located in Europe. George has been working for the good of global migrants for decades.

The Purple Reign of Future

When it comes to quantity, there may not be anyone else in the rap world that is currently putting forth more content than Future. He has become something of a workhorse that seems to put out content on a monthly basis even though there are only a few full albums to his credit right now.

What the rapper Future has done is flood the streets with a lot of mix tapes. This is how he became known. He manages to bring forth a style that resembles nothing else that is out there. His signature sing-song type of rap has been something that has managed to lure other rappers like Drake into into collaborations that would eventually become mix tapes.

When he dropped a “Purple Reign” mix tape that would surface within months of the death of “Purple Rain” creator Prince it would become a strange rite of passage for the Atlanta rapper to gain even more attention. People that were searching for Prince would come across the new “prince” of rap in the south. He would become someone that could usher in a new era of grimy southern beats that would sound different than the Dungeon Family clan that he grew up listening to.

This is not a reboot of the sounds that the Dungeon Family was known for OutKast and Goodie Mob. Instead, Future has stayed humble and continued to grind in the background as his relationship with Ciara faded. He would write about his experiences for his fans. He would return to rap and pour out his frustration. Future would quietly become the artist to watch as he watched his son grow up.

Brown Modeling Agency In Austin

Brown Modeling Agency is one of the most popular modeling and commercial talent agencies in all of Austin, Texas. They have been around since 2010 at their Austin location. Their models are some of the best in not only Texas, but in the entire fashion and modeling world. The talent at Brown Modeling Agency have worked for Louis Vuitton, Dell, Loreal and Toyota. The talent at Brown Modeling Agency have walked runways at Dallas Fashion Week, Texas Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week and many other fashion shows.

Brown Modeling Agency has many models -male, female and kids- who do fashion and commercial acting. They also have models who are additionally theatrical. All of the models are the best of the best, as Brown Modeling Agency is very particular about their talent.

If you are looking for models for a show or photoshoot or spotted a model at Brown Modeling Agency that you would like to walk at a fashion show or appear in a photoshoot, you can contact the agency management. The Brown Modeling Agency’s phone number is (512) 370-4959. Contacting them by phone is perhaps the quickest method, as long as you are calling during their business hours. The second quickest option is to contact Brown Modeling Agency by email. Their email is: If you email during business hours for the modeling agency, they will get back to you much quicker by email. Additionally you can contact them by mail if you so wish. This option will take longer obviously, but you can still contact them that way. Their mailing address is:
“Brown Agency
100 Congress Ave. #2000
Austin, TX 78701”.

Brown Modeling Agency does accept model submissions to join their talent. They are very particular about who they select to be a part of their talent, but are always happy to see new talent. You can directly contact Brown Modeling Agency with your information on their website by filling out a submit form. You will be required to give your name, phone number, email, city you live in, your measurements, gender, birthday and your modeling resume.

Read more about Brown Agency:

The Importance of Marketing and Advertising in today’s Competitive Market

The stiff competition in today’s market calls for effective marketing campaign to reach out to existing and potential customers. Marketing and advertising play a vital role in making customers aware of new products or services. Without an effective advertising program, a business or company may incur losses as a result of poor sales. Marketing also allows customers to choose the best products available in the market and compare similar products from different brands before deciding what to purchase.

When done effectively, advertising boosts the sales of a business hence increasing profits. It also helps to develop a stable ground for successfully launching of new services or products into the market. It enhances customer awareness, thus preventing cases of purchasing counterfeit products or being a victim of scam. Advertising is changing, and brands are using agencies that focus on social and digital ways of advertising. ABC Group provides a great avenue for Brazilian brands to communicate to customers.

ABC Group is a Brazilian holding company that has 18 auxiliary companies. The companies focus on entertainment, content, marketing and advertising. ABC Group was founded in March 2002 by Guga Valente and Nizan Guanaes. In the same year, Mr. Guanaes founded Africa Propaganda, a middle marketing partner that was named one of the ten biggest advertising agencies in Brazil. Nizan is also the founder of DM9DDB, a Brazilian ad agency. Nizan Guanaes led the firm’s growth from position 94 to one of the largest agencies in the world.

Nizan Guanaes is an astute marketing executive whose work has been acknowledged on several occasions. Advertising Age considered him one of the 21 most influential people in the media and marketing industry. He was among the five most influential Brazilians according to The Financial Times. Fast Company magazine listed him among the world’s most innovative people in business.