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Kenneth Goodgame’s Career History

Kenneth Goodgame is a high-ranking, innovative, marketing, sales, and retail merchandising executive. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. He has a wealth of experience in retail and manufacturing industries, having served senior positions in different companies.

Goodgame has a reputable career history. He has held various executive positions in different companies. Each of the companies he worked for recorded remarkable improvements during his tenure.

True Value Hardware Corporation, Chicago
In the year 2013 to 2015, Kenneth Goodgame served as a senior vice president and chief merchandising officer at True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago. The remarkable milestones he achieved in the company include; Creation of a world-class test facility with two complete in-house stores; increase in annual store openings by 300%; 4.5% annual growth in top line sales; and growth in hand tool category from $9 million to $180 million.

Techtronic Industries North America, Anderson, SC
During 2008 to 2010, Goodgame served in Techtronic Industries North America, Anderson, SC. Under his leadership, the company marked its first profitable year since purchase. He achieved a $9M growth in sales, 8% reduction in the cost of goods and opened 30 stores nationwide within two years. Further, he marked a growth of over $16M net sales with imports of complementary products with factories in low-cost countries.

Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville
In the year 2002 to 2007, he served in Newell Rubbermaid, Huntersville as senior vice president of marketing. He grew the company business to $490 million in a period of 18 months. He initiated national advertisement campaigns that led to an increase of more than $25 million in promotional sales. Moreover, he managed to achieve a 94% growth in consumer goods, to $150 million, over a period of two years.

Home Depot, Atlanta, GA
Between 1994 and 2002, Goodgame served as a senior executive at Home Depot, Atlanta, GA. Among the positions he held is the senior global product merchant. He led the procurement for a nationwide product category valued at $16 billion for different uses. He initiated a program to sell Toro Branded snow equipment, growing sales to $55 million.

As the Director of Proprietary Brands, Mr. Goodgame implemented functional rebates for power equipment engine suppliers that generated $18 million increase in growth margin. He negotiated a nationwide deal with John Deere to manufacture and sell consumer mowers and tractors under Scott’s brands. He managed to purchase an indoor garden category for the southern region with $3 billion in sales.

Seven Weeks Free: A Lifetime of Better Choices Ahead for Gucci Mane

Rap and r&b have always been the music used to discuss a lifetime’s worth of events in roughly three or four minutes of heart pounding, emotion inducing beats. Embodying this idea has always been the artist, Gucci Mane. Despite the fact that the artist spent three years in prison, that did not deter him from the activity that has always had his heart: Making music.

Whereas a lot of people use prison as a time to strictly make music, Gucci Mane used it as an opportunity to better himself both physically and mentally, too. Since his release only a few, short months ago, he has been working tirelessly on a new album, which features Kanye West and other icons. Perhaps the biggest surprise of his release aside from his extensive weight loss has been his admittance to overcoming drug addiction.

Depicted in his new track, “No Sleep (intro),” is the fact that he overcame something that consumes so many, and how it has shaped him to be a better human being as well as a better artist with a greater work ethic. Coinciding with this go-getter mentality is the fact that the artist has temporarily stepped away from the studio to be in collaboration with the clothing line, Supreme, as well. A man using many talents and embracing a healthier lifestyle is something that benefits him immensely, and offers some perks to his greatest fans in the process.

Drake Shatters Records with New Album

Everybody knows that Drake makes popular songs, but few recognize his profound talent as an artist. With the exception of a brief week, Drake’s songs and albums usually reside in the number one spots on the Billboard 100 and 200 lists for at least ten weeks; his new album, “Views,” recently launched him into a stardom that he probably never believed possible, either.

The album is only one of ten that has ever been in the spot for the past twenty years and joins big names, such as Adele, Taylor Swift, and even those who composed the Titanic soundtrack. The only difference, though, is that Drake is the only rapper to make that list. If that is not a great accolade that speaks volumes about Drake’s career, then what really is?

With over 92,000 copies sold in just one week, “Views,” is estimated to continuously make headlines for months to come, and to even surpass Adele’s reigning accomplishment of having the most popular album of 2016. Certainly no offense to Queen Adele, but there is no denying that Drake is just as deserving of this major cognizance. How does he do it, though? Most artists have a dry spell from time to time, so why not him?

Regular interviews with the artist and those who have worked with him discuss just how much fun Drake has in the studio, and he refuses to allow negative energy to travel with him when he is about to record. Essentially, the great just enjoys to have fun and be himself, and simply allows the stellar music to ensue as a result.

New Track From M.I.A. Is Here

In case you have not heard, Sri Lankan lady rapper M.I.A. has dropped a new track after a long hiatus. The song, called “Go Off,” has her signature sinister sound. M.I.A. worked with rapper Blaqstarr and electronic giant Skrillex for a crazy track of distorted vocals and heavy snyths.

After the new song debuted on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show, M.I.A. gave an interview saying that this upcoming album would be her last. The album, titled AIM, is the artist’s fifth studio album. It has been in the final stages for quite some time, much to both fans’ and M.I.A.’s chagrin, but will finally be released on September 9. The album has been so long coming that the artist actually threatened on Twitter to leak it.

The rapper discussed her new album at length during her radio interview, saying that it would be much different from the rest of her music. She describes the album as “clean” with “no complaints,” a side of the artist that fans have rarely heard or seen thanks to her signature angry style.

Though there has been no news of an official tour following the release of M.I.A.’s new album, the artist will be making at least a few appearances this fall. On September 24, catch her at the Afropunk Festival in London. She will also be playing a show on October 27 in Paris.

Kid Ink Melds Popular Shows with His Music for His Upcoming Album

“My only enemy is looking in the mirror,” rapped Kid Ink in his recently released track, “GoldenEye,” which is part of his yet to be released mixtape. Not only is this song inspired by James Bond and uses the fairly recognizable Hollywood beat featured in the character’s movies, but it foreshadows the artist’s refusal to remain stagnant in his career.

This drive is depicted in virtually everything that the artist releases, and the fact that he refuses to be labeled a one hit wonder. Currently trending is his song, “Nasty,” which features Jeremih and Spice, but the strong hype surrounding the song is not enough to keep Ink out of the studio, hence “GoldenEye.” Embracing his common style of building up the excitement of his fans, Kid Ink makes it a habit to release a few songs before his entire mixtape drops. Rocketshipshawty 2 is sure to be a hit in its entirety, judging by what fans were luckily able to hear beforehand.

As previously mentioned, one of the songs on the upcoming album combined James Bond class with Kid Ink flair, but that is not the only popular influence that fueled the song– AMC’s, “The Walking Dead,” worked its way into the track, too! “Ink told me he had been splurging on Walking Dead episodes all day before he recorded this,” confirmed DJ ill Will in a tweet the same day that the song was released. Regardless of where the inspiration came from, there is no denying that Rocketshipshawty 2 will be out of this world.

Clay Siegall loves working with Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is one of the most influential names in the genetics industry. He strongly believes that genetics can help open doors for doctors around the world. He thinks that genetic therapy can cure cancer and several other diseases. Clay is extremely insightful and he is well-respected throughout the biotechnology field.

Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in the late nineties. When he started the company his goal was to develop antibody-based treatments. His leadership has allowed the company to develop several antibody-based therapies to meet the needs of cancer patients. These therapies have been extremely effective and have led to a greater quality of life for cancer patients everywhere. Seattle Genetics launched their first product, ADCETRIS, in 2011. The company now has a large pipeline of therapies set to come out in the coming years. Siegall believes that the company should work closely with other biotechnology companies to produce the best possible products. He wants to best serve patients around the world, and he knows that collaboration is the key to properly serving patients throughout the world.

Siegall loves working with other biotechnology companies. Recently, Siegall was appointed to the board of directors for Mirna Therapeutics. Mirna is a biotechnology company based in Austin. They primarily focus on developing microRNA therapies. Their therapies are extremely impactful, but they want as much insight as possible. Clay Siegall will bring years of medical experience to the company, and he hopes to lead them to new heights.

Clay also serves on the Ultragenyx board. Ultragenyx is an extremely powerful pharmaceutical company. They added Siegall to their board two year ago, and they are extremely happy to have his insight on their board. Clay has years of experience working with biotechnology, and he wants to help Ultragenyx develop new technologies that will help patients. His collaborative personality has been a major asset for the company.

Genetics can cure many different diseases, and Seattle Genetics intends to play a huge role in these cures. They have unveiled several successful products and they intend to keep revealing products for years to come. Clay Siegall is a brilliant leader and he will work with Seattle Genetics for years to come.

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Nick Grant Obliterates Stereotypes

Current events examine the importance of eliminating stereotypes from everybody’s narrative, and certain artists have made it not only a point to convey this now, but have based their emerging careers on the concept. Nick Grant, for example, is on the radar of many and, despite his age, he is proving to be fairly perspicacious.

His recent song, “Black Boy/White Boy,” is a means for Nick to really discuss his life events and the stereotypes that he has been labeled with throughout his life. Aside from this great work and his project, 88 Mixtape, Grant has also released the track, “Black Sinatra,” which is getting immense recognition and strong feedback.

“When I was 9-years-old, my grandfather put me on to the Rat Pack,” said the artist in an interview with MTV as a means to describe where his inspiration hails from, and basically just exclaims his love for the age-old, talented Sinatra. Circulating his fame is often criticisms that he does not embrace black culture, but anyone who takes the time to learn about this South Carolina native will understand that those comments are the entire reason behind his career, and the reason he releases the music that he does.

Surely this young artist is still emerging, but he has already made a name for himself in a manner that is far from traditional. An inspirational figure raising to stardom before the public eye, Nick Grant is what the world needs more of.

The Laidlaw And Company Controversies

In a press release released on December 11,2005 from The Street Inc. Laidlaw And Company, an invenstment banking and security brokerage along with two of its top associates, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, was issued a Temporary Restraining Order and Associated Injunction that would prohibit the ongoing circulation of untrue and misleading proxy materials. The Company that sought the restraining order, Relmada, is a clinical pharmacautical company with new developments in treating chronic pain.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Relmada had extreme reservations about the continued practices of Laidlaw And Company, believing their actions to be destructive to the company, and therefore allowing Laidlaw to take control of Relmada while serving as their investment banking firm.
Laidlaw And Associates has a long history of scrutiny in the past, including a number of lawsuits brought against various individuals in the firm. Numerous complaints were filed including unauthorized trades, violating security laws, recommending unsuitable investments to a number of clients, (which some clients were able to eventually regain with the help of legal counsel), and an overall lack of failure to comply with a customer’s instructions.
In doing some research, I found at least two law firms with citings against different individuals within the firm. And these consultants withing the firm didn’t have just one or two complaints or lawsuits, there were many. Besides the allegations mentioned above, investment fraud was seeming like the central theme in the majority of cases, and there seem to be many more pending cases. In fact, there is even a website for a firm by the name of Meyer Wilson that has a special program geared towards those who have invested with the firm, and have lost substantial amounts of money.

Kehlani Says No to Depression

Depression is not an issue to be ignored and, though it was once demonized and suppressed in the soul of the victim dealing with the condition, it is now widely discussed and recognized as the true problem that it is. From actors to musical artists, the condition is discussed and no longer viewed as being shameful, so when r&b artist, Kehlani, admitted to suffering from this illness in March 2016, very few fans had dry eyes nor retained the same impression of the twenty-one-year-old artist.

After that announcement, Kehlani seemingly disappeared from the spotlight–ultimately worrying fans. Well, her comeback was fierce, and the artist recently released her song, “CRZY.” Essentially, this song is the singers way of taking her life back, and highlighting her profound accomplishment of surviving through the illness each day. Though the lyrics are fairly risque, the message is there, and virtually nobody can disprove the important lesson to take away from Kehlani’s music.

Giving credit to Selena Gomez for her “kill them with kindness” mentality, Kehlani has used that principle to not only produce some stellar tunes, but to make it through her daily life in spite of her mental illness. Though life is a struggle, it can be viewed as an opportunity to channel that energy into something better, and that is truly admirable for this artist to do, and should be viewed as a lesson for the masses.

Old Battles, New Beef: French Montana Talks Back

Rumors are part of any industry, and the music business is no exception to that fact. The world of rap and r&b, especially, uses the music as a means to dispel rumors, portray inner thoughts, and to even use it as an opportunity to throw some digs in there that further fuel the hype mentality of the industry. It really is all fun and games, unless you are Drake or French Montana.

In a track released by the two artists entitled, “No Shopping,” avid fans could not help but think that the song was a rebuttal to Joe Budden’s recent insults towards Drake, or Aubrey, as Budden referred to him as. When MTV asked if “No Shopping” was aimed at Budden, French Montana’s reply was simple: “It’s not that I don’t think — I know that for a fact.”

That is all well and fine, but just what were the two masterminds thinking when they were in the studio that day? Again, the answers were fairly concise and included drinking, enjoying life, and just genuinely having a great time making music together. The rapper went on to disclose that he, as well as Drake, never enter the studio engulfed in negative energy, and for others to make claims against that is fairly unjust and the comments are made out of ignorance. Regardless of receiving the answer from the very source, much speculation still exists in relation to the entire issue. One thing is for certain, though, and that is that only time will tell.