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Daddy Needs Help!

Once-upon-a-time the woman stayed home, taking care of the children and the house. Daddy went to work and came home to prop his feet in the recliner. Mom continued to cook supper, feed the family and put the kids to bed. Dad relaxed.

Today, things are very different. Women are working and climbing the corporate ladder. Or they are overseas in the armed forces. Men are working from home, running businesses from an office in the den. They are even taking care of the kids and the cooking. Cleaning? Who has time for that? Well, someone has to.

Men have learned to delegate responsibilities. They measure time and energy to get the most out of a day. They are smart, learning quickly that hiring someone to clean the house clears out more time to do other things. Really smart men also know that the hassles of hiring a cleaner can be avoided by using Handy Home Cleaning Services.

After all, why should you waste valuable time checking references? Most of the time, the ‘references’ are fake anyway. Who wants to do background checks when they can be working on that proposal for a building site? Can you imagine what would happen if a cleaner broke your wife’s favorite vase? A husband can. That is why he chooses Handy Home Cleaning Services to take care of all the details, including fully vetting the cleaner. Easy!

Use the time you save with Handy Home to play baseball with your daughter. Or you could fix that gourmet chicken for your wife. You will be able to put up your feet and relax after a long day. A cleaning service is a fantastic idea. Handy Home has made it so simple for you. You need two bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms cleaned. That’s five rooms. Type that in your smartphone, along with a late morning start time (who wants to get up early?)and your area. Itunes app Handy Home Cleaning Services will charge your credit card, so now all you have to do is go about your business and leave the cleaning to someone else.

On the professional cleaning end of the business, an app will show cleaners your area, the amount of rooms to clean and the time you want to start. If this works for them, they can accept your job. When they finish up at your home, a swipe of their phone will put the money in their pocket. You never have to deal with paying them. You don’t even have to see the cleaner. Just work, cook or take the kids to a ballgame. Handy Home cleaners will have your home sparkling when you get back.

Simple, professional cleaning. Easy.

Interesting and Innovative Social Media Apps Draw Attention

Social media apps can do a lot. For one, they provide a reliable means in which people can tap into the various social media platforms they are engaged in. Depending upon the particular app in question, the potential exists to expand the functions and features of a social media platform. For example, an app could be used to create a subset of a popular social media platform.

This subset allows members to join a new community that is based on particular likes or interests while, at the same time, being able to maintain their privacy. Social media dating apps employ this approach.

Of course, one could create such an app for people who enjoy certain hobbies or activities to be able to interact with one another. A lot of creative apps exist and anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device is sure to find great value in a well designed app.

The one point worth repeating here is the app does have to be well designed. There are a few do-it-yourself app development programs out there and people interested in creating their own social media app dabble with them. For hobbyists or people with nothing to lose, the trial and error method of creating an app is okay. For businesses or other serious entities, working with an app development firm is a much better idea. The app is really only going to have any value if it works.

Even when the app works perfectly, its value is going to be based on whether or not people have a real use for the app. Apps that serve interesting and intriguing purposes are ones that are going to gain a large following of users.

One great example of a social media app that millions of users are taking to is Flipora (a.k.a Rover). This app is designed to search for interesting, new, and original content that has been published on social media sites. The app helps users locate that new content through a Discovery Engine. This is not another new generic search engine. Again, the searches are conducted through social media platforms and help users look things up based on interest categories. Currently, 30 million users take advantage of the Discovery Engine and the artificial intelligence component that powers all searches.

Prior to changing its name to Rover, Flipora raised $1.5 million to create the app designed to work on mobile devices. It appears the money was a good investment as the popularity of the app is growing.

Bruce Levenson Sells His Stake at Hawks but Put More Focus On UCG Leadership

Bruce Levenson was brought up in Chevy Chase, Maryland although was born in Washington, D.C. He has widely been known for the role he plays at United Communications Group (UCG), a company he founded with the help of Ed Peskowitz in 1977. During his college days, he was a student at Washington University taking a degree in arts. Later on, he joined American University to take law studies.

Levenson developed an interest in the press and media grew during the time he was in college when he was offered an opportunity to work with Washington Star. Running their business activities from Gaithersburg, Maryland both Levenson and Peskowitz set up a small company. It is this company, which was the foundation and building block for now the UCG.

Levenson and Peskowitz set up a business in an apartment, and this entity was publishing stories and news touching on the happenings within the oil industry. UCG at the start operated as a newsletter called Oil Express. In the publishing sector, the business acquired other publications and newsletters before it launched databases such as the much relied upon Oil Price Information Service.

The privately owned company serving in the information technology and media sectors has its arms in offering data, news stories, and analysis of markets for clients within the mortgage banking, healthcare, telecommunications, energy, and technology sectors. It also covers other industries.

Not only that, UCG has ventured into the mobile technology business by releasing a product it calls GasBuddy. This is simply an app, which is designed for motorists. It helps motorists who are seeking for the lowest prices of gas. The motorists can quickly launch the app and be able to see which gas stations nearest to their location have the lowest gasoline prices.

Levenson has been a proprietor of Hawks since 2004 and in September 2014, he voiced his concerns about the company saying that he would quit being part of the ownership. It is a decision, which saw the other members who held the ownership together with Levenson, also opt to sell their shares.

Levenson and some other renowned investors took the ownership of Hawks from a key player in the media called Turner Broadcasting. This company also sold the operating rights attached to Philips Arena to the same team of Levenson. In that same deal, Thrashers was also bought from this media company.

In 2011, Thrashers was however sold. Hawks’ purchase deal went to one of the bidders led by Tony Ressler. Although the bidding process attracted many interested parties, Ressler’s group was crowned the winner of the bidding auction.

Initially, Ressler had presented a bid amounting to $730 million only to purchase the team at a much higher price of $850 million. Levenson now puts his eyes on UCG, which he strives to lead it to attain a competitive edge in the global scene. UCG has heavily relied upon the guidelines and leadership skills offered by Levenson, something that has seen it continue to grow.

What Does A Visual Search Do?

Slyce is a visual search company started in Canada to offer visual search results for users who do not know the origins of things they find in the world. Slyce itself has created a powerful search engine that searches the Internet for results based on a single picture. Users take pictures with the Slyce app, or users may input pictures taken previously into the app through image recognition capabilities. Slyce returns fast results, and those fast results are making their way to the world of shopping.

#1: What Does Pounce Do?

Pounce is a shopping search company that helps users find their favorite items on websites all around the world. The Pounce search engine can return results in a matter of moments, and Slyce has partnered with Pounce to return shopping results for pictures taken by users. Users can find the dress, handbag or accessory they love, and the Slyce app gives users results from hundreds of retailers around the world.

#2: How Are Visual Searches Changing The World?

Visual search engines around the world are providing better content for users who do not know what they are seeing. A user may come across anything in the world, and the picture they put into the visual search engine will create an automatic result. The results will show what the picture is, information about the picture and several websites that relate to the picture. The endless research that users once did can be cut down to a few seconds using the visual search engines of the world today.

#3: Visual Search Engines Are Fast

Visual search companies like Slyce are so fast that users need no time at all to complete their searches. A search for a single picture will take just a second, and searches for several different pictures will give users results in short order. A user who wants to find something they love can do so quickly, and the visual search engine almost never returns results that are not accurate.

#4: How Is The Field Growing?

The visual search field is growing by leaps and bounds. Companies are finding new ways to use visual searches every day, and companies that convert visual searches into something new are providing needed services. The shopping search created by Slyce and Pounce is one of many services that will arise in the future, and users who are looking for something they just found will no longer what it was they saw.

Slyce and other companies are expanding the world of visual searches to unknown territory every year with their discoveries. New visual search parameters are created every year, and users can use their own cameras to find out what it is they see, love and want to buy.

All The Wonderful Things About Wikipedia Writing

For Wikipedia writing, writers should start out doing research before writing their topics. They need to fact-check or copy edit prior to moving on with actual writing. Unless you are a professional writer or write for large organization, you are expected to do your own research and deliver an error-free work for this website. Increasingly, writers are also expected to include combination of text, images, if possible sound to convey their information. This requires an understanding of how Wikipedia works by going through all the tutorials that are available on the website. It is better if you have some knowledge about design, page layout, web editing and blogging prior to writing for Wikipedia.

If you are new to Wikipedia, expect that it will take time to finish writing your page. You will need help from other writers in completing your project as well. Fortunately, with the way this website is designed, it is easier to get help. Get Your Wiki can come to your rescue with its Wikipedia creation service. This company has professionals well-versed with writing for Wikipedia in all languages. After all, Wikipedia is hungry for information from sources all over the globe – for free content.

Understand that there is a big difference between blogging and writing for Wikipedia. Here, you shouldn’t express your own opinions but only state the fact or real information after cross-checking with multiple references. Unless you have access to public library or legitimate source of information, developing a page can take all your time. The best thing about Wikipedia is that as soon as you finish your part of writing, others will pitch in to add additional content if necessary. Good writers don’t have to spend a lot of time chasing this website as they do words. Eventually, your page will get to a point ready to be showcased to the rest of the world. Your page in then picked up by someone else with new knowledge about your topic. The following days, it will be like a whole encyclopedia on the web.

Some, but certainly not all writers who have contributed to Wikipedia have written very well. For others, writing style carries less weight than content. You might be surprised to learn that with all the guidance available on the website in its tutorial section, writing isn’t as hard as you may think. The nice thing about this website writing is you can write anytime at your own pace. In addition, your technology needs as a writer for this website is bare minimum. So, happy writing!

Persevering Through the Darkness

At age thirteen,not even a whisper was allowed from Yeonmi Park’s lips when living in North Korea.
Freedom could only be but a dream as the regime controlled everything their society did. No choice on what to wear, what to do, and how to think. Singing and speaking was forbidden. Even expressing feelings showed a sign of weakness, and she quickly learned how to hold them inside. Living in North Korea meant death for herself and her family. Escape or to be executed became the only options, leading to the decision to have her family flee to South Korea, in hopes of a better life.
Now she’s speaking out and sharing her miraculous story of survival. Yeonmi Park’s book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girls Journey to Freedom,” released on September 29th, 2015. She goes more in depth about the fight to keep going in the darkest country on earth. In her book, Yeonmi talks about her past in North Korea.
Park’s family had a home and was privileged until her father, who also was a party member, got arrested for smuggling. That changed the way her family, including herself were treated. The regime held a strict class. Her father being a prisoner, made them prisoners also. Yeonmi remembers starvation kicking in and eating grass and dragonflies just to get by. She escaped with her mother on March 30th, 2007, crossing a frozen river that led them into the Chinese border. At that point, they asked traffickers about where Parks sister, Eunmi, may be with no success.
Outside of Shenyang, China, they found shelter at a great-aunts home where Park’s father joined them. While the family lived in secret, Park’s father died. The family was unable to formally mourn him in fear of being discovered by Chinese authorities, and buried his remains by a nearby mountain.
With a heavy heart, Yeonmi kept going through China and Magnolia where they had to encounter smugglers and human traffickers who threatened to take advantage of her, but her mother intervened, begging the traffickers to take her instead.
Park’s finally able to express her feelings and use her words in her heroic story of perseverance and strength.
Now, Yeonmi Park works as an activist, reporter, and speaker. At the Women in the World Summit 15′, Yeonmi remarked that for the first time in her life, she owned herself. On May 14th, 2015 on Twitter she tweeted a quote by Tom Hanks. “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.”
Overcoming the greatest challenges, has become a beacon to guide her safely home.

Doe Deere and Beauty Business

There are a lot of beauty companies that have made a lot with their companies. They may have started small, but they can show others how to get the most out of there own choices in beauty or starting their own company.

Starting Out

There are a lot of things to think about when looking at starting a business in this industry. They may think it’s going to be an easy thing, but as Doe Deere can tell you, it’s not as easy as many think it looks like it’s going to be.

The first thing people starting a business need to understand is they are going to need to put more than just their money and mind into the business. It could take a long time for the business to take off and they need to understand that. They also need to be ready to work for long hours in order to get the business going and keep it successful.

Doe Deere started with nothing when she decided to take on her company. She started Lime Crime to help people who like the bright colors that many use to make them feel better and youthful. She worked hard to get her company to where it is now and many can’t say they are able to start the company of their dreams.

Why Start A Business Like This?

There are several reasons many would want to start a business like this. One of the largest is they want something in the beauty business that fits who they are as a person. This may mean they were interested in the makeup that would be different. There may be an easy way to get the makeup they may have made into the hands of those that would make something great with it.

This is what made Doe Deere start her business on Her passion for this makeup she enjoyed more than anything. This is the one thing that kept her going when she was working at figuring out how to make her business work.

There are a lot of things that many people want to know about starting this kind of business. They may think it’s going to be easy to understand how a business works and how it’s going to work for them. The sad truth is most businesses fail because they aren’t ready. They don’t take the time to fully understand what they are getting into and what they want with their business, but they don’t need to.

Ken Griffin: A Brief Glimpse Into The Rise Of A Self-made Billionaire

Ken Griffin is the wildly successful hedge fund manager, investor and the CEO and founder of the multinational hedge fund managing giant, Citadel. Ken was born in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1968. He’s only 46 years old, and he’ll be turning 47 next week. In the spring of 2015, he had an estimated net worth of about six and a half billion dollars. At of the time of this article which is October 2015, Forbes has listed his personal net worth at $7 billion. He was a prodigy while he was at Harvard, he excelled at remarkable speed once he graduated from Harvard, he’s an active philanthropist, an art collector, respected by the United States government and often consulted, he’s a man of great personal faith in God that he incorporates into his business ethics and he loves politics, and he is quite active in tthem.

His attendance at Harvard must have seemed like a blur to Ken. He picked up his first Forbes Magazine in 1986, read an article about investing and he’s been investing ever since, and his first investments were made his freshmen year at the university. The next year he went to his family, friends and even his moderately wealthy grandmother, and he obtained the capital necessary to start his very first hedge fund out of his college dorm room. It is important to clarify that Ken is considered to be independently wealthy, and he made his money on his own. The money he obtained from his friends and family totaled $256,000, and he invested that money for them in a hedge fund he created that specialized in convertible bond armitage. His hedge fund survived the stock market crash in 1987 because he was industrious enough to acquire real time market data streaming to his dormitory via satellite he installed. The capital he acquired and invested grew like a weed, and he was able to open another hedge fund before he graduated in 1989.

Ken of has been unstoppable since he began Harvard. Upon his graduation he was able to raise the initial investment capital for his powerhouse alternative investment management fund, Citadel. He immediately received an investment from the founder of Glenwood Capital. He returned a $1 million dollar investment plus 70% of the million, and raised enough seed money to found Citadel in in 1990 which was just a year after he graduated. Citadel has been running strong since, and it is one of very few hedge funds to run on its own after 20 years. It started with a $4.6 million investment to fuel its capital, and today the investment capital of the firm is well over $25 billion.

Ken’s success story might lead many to believe that he has no time to do anything but make money, and that is hardly the case. He is passionate about being active in republican politics, and he is a Presbyterian that places great importance on his faith. Ken has also donated well over $500 million to various organizations including a $150 million donation to Harvard.