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“Slay” Your Modeling Career With Brown Modeling Age

Do you dream of becoming a model? Is it the glamour or is it the guts? If you’ve got all of the above, and you don’t mind delving into the competitive beauty and fashion industry, it’s time you started getting your ducks in a row.

1. Skip the Selfie – Build a Portfolio
If you want to model, we know you have a Facebook full of selfies, right? Unfortunately, everyone and their mother does too! To truly shine and stand out from the crowd, build an excellent portfolio. Invest in a great photographer and work magic. Keep it stunningly simple with make-up and dress. Take shots in simple settings with neutral colors. Wear clothing that isn’t flashy, and make sure the background isn’t too distracting – you want all eyes on you! If you’re a beginner, don’ t try complicated poses. Be relaxed, and present yourself honestly with a fresh face.

2. Set Your Standards

Before you get into the beauty industry, know what your standards are. While modeling, you are bound to find an agency, photographer, or company that wants you to slip off a bit clothing. If you aren’t comfortable with that, be content in knowing that it may take a while to find consistent career matches for you. If you’re willing to go that extra mile now, make sure you still set appropriate boundaries for yourself so you keep your love and passion for the trade flowing. Set your standards now and re-evaluate when necessary.

3. No One is a Free Agent

Seek out an agent. That portfolio you make will come in handy! Going it alone is next to impossible in this day and age. You’ll need to align yourself with an agent who knows the ropes and is willing to jump in the ring for you if and when necessary. Do your homework on the industry and seek out an agent that is right for you, and a company that mirrors your values. Make sure that you can communicate professionally, and honestly without the tinge of hopeless desperation, this will give you practice in negotiating your pay later on.

4. Safety First
There are many, many stories of agents finding models in clubs, malls, shopping stores, libraries…well not so much in libraries, but you get the picture. Make sure you always keep your safety in mind. It is better to make a connection with a reputable source than to find yourself posing for a fraud. This is where Brown Agency comes in. A fresh face in the industry, coming to Austin in Spring 2010, they’ve already established themselves as professionals. Check them out at!

See the talented kids at Brown Agency:

Tarallucci e Vino And Other Fine Private Dining Places

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” is an old saying most of us are well acquainted with. However, when one is in Los Angeles, where can one go for that special private dining spot for a special private event? Well, for starters, stop at two of LA’s top places for birthday parties, anniversaries, a rehearsal dinner or even a wedding.


Let’s Begin With “Osteria Mozza

Located in Hollywood at 6602 Melrose Ave., Tel.(323)297-0100


If an Italian fare is sought after, then Osteria Mozza is the place to both find and satisfy one’s yearnings. Originally featured as one of LA’s Best Restaurants and Restaurants With Great Private Rooms, the Seven Course Pasta Tasting Menu from Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton will leave patrons clamoring for more delights. Small in size but not too small, the eating rooms are still more than adequate for group gatherings. Of special note is the Osteria Wine Room which sets the stage for smaller private events.


Second On The LA List Is “Bouchon

Located in Beverly Hills at 235 N. Canon Dr., Tel.(310)271-9910


Now if a touch of elegance and Gilded Age quaintness is more in keeping with whatever special event is planned, then the Bouchon may be just the spot for it. Brunch, lunch, dinner and late night offerings presented in an atmosphere of high-ceilings, tiled floors and classic gilded columns all take patrons back to the age when a touch of class was, well, class.


Overlooking and adjacent to a beautiful garden setting, there’s an ambiance that is hard to beat both for culinary choices and wine selections. Bouchon’s Escoffier Room easily seats 20, and the Champagne Salon is especially fit for more intimate gatherings.


However, if one finds oneself in New York City, then there’s a premier place for private dining, and that place is known as “Tarallucci e Vino.”


Tarallucci e Vino


Located in East Village, Union Square, Upper West Side, Cooper Hewitt and Nomad, these five locations have distinct features and dining experiences. However, pleasurable satisfaction is guaranteed at all TEV locations.


Breath-taking and stylishly unique restaurant designs and layouts are only part of the TEV experience. Seasonal produce and local purveyors also form part of the TEV philosophy at all five restaurants. Homemade on-site pastries and pasta dishes, exquisite house dressings and one of the best wine selections in all New York add to the TEV panache.


The food presentations, liquor selections and general overall ambiance are beyond description, and the service is more than accommodating. Furthermore, the wide selection of private dining areas is unique and different from one locality to another, so be certain to visit the TEV website for more information.


Whether they are weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, engagement parties or baby showers, all benefit for that lifetime event to remember. With all the above private dining places, that lifetime event will continue to be the talk of the town for some time to come.

Community Links Remain Important To Andy Wirth

There are many business leaders who rarely play a role in their local community, but Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth can never be accused of neglecting the people he lives and works among.

According to Ironman and Sierrasun, Andy Wirth has been a respected resort manager across the Caribbean and North America for more than 25 years after being inspired to work in this industry during periods spent studying in Scotland and Colorado; the former park ranger has been in place as the leader of Squaw Valley since 2010, and now has responsibility for the operations of the Alpine Meadows resort located in the Olympic Valley region of California. Read more: Rather Than Hit the Road, He Hits the Trails

Andy Wirth has been a major source of change and development in the Lake Tahoe region as he seeks the best ways of bringing more visitors to the area without sacrificing the environment of this historic part of California. A planned redevelopment of the Squaw Valley resort includes the return to green space of an asphalt parking lot and the protection of hiking trails Wirth sees as important to visitors throughout the year.

Developing the region does not simply mean protecting the environment, but for Andy Wirth this has meant personally negotiating with local landowners in a bid to allow the construction of a gondola link between Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

For Andy Wirth the role he has undertaken as a business leader is something he sees as bringing a responsibility to help make the correct decisions for the future of the resorts he runs and the community he lives in.

Among the local groups Wirth has looked to assist are the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board that allows Wirth to use the skills he has developed in other areas where he was successful in increasing the number of visitors passing through local airports. Wirth also works with conservation groups and local charities to make sure the local community has the best possible chance of success.

Chance Did Amazing On Good Morning America

The rapper Chance recently performed on Good Morning America. He performed his hit song “Summer Friends.” The crowd loved it. There more people in the studio than normal, and there were more people than normal watching from home, too. Chance did something very special with his song. He had his producers use certain technology to make the song sound more amazing. The result was his voice sounding like a robot and the piano sounding like glass.

The rapper Chance also gave an interview with the host of Good Morning America. He talked about how he plans to have a new album coming out soon. He also discussed how he plans to have a different style than all other rappers in the industry. Chance further stated that many rappers talk about the same thing today. Chance went on to mention that hip-hop has a trend to not talk about certain subjects within music. One of these subjects is God. Chance stated that he plans to break this barrier with songs that directly talk about God. Chance loves the fact that he is creative enough to share his faith through his music.

Chance was applauded by the hosts of Good Morning America and all the fans in and outside the studio. This applause came after it was announced that Chance was the first rapper to break Billboard records with a stream-only album. No other rapper has ever come close to the amount of music Chance has sold through the Internet. Chance explained how the Internet is putting many music stores out of business. According to Chance, rappers can only make reasonable money through performing or selling music on the Internet. Chance can remember selling his home-made compact disks and cassette tapes on the street. He is sad to admit those days are over and are not coming back.

Chance concluded his interview by telling everyone where they can purchase his new music online. He also signed many autographs before he left the building. The Good Morning America hosts stated they loved having Chance on the show, and they hope to have him on the show again in the future. Rumors are circling that Chance does have a desire to go onto the Good Morning America show in the future.

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Talks Her Past

If you’ve spent even a couple of moments perusing such social media websites as YouTube or Instagram then you’ve likely come across the work of Doe Deere and her imaginative make up line, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is known for its vibrant colors and its clear ‘stick it in your face’ attitude, making it so popular among people wanting their make up to be seen and be loved. Doe Deere herself is just as interesting as her make up which makes her latest interview just as fascinating.

Deere got her start in the make up world thanks to her artistic background growing up. As a child she was an artist who loved mixing colors with paints or pencils, adding splashes of colors to anything that she could get her hands on. Deere calls her current job so fascinating and fulfilling that she feels like she is “cheating” at being adults because “grown-ups shouldn’t be allowed to have so much fun.” Still, there is so much m ore to Deere than just her work with her colors and it would surprise people to find out that she has struggled along the way finding her spirit in the art world.

Deere claims to have “found herself” in the makeup world in her early 20’s, claiming to be pretty terrible at working with colors up until that point. She credits brands like Ben Nye and Kryolan with giving her the ability and enthusiasm to try different things. It was here that she got experimental with her colors and here that she really started to find her way.

By 2004 Lime Crime was on the internet thanks to her newly opened Ebay shop. She says that she picked the name because it combined her favorite color with an edgy rhyming word. Now, Deere says, Lime Crime stands for so much more — breaking the rules, revolutionizing color, and going outside of the lines. She says that while she loves the Lime Crime name that she probably should have chosen something more versatile before it blew up in popularity. However she does believe its unique name lends itself to being found easily in our search engine driven world, which definitely helps with the Facebook fans.

Marketing Maven And Social Activist Nizan Guanaes Makes His Mark

Advertising and marketing are as important to business success as the quality of the product or service being offered. An effective marketing strategy can propel a mediocre brand to spectacular success. That’s why it’s essential to have the right marketing strategy. Many companies lack the time, manpower or expertise to create an effective marketing strategy. In that case they should hire marketing professionals.


One such professional is Brazilian marketing executive Nizan Mansur de Carvalho Guanaes Gomes. Gomes is the co-founder of the ABC Group. The holding company is made up of 18 marketing, advertising, content and entertainment entities. It’s Latin America’s largest communications holding company and the world’s 18th largest. Gomes’ excellent work has earned him numerous awards including being voted him one of the most influential Brazilians, one of the world’s 100 Most Creative People and GQ’s Man of the Year in 2014 in the leadership category.


Born in Salavador, Bahia in 1958, Gomes rose to fame in Brazil as a copy writer. His commercial ‘Hitler garnered him the Gold Lion award at the 1988 Cannes Festival. It is considered to be among the best advertisements ever made. Gomes created the internet portal iG in 2000.. It quickly became Brazil’s second largest free internet portal. The Association of Entrepreneurs Friends of UNESCO was founded in 2004 by Gomes and Oskar Metsavaht. Its purpose is to conserve Brazil’s national heritage and promote quality public education.


Gomes holds membership in UNAIDS and numerous other charitable and social assistance organizations including the World Economic Forum, the Clinton Global Initiative, Women in the World Foundation and Together for Girls, an organization that fights sexual violence against girls. Nizan Guanaes was awarded a gold medal by Brazil’s Rio Branco Order for civic virtues and important services and UNESCO named him Ambassador of Good Will.


Brian Bonar’s Extensive Work Experience

Brian is a holder of a PhD. His extensive experience in financial matters is unrivaled. He is an affiliate of the American Finance Association. Brian’s passion lies in guiding different high-performing teams in creating, developing and delivering collaborative design outcomes. Through each opportunity, Brian seeks to build client trust.

In the past, Brian Bonar has been invited on different media stations. While he was working as the CEO of ITEC, the financial expert was featured in an interview, which was held online at The Imaging Technologies Corporations (ITEC) leads in the development of color management software and digital imaging hardware.

In the interview, Brian outlined ITEC’s strategies and policies in business, including its recent acquisition.
In one year, the company was engaged in the process of transforming from a manufacturer and developer to a service and marketing organization. Brian posited that ITEC identified opportunities that would help it to serve its target market through providing specific administrative services. Its target market has been small to medium-sized businesses.

The company pursued an expansive expansion program that saw it acquire different companies including SourceOne Group. This Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is based in Virginia. The corporation has played a pivotal role in providing small and medium business with innovative human resource and payroll services.

Brian Bonar asserted that the acquisition was expected to add around $40 million in revenues. He added that a PEO is able to leverage ITEC services and products to enhance its profits and customer retention.

Brian has over 30 years experience in professional management, especially in the competitive financial sector. For more than 10 years, he has been at the helm of Dalrada Financial Corporation. As the CEO and chairperson of the financial institution, Brian has been instrumental in the selection of aftermarket products as well as employer and employee benefits. As a marketing liaison, Dalrada Financial Corporation supplies its clients with a broad range of employee programs that are uniquely designed to enhance efficiency of their businesses.

These programs are financial management, risk management insurance as well as business and promotional management services. Brian has worked for Smart-Tek Automated Services as the CEO and chairman of the board. He has also been at the helm of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Because of his extensive experience and success in leadership, Brian has been the recipient of numerous awards. Recently, his name was included in the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry. For one’s name to be entered in this registry, he or she should have visible leadership abilities, notable academic achievements and tangible professional accomplishments.

Throughout his career, Brian has made a name for himself as a leader who seeks to achieve the aspirations and objectives of his team members, extended project partners and clients. His diverse skills and experience has seen him build great teams, client relationships and projects.

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Vince Staples Is A ‘Prima Donna’

Hip hop heads are on high alert as much celebrated west coast rapper Vince Staples prepares to unleash his latest body of work entitled the ‘Prima Donna’ EP. The ever enigmatic artist has garnered quite the fan base over the course of his burgeoning career, having burst upon the underground scene collaborating with ‘Odd Future’ member Earl Sweatshirt before releasing a slew of celebrated mix tapes. He made his full-length major label debut last summer on Def Jam records with ‘Summertime 06′, an acclaimed double-disc LP featuring production from his mentor No I.D. as well as Clams Casino and DJ Dahi. Furthermore, the album featured artists ranging from Aston Matthews to James Fauntleroy and Jhene Aiko. The powerful body of work chronicling Staples’ unique point of view and his upbringing in Long Beach, California utilized striking cover art inspired the British post-punk band Joy Division, drawing further attention to the young, inspired rap artist. Now, just over a year later, Vince Staples’ upcoming release shows signs of the young stars evolving ambition. Alongside the music, the project is set to include a short film from the likes of acclaimed video artist Nabil Elderkin, who has previously collaborated with the likes of Kanye West, FKA Twigs, and Frank Ocean. As far as production is concerned, No I.D. is behind the boards alongside DJ Dahi and excitingly, James Blake. Feature wise the ‘Prima Dona’ EP boasts guest spots from Kilo Kish and ASAP Rocky. For further information on the EP’s upcoming release check out Your text to link… which includes a tracklist. Altogether great news for Staples’s fans, ensuring the summer ends on a hip-hop high note.

The 8 Rules for a Young Entrepreneur in Panama

Most young business minded people in Panama oftentimes look up to a successful entrepreneur such us Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. This is a mogul who has changed the face of business in Panama and who goes on to inspire businessmen especially the young ones. If you are in search of such success in the world of entrepreneurship, here are some tips you could learn from the mogul, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa.

First off you need to know your niche. What is it that sets you apart? When you find that space where you fit in, you will have an easy time applying your unique skills and competencies on the job and being better at it. Your experiences which are also unique to you will also set you apart from the rest.

The other thing which you need to do is embrace the art of mobility. What this simply means is that you need to come up with goals that you set for your own business venture. These goals will ensure that you chart a path that will enable you achieve what it is you want for your business on Tim Ferris is known for saying that success easily comes where your job has low maintenance and maintenance costs that are reduced. So when you have the chance, do not choose a business that makes you do most of the work. Instead choose one that can earn you money even when you sleep.

Another rule which young entrepreneurs in Panama must adhere to is that they must find a perfect team that matches their ideals. Usually, your team members make you or break you. Therefore, there is need to choose them wisely.

To be the top in your class is good. However, not all academicians became the best entrepreneurs such as Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Sometimes, the best business people are those that work smart and skills that can help them survive in the streets. A smart strategy trumps over academic success.

The other thing which you need to consider is that you must always plan to fail. Always anticipate failure and you will be able to avoid such mistakes and losses in the future. Planning to fail helps you set strategies to prevent such failure from happening in the first place.

Another thing which you must understand is that you may have to learn on the job. Be a student in your entrepreneurship journey and get mentors to guide throughout like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. With these tips, you will be successful on your entrepreneurship venture.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:

Finding The Hidden Truth Beneath Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is an example of an individual about whom you must dig deeper to understand. Generally, there are quite a few billionaires with skeletons in their closets; there’s no telling how many Bass has, because he himself likely doesn’t know the full extent of his actions’ fallout. In understanding Kyle Bass, it becomes integral to peel back the layers and search for the core. This is best done by examining instances where repeat occurrences take place. Consider Bass’ socialist tendencies, for example. He’s an Argentine by birth but runs his average-at-best hedge fund Hayman Capital Management out of Austin, the Portland of Texas. Bass also regularly endorses Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, whose economic policy is so good that defaults are a regular occurrance with the woman. She’s bumbled into them two separate times. These defaults happened at a historically brief interval of only thirteen years. Yet Kyle Bass always endorses the woman. This only seems possible should there be some socialist element to their relationship not immediately available to the public eye.

Additionally, Kyle Bass seems to have accrued the majority of his fortune through undermining strong capitalistic powers; specifically: big banks, big companies, and big pharmaceuticals. CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, has used lawsuits and petitions to force big-ticket pharmaceuticals into stock-drops Bass can short-sell. The true expense is lost research and development which provides treatment and cures to the world. When companies go broke, they’ve got to cut low-ROI departments.

With these things in Mind, Bass’ appraisal of China’s economic situation likely has several shades to it. Firstly, Bass has a billion tied up in investments that make him money if China tanks. Secondly, he’s been saying their ten year credit bubble will burst since late 2015. Thirdly, he predicts that this bursting will happen by the end of 2016 with a chance of 40 to 50 percent (which is less than binary). He also says that this bubble-bursting will drop the US economy as much as twenty percent. Saying all these things may discourage investors from pursuing business in China, which will lead to quicker economic decline and US economic losses. But Kyle Bass will, again, profit.  Read more about his controversies in Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler.