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When the Going Gets Tough: European Nations Divide

Change is difficult. Man naturally has a predisposition towards continuing on the same path. Thus, in order for the European Union (EU) to justify its creation in 1992, it needed to offer ample benefits. The centralized European bureaucrats in Belgium argued that all would benefit financially.

The cost savings from merging redundant French and German bureaucracies would be passed on to the European citizens. From 1992 to 2008, the standard of living for Europeans increased. But George Soros 2008 prediction showed that something changed and the world will never be the same.

“What Happened in 2008?”

In his book, The New Paradigm for Financial Markets, Billionaire George Soros has discussed the Theory of Reflexivity. In many ways, this is similar to Plato’s concept of shadows being part of our perception of reality.

George Soros describes on Bloomberg  the facts that lead to the collapse of 2008: “On August 6 [2007], American Home Mortgage, one of the largest U.S. independent home loan providers, filed for bankruptcy after laying off the majority of its staff.” In the United States, the crisis focused on Lehman Brothers. In the United Kingdom, the financial problems were labeled as the “Credit Crunch.”

In Europe, the bellwether may have been the following: “On August 9, [2007], short-term credit markets froze up after a large French bank, BNP Paribas, suspended three of its investment funds worth 2 billion euros, citing problems in the U.S. subprime mortgage sector.” George Soros connected EU and American sub-prime mortgage problems.

Basically, the sub-prime mortgage industry collapse, with its primary lenders being located in the United States, caused worldwide credit markets to seize up. The Credit Crunch threatened the very foundation of the global capitalistic system. Some analysts believe that sophisticated derivatives connect all global banking systems and that the sub-prime crisis threatened the insolvency of all the banking partners.

“Europe is No Longer Growing”

George Soros 2008 prediction was that the European Union faced serious long-term problems that could tear it asunder. In 2016, George Soros sees many of the same problems that had arisen in 2008. One of the key problems is that some European nations are not growing.

In fact, in 2015, CNN compared Greece’s economy to the Great Depression. Of course, throughout 2015, the world watched as Greece continually missed sovereign debt repayments and Germany threatened to kick Greece out of the EU.

George Soros wonders if the European Union experiment has already failed. From 2008 to 2016, more Greeks are seeing their living standards decline. Instead of uniting, the European countries are starting to divide. The European Union may be on a path to self-destruction if the George Soros 2008 prediction rings true.

Sam Tabar: A Legal and Financial Wizard

While some people excel in one area of business, there are those rare exceptions who apply their talents to many different areas. This has been the case with Sam Tabar, who after graduating from Oxford University and Columbia Law School has been able to use his various talents in numerous capacities. Whether he has been legal counsel for a financial services firm or a key executive in an investment company, Sam has worked on a variety of issues such as employment regulations, compliance issues, management agreements, hedge fund structuring, and much more. As a result of his efforts over the years, Sam has quietly established a reputation as a legal and financial wizard.

Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar

Working with many different clients over the years, Sam has used his knowledge of legal and financial issues to help the companies for which he has worked become extremely successful. Upon graduation from Columbia, Sam accepted a position with one of the world’s most prestigious law firms and immediately began laying the groundwork that has resulted in his sterling reputation. Working with high-profile clients on a daily basis, Sam spent much of his time counseling clients on many important topics, including investment agreements, regulatory rules and changes, hedge fund creation, and other topics on which clients requested additional consultation.

After many years of doing this, Sam decided it was time to take his talents elsewhere so that he could explore new opportunities. Thus, he eventually settled into a position with PMA Investment Advisors as a Managing Director and Head of Business Development. In this capacity, Sam was able to use his unique talents in various ways as his website vital stats show. By working in global marketing and investor relations, Sam managed every aspect of a hedge fund worth more than $2 billion, where he developed many key strategic planning ideas that ultimately paid off handsomely for the firm and its clients.

As a person with exceptional communication skills, Sam has been able to network with a wide variety of people over the years. Because of this, he has also been able to build up an extensive file of individual investors and others with whom he keeps in close contact with on a regular basis. To date, Sam has a file of well over 2,000 people who are involved in many facets of business development. As he continues his career, it’s clear the sky is the limit for this exceptionally talented individual.  Follow Sam on Instagram to continue with where his career is going next.

Handling Complaints and Reviews in White Shark Media

Great companies are built on a solid bedrock of flow of information from one person to another. From management to investors and from clients to management and even vice versa. It is critical any company that seeks to grow realizes that. It is a fact White Shark Media knows all too well.


White Shark Media is a Pay Per Click online advertising agent based in Miami Florida but with offices in Denmark and Nicaragua. It has built a reputation as a well experienced digital marketing agency with big dreams.


White Shark Media has always been praised as the model agency. It has built a reputation as an active digital agency with excellent credentials’. A quick google search shows tonnes of positive reviews with a few complaints.


It is these very few complaints it wants turned to 5-star reviews. It has thus started a campaign to let the general public know it’s working hard to mend its ways. It has started a platform whereby its clients can follow their ads and know when it’s making an impact. It is after some customers complained that they didn’t know how the ad campaign was performing.


There have been several complaints that the customer care agents don’t seem in touch with happenings on the ground. It has spurred White Shark Media to launch a training campaign that has seen it retrain its agents. They today have an intimate knowledge of PayPerClick and will be of great assistance to the client. In case the officer doesn’t help much, a client is given the number of the supervisor with whom they can communicate.


White Shark Media has also launched a new set of accounts registered under the name of account holders. It is meant to give the account holders control over their AdWords’ campaign and know the performance. White Shark Media has also launched a new training schedule for all its clients. It is meant to give them an opening as to how it works and when they expect to make good returns.


White Shark Media has also launched a new way to talk with its clients about new offerings. It will schedule monthly calls via GoToMeeting and will allow a client to make dedicated calls at any time. It will also give clients direct telephone extensions to its customers. It means a client would have a dedicated customer care agent who will be in constant communication. It is expected this will change how they communicate with their clients.


White Shark Media is today a glowing example of a well-managed company. It has built a reputation as a reliable ad provider with a list of happy clients.

Beneful For Our New Puppy Arrival

I walked outside to go to work and heard a tiny whine. I began to search on facebook my yard and under the porch. After a few minutes searching, I came across a cute but tiny puppy that looked no older than 4 weeks old. The puppies eyes were open but i was unsure where he came from or where he belonged. He looked so scared and i was sure he was probably hungry. I didn’t have anything to feed the puppy so I got in the car and drove up to the closest store. There in the store, i found a bag of Beneful dog food. I know it was not puppy food brand but i was desperate to feed the pitiful baby. I poured a tiny bit of the food in a bowl and added a little warm water to the food. After soaking for a few minutes, the food became soft. I offered it to the puppy. The poor baby ate it up like there was no tomorrow. I still do not know where the puppy came from but after asking around, I decided to keep him. Tomorrow i will be taking him to the Vet and I will purchase the puppy formula that he is suppose to eat. Beneful dog food comes in several different brands. There is dog foods, puppy foods, food for the overweight dogs, and food for the senior dogs. Beneful dog food is good tasting and healthy. I will always depend on Beneful for the life of my dog. The Daily Herald is showing an article about new dog foods about to hit the market. Some of these foods are gourmet. They are moist and made of real meat. They will be storing in a refrigerator unit and have an expiration date. Food producers like Purina, Mars, and Blue Buffalo are eager to try their new foods on pets and see how they respond. These foods will be more expensive and are expecting to be around for a long time. Each person that has a pet that they love will surely choose a food that is healthy for their friend.

Chopped Blends From Beneful Is My Dog’s Favorite Premium Food

Always Buy The Best
My motto in life is to always buy the best of everything. Buy the best, or you end up buying a lot of terrible stuff to make up for not having the best to offer to your dog. When it comes to dog food, a smart, savvy, responsible pet owner will instinctively want to provide the best food that money can buy because a dog is a loyal companion. My house was invaded a few years back. Do you know who stood by my side to protect me? My dog was there the entire time, and he wouldn’t let them in the bed room. That is why I make sure to buy the best food I can find for my furry friend. I found an interesting article recently that made me feel relieved to put my trust in these pet food companies. I was alway skeptical about what I was buying, but this article really calmed me down about the dog food industry. The premium dog food manufacturers are the ones that I trust to provide the best balance of nutrients and the healthiest ingredients for your pet. I buy Beneful on Amazon. That’s a premium brand that I trust. Beneful puts their ingredients on the package, and they use some really tasty looking ingredients in those Chopped Blends.
Beneful Chopped Blends is the best looking dog food I have seen in my entire life, and I have seen a lot of dog food in my life. They really knew what they were doing when they put it together. Chopped Blends looks great, and it even smells great. I feel like a proud pet owner for going in and out of the pet store for Beneful. I get a case, and I have a bunch of different varieties for my dog. He loves the kind with salmon in it, so I get a few extras of that kind of Chopped Blends. The Daily Herald produced the article that I referenced in this. They have quality information, and the original article can be viewed by going here.

Advice On Banking In Brazil

The banking situation in Brazil is mediocre to say the best about it. It can be difficult to be financially healthy when living in Brazil, but banking expert Igor Cornelsen knows that it can be done by following a few simple rules regarding the type of banking that you are doing.

Always make sure that you have an idea of your options. Igor Cornelsen has seen many banks come and go but the ones that always remain in Brazil are the Santander and other big ten banks. These banks are not only the only options in Brazil but are the ones who essentially run the country of Brazil on They make sure that people have few choices and that they basically need to go to that bank if they want to have any type of financial future in their life.

Working in banking for his whole life, Igor Cornelsen on imgfave has seen many different things come and go in the banking market of Brazil. He has seen many banks start and fail because of the big ten banks that control everything. While he thinks that it may not be a great idea to stick to one of these banks, it may be your best bet because if you choose a smaller bank, it may close and you may not be protected. It is a good idea to make sure that you are financially secure before you make the decision to try out a smaller bank that will likely fail in the near future.

There are many things that you can expect from the Brazillian economy but one of the things that may come as a surprise is that foreign banking entities will actually be able to help improve the market. With banks coming in from China and around the world, you will have more of an opportunity to secure a financial future with these banks.

While there are things that you can expect from the banking market, Igor Cornelsen will be able to help you navigate through your financial shortcomings or successes. He is a financial advisor, investment planner and professional who will be able to help you no matter what your financial situation is. He works with many people to ensure that they have a secure financial future. He also works specifically with Brazilians to ensure that they know the options for the way that they are working. There are many ways that Cornelsen can help you provide the success of your financial future in banking.