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The Rebound of New Brunswick City Courtesy of The Aspire New Brunswick AND Boraie Development LLC

It has been published on NJ Spotlight that New Brunswick has used the last bit of the past century battling similar kinds of challenges that were faced by most of US cities: an escalation in immigrant populace, decrease in property value, plus comparative neglect.

However a number of development schemes have been initiated by various investors since John & Johnson made a great deal of commitment not to migrate from the city, and this rekindled investors’ confidence in the stability plus potential of New Brunswick. Different from other aging towns, New Brunswick started recovering in early and mid-1980s on Although its advancement has been thoroughly slow. The following are some of the developments that have taken place in this city as part of its rebound process.

The Aspire
The 17-story housing high-rise forms part of the still-miniscule assemblage of posh residential units in this city. Positioned at close proximity to train station that has express transportation to New York, Aspire leases a 2-bedroom apartment to a high of $2,800 per month. These apartments are likened to a number of highly classy housing units in Manhattan, by Boraie Development Vice President Wasseem Boraie. This project is mainly an initiative of The Aspire New Brunswick and Boraie Development LLC.

College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative
Describing it as the biggest development initiative in Rutger’s history, Rutgers in collaboration with Devco and Boraie Development is constructing a quad for the university worth $300million on a 10-acre piece of land. Positioned on and everywhere in College Avenue, the scheme augments a 200,000 sq. foot academic as well as administration block (the first academic building from 1961); a housing honors-college building; a 500-bed dormitory furnished with trade space as well as surrounded with an extensive lawn featuring an outdoor CCTV surveillance, seating, plus boardwalk; and walkways alongside cycling paths. The honors-college complex is planned by Boraie Development to open during fall semester, and the other schemes are concluding next year.

The Hub at New Brunswick Station
Thanks partially to Boraie Development and Devco’s combined-use Gateway facility neighboring the train station as well as the 600,000 sq. foot Wellness Plaza at the upper side of the street, the complex that is in front of train station has had significant upgrading in the last 3 years. Presently, Devco is launching phase 3 of Transit Village Initiative, a scheme set on a 4-acre area referred to as ‘The Hub at New Brunswick Station’, all through the Albany Street as u alight from the train.

With such developments in progress on, New Brunswick will certainly become a very urbane city with more features as well as optionality.

West Michigan’s DeVos Taps Dolci to Direct The Stow Co.

West Michigan power couple Dick and Betsy DeVos have excellent judgment when it come to choosing the ideal candidate for the job, and in this case, it’s “sweeter” than ever with the appointment of Phil Dolci. He will run The Stow Company, the DeVos’ Holland-based manufacturer.

The company designs organization solutions for any and all areas of the home. Their products range from closet organizers to garage storage systems to entertainment centers and mudroom storage. Dolci brings a lot of experience to the new leadership position with 23 years in the consumer products manufacturing and marketing fields and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Dolci is replacing The Stow Company’s Frank Newman who has announced his retirement, and the DeVos‘ say Newman will remain active, serving as a member of the company’s advisory board.

I can tell you that the DeVos family is no stranger to the world of philanthropy and the true meaning of giving back to one’s community. Dick and Betsy are prominent business people in West Michigan, and they have donated huge amounts of money to causes that are near and dear to their heart. For instance, I recently learned from Forbes, that the DeVos family was named to the magazine’s top philanthropy list for their extreme generosity to the tune of $1.2 billion.

Dick DeVos, by the way, happens to be the co-founder of Amway. I don’t believe there are too many people left who have never heard of Amway, but in case there are, the American company has achieved major success using a multi-level marketing model to sell a number of products in the health, beauty and home care markets.

To give you an idea how much their heart swells for the West Michigan area, here are some of the DeVos Family Foundation‘s West Michigan contributions from 2014:

• $3.1 million to Hope College
• $2.9 million to Grand Valley State University
• $2.6 million to Spectrum Hospital Health Foundation
• $1.1 million to Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
• $2.1 million to ArtPrize
• $2.1 million to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation
• $1 million to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

The DeVos family is leaving their mark just about everywhere along West Michigan, living by the Bible’s passage from Luke 12:48:

“To whom much is given much is expected.”

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Interview With President Of FreedomPop

Best MVNO On The Market

There are several options to choose from when you are looking for a wireless provider to service your data coverage, phone calls and text messaging needs. Just recently, I found out about a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) called FreedomPop that has the most outstanding programs designed to service your wireless needs while saving you a bunch of money in the process. You save money on your phone bill while getting a great service that you can trust when you work with FreedomPop. The company has been growing and expanding to cover more areas as well.

FreedomPop actually just announced recently that they would service the United Kingdom in addition to serving the United States. Residents in the UK have been enjoying FreedomPop’s outstanding service for a couple months now, and the reports on how the company is doing in the UK so far are quite good. The conversion rates in the UK are over 40 percent from the free service that FreedomPop offers to a paid service. This number is at around 50 percent in the US. Users of FreedomPop have the option to switch from their basic, free plan to a service that provides more coverage at a paid rate.

The free plan from FreedomPop is exquisite because they offer users 200 MB of data, 200 text messages and 200 talk minutes without charging a dime for anything along the way. Users have the option to upgrade to a paid service with more coverage, of course. There is also a great travel plan with FreedomPop that allows the user to have coverage in different countries without switching phones.

Mobile World Live released a detailed article about how the company is changing just recently. The article gives details of an interview with the president of FreedomPop. The FreedomPop representative, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, gives precise details on how FreedomPop stands out in front of their competitors by offering one of the most reliable MVNOs on the market at an affordable or free price. For the full interview, go to Mobile World Live’s website here.

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China Resoundingly Disastrous Economic Woes Worry Investors! George Soros Highlights Real World Problems

As Bloomberg Business News reported earlier this year, Billionaire investor, George Soros foresees chaos in today’s global money markets on In fact, he’s warned investors to exercise absolute caution as there’s no guaranteed measure of security in global markets today. Already, China is nearing the darkest hours as currency devaluation and growing economic woes increase the struggle. George Soros explained this in Sri Lanka at the world economic forum. It’s been a tough ride as China navigates vertical markets discovering potential growth opportunities for a model. Soros speculated that the trends observed in today’s developing economic crisis are fairly similar to 2008.

With the pillars of economic growth yielding returns slowly, manufacturing and investment weakening, Chinese yuan continues an aggressive devaluation. As Asian economy deepens in titanic debt, businesses face higher consumption and rising operating cost. In fact, financial market analysts report losses estimated at over $2.5 trillion. With this reality, Chinese equities trading was put off temporarily as economists revised global markets position. Additionally, Soros blames this chaotic revelation on the Chinese nation’s inability to adjust as global markets shift course. Apparently, it’s on the same course as in 2008, and their failure to redress the situation amounts to nothing short of a global economic crisis. Even after interest rates dropped, an actionable measure China’s People’s Bank initiated in response to the worsening financial chaos; Soros opinion remains unchanged. The CP (Communist Party) of China promised progressive currency improvements by 2020, but reports tell a different tale.

A prolific hedge-fund investor on, Soros predictions carry weight as he’s made his fortune doing just that. The liberal political conservative began investing in the 50s. Today, he’s the principal of numerous investment banking boutiques and organizations. In fact, the latest BBI (Bloomberg Billionaires Index) estimates his empire at an approximate $27. 3 billion. Infamously known for netting a generous billion off of a prediction that the GBP (Great British Pound) would devalue in 1992, George Soros became a legend. A CNBC article released recently remarked on OSF (Open Society Foundations) and OSI (Open Society Institute) picking up Russian ban. The two pro-democracy organizations owned by George Soros have been labeled undesirable by the Russian government. George Soros organizations under the Open Society umbrella are both respected brands infamously recognized for improving global communities. He chairs both organizations which operate a massive global network in 100+ countries.

In 1979, George Soros OSF funded apartheid black South African students on In addition, his foundation played an instrumental role in undermining Eastern Bloc Communism by supporting cultural exchanges and the use of modern technology in the Western regions. He’s a profound sense of intelligence on politics, economics, liberalism, philanthropy among other realities affecting society today. He often takes to his blog expressing deep thoughts of how influences imprint on nations causing global conflicts. Soros is originally from Budapest Hungary. He relocated to England as communism dominated Hungary, an order he later challenged as he was in a capacity to contest oppressors. He studied Economics in England and later migrated to the U.S. where he advanced his career as an investor. He’s an author of fourteen published books focused on various issues, including economics, investment strategies, societal woes and politics. Some months ago Soros endorsed two presidential candidates and he’s getting ready to sponsor Latinos another $15 million, an NY Times article reports.

Securus Technologies Makes It Easier For Inmates to Communicate With Their Families

The results are in from a survey done by Securus Technologies, a firm that provides technology solutions for prisons. In the survey, it was found that over half of all prisons in the United States of America were planning on updating their technology in 2016 in order to improve productivity and inmate satisfaction. Fifty-six percent of prisons said that they will be updating their technology and fifty-five percent said that updating their technology will be a key focus of their strategy in 2016. So in order to be able to provide prisons with the solutions that they will need, Securus Technologies invested in a one and a half million dollar center in Carrollton, TX, just outside of Dallas. The center is 10,500 square feet and is a center for all of the latest and most recently updated solutions for technology needs in prisons.

Securus Technologies is located and based in Dallas, Texas. It serves 3,450 law enforcement and correction agencies and has provided solutions for 1,200,000 inmates across North America. Some of their services include inmate self-service, inmate communication, as well as many aspects of management that are needed in correctional facilities in order to keep the world a safe place to live in. 

They help inmates keep in touch with their families and provide ways for them to be able to call and communicate with their families and loved ones. Some family members would love to visit their loved one who is in prison but are unable to make the long trip. They also may be unable to visit the prison for a host of other reasons. That’s why Securus Technologies has come up with an excellent solution: Video visiting, where family members can place video inmate phone calls and visit their incarcerated loved ones from the comfort of their homes. All one needs to do is download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Securus Technologies is not a part of the health supplement Securus nor is it affiliated with the Securus America web domain.

Securus House is a safe house for domestic violence victims and is also not a part of Securus Technologies.