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The Work of White Shark Media with AdWords

White Shark Media is known as one of the top agencies world wide when it comes to digital marketing. They have managed to close around $36 million of ads within the last year according to their website, and have been able to send out more than 300,000 emails and over 35,000 reports.

If a companies goal is driving more targeted traffic to their website via AdWords, then White Shark Media can help them in accomplishing this goal. It is a simple process for an individual or companies to request AdWords free evaluation.

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It doesn’t make a difference if this the first time that the individual is using AdWords or if they already have a campaign running. If it is a situation where this is the first time that the individual is using AdWords, a trained specialist will help to navigate them through the process of getting more traffic to the website though the use of AdWords.

What an individual can expect from AdWords, is that all evaluations are preformed by a certified specialist by using With the evaluation, the individual will be able to view the specialists screen, and be able to follow along with what is being said and done.

Throughout the evaluation, everything will be explained with great detail, ensuring that the individual will be able to walk away with the knowledge that they need to start at once. Once the evaluation has been completed the individual has one of two options, this is that they can either take the knowledge that they have acquired and put it into action or can either hire White Shark Media to help manage their campaign.

AdWords is not the only type of online marketing service that White Shark Media provides. White Shark Media offers their clients with search engine optimization and clients search engine marketing as well.

Within just 5 years, White Shark Media has gone from being just a small boutique, to becoming an agency that is one of the most well known within the digital marketing world. They have a track record that is able to speak for itself. And they have been able to help one of their clients in reaching 1.5 million in sales. Read more at: and

White Sharks core purpose is in helping small to medium size businesses to succeed through the help of their innovative search engine marketing strategies. They have created flat-fee and cost-effective solutions that have come with no contracts, full transparency and administrative access to their Google AdWords account.

Four Delicious Dog Treats from the Beneful Brand

Beneful is a leading product brand of Nestle Purina Petcare, which was founded in 2001.In a SWOT analysis conducted by Marketline, Beneful was identified as among the notable brands by Nestle PurinaStore Petcare in terms or Revenue generation. All Beneful products are created with an aim of ensuring that dogs enjoy the delicious taste and healthy benefits associated with these meals. In addition, most of the products are manufactured using vitamin-rich vegetables as well as real meat, which creates a tasty delicacy for your dog.
Various Beneful Treats for Dogs

Healthy Smile Dental Ridges
These dog treats are sold on in varying quantities of large (8.4 oz pouch) as well as small/medium sized (7.4 oz bag).The benefit of procuring and feeding your dog with this product is that it helps to minimize tartar and plaque accumulation. Consequently, dogs that are fed with this particular product gain a fresher breather than before, healthy bones and strongly supported teeth.

Healthy Smile Dental Twists
The dental twists product is highly favorable to dog owners who need their dogs to have a fresh breath as well as stronger teeth and bones. They are mainly accented with parsley and come in both small, mini and medium sized packages. The recommended feed for dogs depends on their weight such as dogs ranging between 10-24 LBS ought to be fed with a single piece for two days.

Baked Delights Stars

This particular product is filled with dog goodness. They are usually shortbread delights made using cheese and chicken. This gives the treats a delicious flavor to keep dogs happy and full. However, the product should not be fed to a dog in the form of a meal. The recommended feeding should be a single treat for every 10 pounds, but it ought not to go beyond five treats in a single day.

Baked Delights Heartfuls
Heartfuls are oven-baked and include centers that are apple flavored. Real bacon is also included in these treats. However, dog owners are highly recommended to observe the caloric intake when feeding their dogs with these treats. The caloric intake obtained from eating the treats should not surpass 10% of the sum caloric intake required by a particular dog.

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